'Gears Of War 4' Beta A 'Real Beta' And Not A Demo, Says The Coalition

INQ: A two-week long Gears of War 4 multiplayer beta was announced by The Coalition and Microsoft Tuesday. Developers and publishers have often been accused of using betas as more of a demo to promote the release of game. That’s not the case with the Xbox One third-person shooter, however, according to the developer.

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Thatguy-3101006d ago

Not just with this game but with all betas. People need to know the difference between a beta and a demo

Sciurus_vulgaris1006d ago

The 'betas' that are released a month from launch are demos.

Palitera1006d ago

More for marketing than testing purposes.

TFJWM1006d ago

Stress test betas have been around a long time on PC. A month before launch is usually when they are...

itBourne1006d ago

Dboyc310 is exactly right people DO NOT get the difference. I cant count how many times I have seen or heard people say, well it is just a beta. That will be fixed its just a beta, they can change that its a beta, give them a break its a beta. When the game comes out in two weeks, and has possibly even already gone gold lol. Actual betas, especially on console are quite rare. On PC you run into, well its in beta for a year then the developer abandons the game.

iceman061006d ago

So do publishers and devs!!!

christocolus1006d ago

Why would anyone mistake a beta for a demo? anyways I hope Gears 4 mp is just as smooth as Halo 5.

iceman061006d ago

You haven't seen Beta reviews? People clamoring about not buying the game because of bugs, glitches, etc. in a beta? THESE are the people that seem not to know the difference.

Rookie_Monster1006d ago

Can't wait for the beta. 60fps and on dedicated servers. Should be a blast.

iistuii1006d ago

Does anyone know if Horde mode is coming back like in Gears 3 & not the crap version from judgment..

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