Schell: Nintendo probably working on VR gaming device

Carnegie Mellon University professor and game designer Jesse Schell outlines his 40 predictions for VR and AR at GDC.

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skydragoonityx1001d ago

That console design is ugly

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Ck1x1001d ago

Hopefully they just make the NX compatible with Oculus instead of making their own. The industry doesn't need so many individual dedicated headsets to push VR.

nowitzki20041001d ago

I agree but its Nintendo, They are making their own. And dont be surprised when it much cheaper than the competition because Nintendo games have never needed too much power so they dont need to be even on par with PSVR in terms of power with it, and could still make it work.

For the hardcores it will be bewtween PSVR and Oculus. Im going to wait a while to see what people say, and hoping someone will make a program that allows the PSVR to be used on PC

Knushwood Butt1001d ago

By any chance, an underpowered, overpriced VR gaming device?