Sadness (Wii) Leaked Footage

An NDA has probably been broken with the release of this footage, but hey, at least we know the game is actually coming (after being confirmed to be coming many times without real proof of it's existence).

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theusedfake3563d ago

i wonder(but doubt) if it will use motionplus

LossTheEarthbreaker3563d ago (Edited 3563d ago )

Guaranteed whomever leaked it is done. After working at Vivendi, I can confirm that they definitely know who did it, how, where, and when.

Obvious cell phone footage, first of all, proved by the 30 second length.

Panipal20053563d ago

The person who did this should get fired? I think they did the developers a pretty huge favour. Y'know, since they didn't seem capable of marketing/promoting this game by themselves.

I can see them being furious at being shown up, though, if they seriously thought c***teasing and promising, then failing, to show the game over and over was good PR.

GameOn3563d ago

Wasn't this suppose to be a release game? It sounded pretty interesting back then.

ChickeyCantor3562d ago

Nope, not a release game.
Just announced to be in developement.

rosebowl233563d ago

i was so interested in this game when it was first announced... but to me the Wii barely exists anymore. so i could care less. wish it was a PSN game or something.

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The story is too old to be commented.