Top 5 cancelled games

"When a big game publisher announces a game, it promotes it for a while and then eventually, releases it. Well, most of the time. Every now and then, games are cancelled for all kinds of reason, including disagreements with the development studio or even a specific employee. In this list, we will explore the top 5 games that we would have liked to the most."

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DarkOcelet830d ago

Legacy Of Kain: Dead Sun didn't really look that good, i felt it was an Batman Arkham Clone, and a bad one at it.

Prey 2 however, that game looked insane, its a shame they cancelled it.

MeleeDamage830d ago

I completely agree. Dead Sun actually reminds me allot of Shadow of Mordor! I'd kill for a Blood Omen remake...

DarkOcelet830d ago

A Blood Omen Remake would be insane!

I think Square might remake it since they said they will reboot and remake their old franchises so i wouldnt be surprised if this popped at E3.

-Foxtrot830d ago

I'm glad they cancelled it. If anyone has played Prey you'd know that looked NOTHING like it.

I just want a sequel with Tommy as the main character.

How can you do a game then at the end say "To Be Continued" only to have a sequel with a generic looking space marine bounty hunter in the lead.

Yeah it looked great but not Prey

TheOneWhoIsTornApart829d ago (Edited 829d ago )

Tommy was the fugitive the main character was chasing in Prey 2. It was a true sequel.

morganfell829d ago

Using Tommy as a NPC hardly makes it a true sequel. The enitre atmosphere of the original title, everything that made it what it was had been removed in favor of making a shooter that had one story element in common with the first game.

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nunley33829d ago

I agree Dead sun was garbage and Dark Prophecy should've been on the list instead in it's place. Dark Prophecy was a proper sequel that would've tied up the loose ends in the story. A Blood Omen remake would also be awesome but SE are idiots who hasn't been doing much of anything good for a long time besides FFXIV and we'll see about FFXV. FFXIV could be a moment where they finally start doing some things right.

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adamjensen1122830d ago

The game I'm the most sad to see on that list is Silent Hills. It really looked amazing and with del Toro involved and all... I wish Konami would continue development and just release it under a new name. :-)

rmw2hot87830d ago (Edited 830d ago )

Star Wars 1313 should of been on the list & should of been #1. That game looked epic.

Archmagel830d ago

Agreed. We don't get to see much of the goings on in the criminal underbelly of Star Wars.

For anyone interested:

DigitalRaptor829d ago (Edited 829d ago )

It looked like a great concept. Amy Hennig is now co-writer on a new story-driven SW game with Todd Stashwick over at Visceral Games, both of whom were key drivers of the original Uncharted 4 treatment. Based on her history at Crystal Dynamics and Naughty Dog, that should be something to be pretty damn excited about.

Iceball2000830d ago

Lmao omg I thought of the two exact games... Awesome that there's someone out there that wants those games too

KingofGambling830d ago

Hey! we old school PS3 owners must stick together we are a dying breed here. All we want is bring this 2 I.P. to the PS4, that's all we asked.

FlintGREY829d ago

I thought Eight Days was on hold. Maybe we'll see something at E3 for PS4.

NarooN830d ago

Dude I literally bought a PS3 expecting to get to play those games! It was even worse when they released a new trailer for The Getaway 3 sometime in 2008 or something and still nothing ever came of it.

SolidGear3830d ago

Silent Hills, Prey 2 and Redwood Falls :(

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