Rumor: Luigi's Mansion For Nintendo NX Details

Geno, the same guy that brought you the best and most up-to-date rumors on the Nintendo NX, rocked the foundations of the internet with his Call of Duty: Bloodlines information, tipped you off on a 3D engine utilizing Pokémon game that came packed with a new Pokémon type way before X & Y came out, and so much more is back exclusively on Dual Pixels to tell you more.

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DragonbornZ886d ago

Game used to be creepy as hell when I was a kid lol. May be nostalgia, but I remember the atmosphere was really well done. The darkness, the sound effects, the music, etc.

Would love to see another.

BullyMangler886d ago ShowReplies(3)
886d ago
3-4-5886d ago

I'm really looking forward to all of the Nintendo NX news and reveal.

I'm excited for everything at E3...all the Vita,3DS,Wii U,PS4,XB1 & PC news, but above all the NX reveal and everything surrounding it has me most excited.

Regardless of current rumors, I think this E3 in terms of reveal info and gaming ideas is actually going to be awesome.

-Foxtrot886d ago

Hopefully this is true and it's a proper sequel...the 3DS one was crap compared to the original

Concertoine886d ago

It wasn't total crap but i know what you mean. That game didn't need to be on a handheld. The original still had that survival horror influence with the open map and backtracking but Dark Moon was more about self-contained levels. If they make a new one on console i wouldn't mind if it returned to the style of the first.

-Foxtrot886d ago

Well yeah which is why I said compared to the original. If it was complete crap we'd know about it ha.

But it just felt smaller, it lacked that charm, the music wasn't quite right, the atmosphere wasn't there.

The fact we had smaller mansions and went through different ones like levels was really off putting. How it got high scores especially comparing it to the original I'll never know...nostalgia perhaps.

Thing is in most places it's called Luigis Mansion: Dark Moon, not Luigis Mansion 2 so really they probably could get away of calling this Luigis Mansion 2

Whatever they do I hope it's like the first but even bigger. I want it to be massive and hopefully new game plus modes will add onto the "mirror world" we had in the first game.

pcz886d ago

its like resident evil, for children

id be more excited about an eternal darkness sequel for NX, or even remaster of the original..

blawren4886d ago

I'd say more like fatal frame.

For children, sure, but I'm having a good time playing Dark Moon right now and it has tons of charm and polish. I really like the little touches like the subtle fourth wall break when Luigi often hums the game music. Never played the original, but would happily buy it on the virtual console if it happened.

I agree that this game should have been on the Wii u and probably would have sold well. It would be super easy to port to wii u.

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LOL_WUT886d ago

This is one of those games I wish was on the WiiU especially when Nintendo announced the year of Luigi which ended up being a huge disappointment. I hope to see a teaser at this years E3 ;)

_-EDMIX-_886d ago

Agreed, its why I hope the NX is both handheld and console they can end supporting one over the other. They need to SUPPORT BOTH!

I don't get why they left their Pokemon games on handheld, yet wonder why they fail lolz.

For why? If NX is both, we can now no longer worry about were their titles go. I grow tired of watching E3 and hearing...NEW Luigi's Mansion.......3DS lolz, NEW ANIMAL CROSSING.....3DS lolz.

I don't hate the 3DS, I hate that Nintendo is playing favorites on one of their devices yet neglecting another.

The Wii U can make those games work, I don't buy they can't do such a thing. Bad management is who I blame lol

garrettbobbyferguson886d ago

What? 14.46 million copies is fail to you?

And the reason why they're only on handheld is because of gamefreak primarily.

_-EDMIX-_886d ago

@Garrett- you legit need to read slowly bud.

"I don't get why they left their Pokemon games on handheld, yet wonder why they fail"

Sooooo you do get that Pokemon didn't release on Wii U right? sold 14 million copies....all the more reason to ask why on earth its NOT ON CONSOLE?

I mean....does that legit not puzzle you? You're own point is further showing just how insane it is that they haven't put that on console yet wonder once again...why they FAIL!

I mean this in regards of the Wii U as I'm very much stating "why they left their Pokemon games on handheld".

