PlayStation VR Expected To Outsell Oculus Rift And HTC Vive, But Did Sony Make A Mistake?

INQ: Sony announced the price and release date of the PlayStation VR virtual reality headset Tuesday at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. The company is giving its new device a leg up on competitors Oculus Rift and HTC Vive thanks to a relatively consumer friendly price. Did Sony slip though by not including needed accessories with the base bundle though?

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Ghost_of_Tsushima641d ago (Edited 641d ago )

They should've included the camera IMO.

Edit: Problem solved.

Genuine-User641d ago (Edited 641d ago )

They will bundle it; probably cost around £370-380. I'm happy with the base model because I already have a camera.

Camera costs less than £40 on Amazon -

TFJWM641d ago

Yes it should be a separate bundle. People already have the camera why would they have to be forced to buy it again with the base unit...

darthv72641d ago

Seeing as the PSVR is the ONLY VR set for consoles... there is no question it will sell. On the PC side there are at least two options and possibly a few more seeing as others have shown interest as well.

As for bundles, I'm guessing it will be between $450 and $499. People can find 2nd hand cameras for cheap and will likely be picking them up now that the price of the PSVR has been revealed.

TFJWM641d ago

@Rookie_Monster I don't know why anyone would think it would come bundled with a camera that some PS4 owners already own...Even if only 10% of the users have one no reason to be forced to buy a 2nd. Same as some might have a move controller around as well.

470 is still significantly cheaper then its competition

Goldby641d ago


for the first while, the Playstation Camera was sold out everywhere, to the point is was an anomaly to Sony as why it wa is such a large demand, because everyone was preparing for PSVR.

Your friends who dont have one either, aren't looking hard enough, didn't get one initially and now dont see the point, dont plan on getting PSVR or cant afford the PSVR.

it would be an additional 100$ for the controller and camera through various online retailers. and if that is the crunch point. they were never behind the VR gen in the first place.

in the end though, 399 + ~100$ isn't expensive compared to Oculus or HTC. ontop of that, when ti releases, every game will be playable through cinematic mode on the HMD, so if people cant afford the controllers or camera or any number of reasons they can still get use out of their HMD.

for the people who want a cheap and affordable PSVR, they are looking at either 2nd gen or 3rd Gen VR HMD. or when sales happen. 1st gen is always the most expensive, but even that isnt hugely expensive. that $80 CAD a month from now until october

itBourne641d ago

I personally am glad it is not bundled, as I already have a camera. I have 2 ps move controllers as well.. maybe lol, if I can find them and they still work.

Genuine-User641d ago (Edited 641d ago )


I don't usually reply to concern trolling but here it goes.

Move controller is not an essential part of the PS-VR experience. Dualshock 4 will most probably work with almost every VR game since it has all the features found in the Move controller and then some.

If you haven't got a PlayStation camera, you can pick one up right now for $44 from Amazon-

The total you will pay is lower than $450.

ShadowKnight641d ago (Edited 641d ago )

With the camera it's still cheaper than the competitor's lol

freshslicepizza641d ago

seems weird to sell you a peripheral that won't work unless you buy an attachment to go with it. in the console world this is going to cause a lot of confusion.

BossBattle641d ago

In my state VR and camera are $502.90 after taxes

DigitalRaptor641d ago (Edited 641d ago )

@ Rookie_Monster

This is why people refuse to take you seriously. Embarrassing.

1) Do you have numbers to justify why it's a problem that they didn't include it? Who is the majority? How many people currently own PS Move's for you to make this assumption? I know hardly anyone that has an Xbox One, does that mean very few people own one? That's your logic. Wow.

2) Yoshida has said "A large enough number of people" already own the camera. It was sold out for quite a while, so it's definitely a popular device that Sony didn't see coming. Can you deduce for me, again, who is the majority - and why is is so problematic when it's still the cheapest solution by a long way?

3) Sony has already come out and said that all games will be DS4 compatible and none will require Move controllers, and will be built for comfort of standard play in mind. It is not an "essential" part of the VR experience until you see developers make it so.

So, there goes that pretence again, by building up a fake sense of excitement earlier only to look to pick it apart with baseless negative speculation a.k.a concern trolling. It's amusing that you believe the difference between not affordable and a something you would consider a great price is $70, for "many", as if you know how many, "many" is.

jb227641d ago


You are beyond difficult w/ your constant concern trolling. First off, 'casual soccer moms' will be buying their PSVRs in store, where a clerk will promptly ask them if they have everything needed for the unit.

