Xbox One Overwatch Listing Advertises a Dynamic Theme

A listing on the Xbox Store could point to the possibility of the console receiving Dynamic Theme support sometime in the future. That is if the Overwatch listing is correct, and not just an error.

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EdMcGlone1002d ago

Hoping it's true but it could be a copy paste error. Then again though, at some point, you would think Xbox would go ahead and add them because $.

Volkama1002d ago

Copy+paste. I don't think MS even use the term "themes" anywhere on the Xbox.

PerfidiousSinn1002d ago

This would be cool, the dynamic themes on PS4 are mostly great.

Cocomelts1002d ago

The thing is, will the Xbox One UI be able to handle Dynamic Themes? Mine lags already with a simple wallpaper.

1002d ago
Deathdeliverer1002d ago

Lag does happen but it's inconsistent enough to put it under the "rare" column. I'm sure the wallpaper selection is far from the cause when it does happen.

meche3341002d ago

Why you lying, The xbox one interface is snappy and i change my wallpaper quite often

Khaotic1001d ago

He's not serious or maybe he is. See this guy fancies himself a serious gaming journalist, but all your false comment does is make you look like a serious lapdog fanboy.

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GigawattConduit1002d ago

I love dynamic themes. They kinda make the game pop a bit more and give you excitement to boot it up.

cfc831002d ago

As long as they're decent. The ps4 has over 1000 themes, many are dynamic, and to be honest alot of them aren't up to much. I'd rather xb1 had less themes, but good quality.

MatrixxGT1002d ago

Yeah how many stupid laser cat eyes do we need. It's sad to see the the ps4 have such a shitty collection. Especially as we cannot set out own wallpaper.

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