Yes...they sold well........why are they not moving that to their other platforms? Sooo they have a damn game that is doing GANGBUSTERS, but lets leave it on handheld, yet scratch our heads to why Wii U is failing?

We've seen before that isolating support to 1 platform will only end up hurting the other. If you won 2 platforms, support 2 platforms. No reason why some of those handheld games are only one handheld when they are doing HUGE numbers.

Its beyond idiotic and someone at Nintendo needs REAL HELP.

LBP went to PSVita, Gravity Rush went to PS4, Killzone went to PSP, PSVIta, Uncharted to Vita etc.

If a game is doing HUGE units, move it to more platforms, don't isolate it on 1, yet wonder why you're other platforms are failing. Stop holding them back in the first place, the money is going in the pocket. I'm not even saying do 100% ALL TITLES on BOTH, I'm just pointing out that they have series that are doing HUGE MILLIONS on 1 damn platform.

garrettbobbyferguson886d ago

And your reading needs some intelligence, friend. The pokemon series only fails in regards to the crap that Game Freak pulls. Meanwhile, each title is selling well over 10 million plus copies. Do you also not comprehend what an exclusive is? Many companies have them. You are also forgetting every crap Spinoff in existence that has existed for pokemon, such as the new Pokken.

You cite Gravity Rush coming to Playstation 4. Do you want to know why that is? Because SONY no longer wants to focus any of their attention to the VITA, they've already made everyone well aware that it's a legacy device and nothing more. LBP moving to the VITA was to try and get some more sales out of the series. According to VGchartz it has broken a million. We haven't even seen a new LittleBigPlanet title for the Playstation 4 either and Media Molecule has abandoned it for their new Dream project.

pcz886d ago

i think its a business decision.

if they make the main pokemon games exclusive to their handheld, they will get to shift more handhelds

they are deliberately keeping franchises to certain hardware in order to 'force' people to buy that hardware.

if they put a core pokemon title on their console, they would create a situation where the two would be competing.

when i think about it, it seems clear now that the way they did smash bros was to test the market. they wanted to know which was more popular, console or handheld. i dont know the sales figures but im guessing nintendo are confident enough to move away from a console in the traditional sense if the NX is what its rumoured to be-basically a glorified handheld.

_-EDMIX-_886d ago

@pcz- it's clear they kept the series on one platform to try to move units but are you not getting how silly that sounds if you factor Nintendo gets money from both platforms success?

I understand that all their console games clearly can't all be for handheld but with the WiiU I just don't believe they had no workaround to have both screens work on the GamePad or even have one of the bottom screen on the GamePad in the top screen on the TV.

Trying to play favorites with your own platform ultimately it's actually not going to help you it's actually going to hurt you because what you've actually done is stagnated the series to a single install base vs. Spreading it to both this is no different than what Microsoft has been doing with their OS installed base if you're going to have two platforms support both platforms especially when talking about a successful IP like Pokemon they could have clearly put that game on Console but say they lost handheld sales.. are you not factoring they would have gained console sales are you not factoring those gained a whole lot more software sales with that title on both?

So why send a platform out to die to play favorites with another platform? Yet they wonder why the Wii U fails it fails because the company that supported it is playing favorites with their handheld.

blawren4886d ago

Agreed. Nintendo, with the 3ds focused support in a sense did the same thing that third parties did against the Wii U. Hope this gets fixed in the next round too.

pcz886d ago

obviously nintendo get money either way, but keeping console and handheld software separate gives both platforms their own identity and gives consumers a reason to want both. if you share software between the two, they start competing, one will start to cannibalize the other. why have the platforms compete when they can sell them both?

nintendo have successfully juggled two platforms for generations now, but i think we have come to a crossroads now with technology where the development time and cost is so high that nintendo simply dont have the resources to juggle the two.

and it just so happens that technology has advanced to a point where a mobile gaming device can replace the traditional 'home console'.