Secondly, per your $470 what world does a PS camera cost $70 sans Move controllers?

I really don't care either way, you guys are going to spread your "concern" everywhere you can, but at the end of the day, little Johnny's mom could buy him a half dozen Move controllers & PS cameras & it still wouldn't cost as much as a single Oculus or Vive. I don't see VR selling to the casual market off the bat either way, this will be just like PS3s cheapest BD player on the market at the heads will drive the initial sales & Sony will remain the cheapest quality solution for years after release & they will keep a stranglehold on the market.

TrollityTroll641d ago

Not too long ago you were super excited about the prospect of an XB1 with upgradeable components and that was an awesome idea.
So apparently the soccer moms who are unable to figure that PSVR needs PSEye to work would be totally cool figuring out upgradeable console components?
Bless ... and you still think you're fooling anyone.
Everyone knows your modus operandi.
Guaranteed if PSVR was only available in a bundle instead of going "great idea" you'd be going "Sony greed knows no limits" and "where's the choice for games who already have the camera" and so on.
You're so transparent.

C-H-E-F641d ago

Well what about gamers like me that own the move controllers and the camera already? You want me to buy that ish all over again just because it's bundled? That's a bit dumb if you ask me, They are catering to the early adopters first, the ones that believed in everything they were doing from the beginning as they should....

rainslacker640d ago (Edited 640d ago )


I'm sure the giant sticker on the front of the basic PSVR box that says "PS Camera and Move controller required. ***NOT INCLUDED***" will help alleviate your concerns.

Or having two different boxes on the shelf, and poor ol' stupid Soccer Mom who little Timmy was too stupid to tell his mom what exactly it is he wanted( obsess over it because they know their parents are clueless) asking the sales people the difference, will also bring down the day one frustration.

Seriously, if a parent is willing to buy their kid a $400 peripheral(not even the whole console mind you), then they probably aren't going to be fussed over an extra $50-100, and if they were smart then they'd at least look up what it is their kid wants. Parents of young kids today grew up in the console generation. They aren't old and clueless like many of us older gamer's parents were. They probably at least have enough cursory understanding of the console market, and gaming in general to get by pretty well.

While I'm sure there are some really stupid parents out there, I think you're overstating the actual magnitude of the upcoming Christmas day dilemma.

Magnes640d ago

@rookie I remember an instance where a camera bundled with a certain electronic device caused many consumers to get very angry even though its needed some already have. Another example Destiny Taken King bundle that caused consumers again to be angry. There is nothing wrong with choice if you need the camera buy it, they will be available, don't need it you wont have to get a second you don't need.

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Overload641d ago (Edited 641d ago )

If you're serious about getting the PSVR, I would advise everyone to buy one online now. They are already moving quick on the bigger sites. Same with Move controllers, you can get them for cheap.

FITgamer641d ago

Agree. If it's a necessary component, it should be included.

nitus10641d ago

What if you already have a camera?

I don't have any problems with a bundle having a camera or even a PSMove for that matter. Actually some people do have a PSMove so why should we be expect to buy another?

I am aware that some PSVR demos actually do show the gamer playing with two PSMoves however I do think that these will be more along the lines of on-rail or manipulative games which I personally don't care for.

Still the Dual Shock 4 will work as well and I am more interested in open games such as RPG's that basically allow you free roaming, within reason of course. In those environments a PSMove and PSNavigator and/or DS4 should work.

Tsunade640d ago

Them by that same logic Oculus and Vive should include a capable PC as it is a necessary component.

Automatic79641d ago


Probably to give people options due to people having the camera. I also believe you may need the move controllers. The total cost could be upwards of $549.00.

Note: to all interested you should purchase necessary items asap as demand will probably drive the accessories up after today's announcement.

shinrock641d ago Show
MRMagoo123641d ago

The move controllers cost me $7 in Australia that's about $5 US the camera was $50 so your estimation is pretty bad.

TFJWM641d ago

How do you get to $550? You can buy it on amazon right now 25 for each move and 45 for the camera... That is less then $500

ShadowKnight641d ago

You don't need the move controller for every game. When I checked out PSVR last year I didn't use the move controller I use the DS4 and it worked great.

