Interview with the developers on vampire game Nosgoth's development [GameWatcher]

Born from what was originally intended to be the multiplayer component of the ill-fated Legacy of Kain: Defiance sequel, Nosgoth marks a somewhat less familiar return to the Square Enix-owned gothic franchise. Set in the time period immediately following 1999’s Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver, humans and vampires are at war in developer Psyonix’s asymmetric combat-driven free-to-play free-for-all that’s been living on Early Access for just over a year.

On the cusp of introducing a new Beastmaster class to its battlegrounds - not to mention a new Vampire in the not too distant future - we caught up with Jacob Mott, a designer at Psyonix, and Bill Beacham, the design director at Square Enix London Studios, to explore Nosgoth’s roots, how it’s coming along, and where it’s headed in the following months.

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Scissorman82803d ago

These guys are real fans of the series. I hope we'll see a single player entry in this series. LoK had some of the most memorable story-telling alongside the finest voice-acting in gaming history. I miss this series. Nosgoth is fun, I won't deny that. I log-in every now and then. It's easy to jump and it's isn't as mindless as a lot of other online-only, F2P titles. However, I long for the day when we see this series return to form.