_-EDMIX-_885d ago

@PCZ- "obviously nintendo get money either way, but keeping console and handheld software separate gives both platforms their own identity and gives consumers a reason to want both"

It also puts the other device under the bus and ultimately hurts the company and hurts the consumers that won't likely buy both.

"if you share software between the two, they start competing, one will start to cannibalize the other. why have the platforms compete when they can sell them both?"

They compete when you start putting software on 1 platform and not the other.

A handheld has its uses that a console doesn't and vice versa.

"nintendo have successfully juggled two platforms for generations now"

Nope. The Wii U just failed and the 3DS is selling less then the DS.

"it just so happens that technology has advanced to a point where a mobile gaming device can replace the traditional 'home console'"

Yes and that is the route I wish them to go. Like the PSP 3000, they can just have it out to a TV for those that want that and have it as a handheld for those that want that.

All games under 1 roof, the choice to play how they wish is up to the consumer. I never felt alienating 1 install base for the other was a great idea.

Pokemon for example could have done MILLIONS on console, yet they did nothing and put console under the bus.

less sales for Nintendo, less games for console owners. No one really won from such a stupid move. I just can't get why such a HUGE IP was kept on 1 device from a company that owns MORE THEN 1 device.

Hopefully with NX, its both and they can stop supporting 1 over the other and merely support 1 platform that is both.

This helps consumers on BOTH ends, helps Nintendo too as they no longer need to fragment a market.

pcz885d ago

i agree with everything you say, im just saying what i think is nintendo's attitude.

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Automatic79886d ago

I loved this game on Gamecube, loved it on 3DS I will definitely look into it for NX.

Phunkydiabetic1886d ago

Yawn. Nintendo has a new system coming out and instead of something brand new we get....Luigi's Mansion. WOW.

nevin1886d ago

"It also shows off the haptic analog sticks, which will resist when trying to capture ghosts."

Haptic analog?

"An AR multiplayer mode is also planned to be in the final version of the game.”

AR multiplayer?

Can anybody explain haptic and ar to me?

AKR886d ago

Haptic feedback is what's being used in controllers and even mobile phones; you press something on the screen (like typing on the keyboard) and the device then vibrates.

AR is short for Augmented Reality. Not to be confused with VR, augmented reality is the form of displaying virtual models on/in real life surfaces: like the 3DS' AR cards, or Microsoft's HoloLens.

Neonridr886d ago

not just vibration. The stick could actually push back against you. Motors would be installed inside the stick to actually try to override it on you.

Would be an awesome feeling.

R00bot886d ago

I'm afraid the motors in the sticks will be easy to break if they are pushing against my thumbs. I hope they have some sort of failsafe where the motors disengage after a certain amount of force is applied, either that or strong motors. It's a weird idea but I look forward to it, provided it's implemented.

Dubaman886d ago (Edited 886d ago )

AR is Augmented Reality but how they intend to use it as a multiplayer game would just be guesswork. Maybe you and other people can walk around your own home while hunting ghosts, which isn't a new idea, ( ) so it may be possible.

Haptic Analog are basically analog sticks which have resistance to them, depending on what's happening in game. For example, if you walk into a wall the analog stick will fight against you and push back, letting you know you can't go that way anymore. Or with Luigi's mansion it would mean that the stick would actually fight against you as though you are actually struggling with a ghost. It's a new way of providing tactile feedback and i'm sure there are other people who could explain it better than i have. Though essentially, it's going to become the new standard of analog control..and i seriously can't wait for it!

freshslicepizza886d ago

the steam controller uses haptic feedback. basically it has motors inside like the rumble in controllers but more precise and greater range of functionality.

ar like others have said is for augmented reality. hololens by microsoft is augmented reality. i have a suspicion it will be used like the amiibo but may be able to send a hologram image. sony tried this too on some games with the camera.

one thing is for sure is that nintendo should not get carried away with the gimmicks which could add to the price of the console that could be better used to have more power instead. one the problems with the wii u, too much was wasted on the wii u gamepad and not enough horsepower in the hardware. nintendo is likely wanting to come out with a $299 system.

calvincrack886d ago

Sounds great. Day 1 purchase for me. Console and game

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