DigitalRaptor641d ago (Edited 641d ago )

Rookie. Your comment is pure disingenuousness .

The PS4 camera costs $60? Try $44 :

2 Move controllers for $80? Try $50 :

Even cheaper if you shop carefully or cheaper again if you decide to buy them used. Good gracious those are some unbelievable lies mate, but I'm not surprised. We know how you roll.

Moving on... What is "the PSVR experience"? And why is the Move controller "essential" when it's only on motion-controller based games that are also controlled using a DualShock? What makes it "essential"? Who has told you this? I thought you weren't impressed with it at PSX, so would you be more impressed with motion-controller based games? Would that make it "essential"? More of the "PSVR experience"? Do tell.

Your comment below really shows how all the positive news about PSVR has hit your psyche. Do you even know what it is about using 2 Moves in particular that is going to move the "new era of VR gaming" forward? What does the DualShock hold back in terms of gameplay, other than it being an alternative form of locomotion? You tried to critique the device with utter nonsense back during PSX, and now you're just scrambling together all the senseless negatives you can think of, especially once you thought you had a play in regards to the camera not being included. And again with the "PS4 owners like myself" statement... trying way too hard.

nitus10641d ago

For PSVR the PS4 camera is essential, however the PSMove is optional since it's usage will depend on the game whether it's required or the Dual Shock 4 controller.

On-rail and manipulative games would definitely suit two PSMove controllers, however the dual shock 4 would most likely be more suitable for open games such as shooters or RPG's. Whether you use the PSMove and/or PSNavigator and/or DS4 or some combination will depend on the game and it's requirements.

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ShadowKnight641d ago (Edited 641d ago )

You can get the camera for cheap now. I'm glad I didn't sell my move controllers even though I'll be using the Dualshock controller for most games.

iceman06641d ago

Just saw the move controllers at Target, on clearance, for $17 and thought that people that didn't purchase the previously should be shopping early for VR. Knowing retailers, it might be too late now. Demand will probably drive those prices back up within a month or two.

Timesplitter14641d ago (Edited 641d ago )

The problem with not making this kind of hardware mandatory (camera and PSMove in this case) is that lots of devs will suppose that many people won't have it, and therefore they won't make use of it.

This is pretty much just a tactic by Sony to make people believe the PSVR is cheaper than the Oculus when it is in fact about the same price. Whether it pays off depends on if their exclusion of the tracking camera and PSMoves will impact the quality of the games or not

iceman06641d ago

Sony have already stated that games can played using Move controllers or the DS4. The camera is on sale almost monthly on Amazon. (the lowest I've seen is $25)
Making anything mandatory would be forcing some consumers to double-dip when there is no need. Those that need the extras can jump on the inevitable bundles.

Rhythmattic640d ago

How much is the oculus without the Xbox controller?

I've got two of them so is oculus available without ?

_-EDMIX-_641d ago

I actually don't think so. You don't need it to use the device.

Some might already own a PS Camera in the first place too.

I'd rather have it as a optional bundle

_-EDMIX-_640d ago

For market share yes. I feel the will legit end up owning a large portion of that market.

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MCTJim641d ago

I think it was more of a we are cheaper than the other two price to get the hype moving. I dont own the camera or the move controllers, nor a cheap headset. I am going to buy the mentioned items, but I will try the headset before I buy it.

Eonjay641d ago

No. They didn't mess up. It is obviously part of their plan to bankroll VR. They are a corporation and they are focused on money. But I still foresee such a bundle in the future.

vanity29641d ago

Already leaked/announced. At least for NA.

Eonjay641d ago

Yup. Thanks for the correction.

Thatguy-310641d ago (Edited 641d ago )

It's a bummer because the camera should be included but I'm pretty sure they'll make a bundle with it. I'm set though with a camera and my old move controls :D psyched to get my hands on it!!! The good thing is that people that don't have the items can start investing into it early since the camera and move are available

Majin-vegeta641d ago (Edited 641d ago )

Sony may not bundle it....yet But i can see retail era doing it like GS,BB etc...

KwietStorm641d ago

Sony has an official bundle too. They just haven't stated the price. I'm just hoping that patent with the "glove" turns into something. I don't want to use the Move. Minority Report style gloves is much more natural.