Review: Hitman – Intro Pack (DarkZero)

Dominic Sheard: "Hitman, as the solitary name implies, is a return to what made the series appealing, a restart of sorts (not a reboot) for the sixth game in the franchise that brings back the open approach to thinking up ingenious ways to take down targets. The previous title, Hitman: Absolution, a title I enjoyed, was not everything fans wanted from a game in the “Hitman” brand. I even said so in my review conclusion that Absolution was “a decent stealth game but not a fantastic Hitman game.” This has changed for the new title. Not only has it gone back to the sandbox murder fun, it has also gone through a new way to delivery content, as Hitman is now releasing in episodic updates throughout the year, starting the season with the base game, which includes a couple of tutorial levels and the first major level set in Paris."

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