Phil Spencer says PC gamers 'might not buy' an Xbox One — but that’s OK

Polygon "Let's say you're talking to an individual who is a PC gamer fully. They're exclusively a PC gamer, they love Steam, they have a sick rig. Why do I, If I'm that person, why do I buy an Xbox One?"

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Overload835d ago (Edited 835d ago )

Yikes!! There it is. That is a crazy thing for the head of the Xbox Division to say.


DragonDDark835d ago

Indeed it is... but at least he's honest.

dirkdady834d ago (Edited 834d ago )

Well his answer or word choices appear to have been carefully picked. To make it somewhat ambiguous as to his true desire regarding pc gamers buying an Xbox.

Btw I love this quote from phil from the article -
"10 feet away, with a [ ] in my hand, you and I sitting next to each other, either playing against each other or playing with each other —"

4Sh0w834d ago (Edited 834d ago )

Why is that crazy, it's true of any device, if you are a diehard pc guy which I know of a few they don't want the restrictions of a console.

Some Xbox fans don't want to buy a ps4.

More PS fans seem to not want to buy a X1.

Plenty of gamers don't want to buy a gaming pc.

That's OK, and admitting it like Spencer did just sounds like a "water is wet" comment to me.

Kingthrash360834d ago (Edited 834d ago )

Yeah but why take away from xbox?
Y'know what never mind.
It seem like just yesterday phil, and xbox fanboys were saying how important it was to have exclusives. Saying things like "xbox has more exclusives than ps4 and will win the holiday season." Or " xbox has the best exclusives and that's why I own an xbox" xbox has X many players playing this or X many xbl users are playing online o r *xbox sold X many consoles...
Now it's ....oh well? Exclusives don't matter...or pc gamers don't matter.
It's like you forgot that this is a company SELLING XBOX. Everyone counts.....that's business. Every sell matters, that why you have different games for different people. To sell to all people. Xbox was never good at it but it tried with the kinect. Now it's tanking xbox.
Of corse they don't care if pc gamers don't buy a xbox one. They want then to buy into paying for xbl to play Xbox games. They are exiting the hardware game and going back to trying pc gaming. Software style.
The Xbox is dying at 2 years old and I hate watching gamers ignore it. Defending it even, like it's not happening ....but it is what it is. R.I.P.

Tech5834d ago

naturally they're ok with it, they're getting more support for their OS in exchange. more windows 10 customers.

Death834d ago (Edited 834d ago )


Microsoft Windows 10 on PC and Microsoft Xbox One running Windows 10. Microsoft's Universal Windows Apps. See anything in common here? You are saying Microsoft Xbox One fans should be upset that Microsoft's Windows 10 is going to have access to some of the Xbox library and Xbox One gamers are going to have access to Windows 10 games.

The difference between this and cross buy on PlayStation Vita, PS3 and PS4 is what again? Are PS4 games that are also on the Vita less exclusive?

I think the two things that scare PlayStation fans the most is Xbox is going to be combined with the much larger PC base negating the sales advantage PS4 has. Xbox games on PC will also have a performance advantage over PS4 due to PC's much more powerful specs. I believe this is why PlayStation gamers keep trying to make it sound like PC and Xbox together is a bad thing.

mikeslemonade834d ago

I will buy a Xbox 2 just because I like hardware. But it's gonna take more than that for me to even games for it. PS5 and PC will cover more bases than the Xbox 2 for me.

Also I almost exclusively only use the controller on the PC.

hiredhelp834d ago

The headline for some of us would be true.. We invest alot in what we do and love what we have and do.
I wouldnt buy a xbox one now look MS is yet again tryin to come back to windows bringing exclusives that where Promised to you xbox guys.
But i feel they wont sucseed on pc tbh as a big steam lover uplay, origin they have there work cut out.
I wont lie nice see gears back on pc quantum break be intresting but old MS of the mid 90s golden age of pc ? Im not too sure they be that deadicated again.

badz149834d ago


"I think the two things that scare PlayStation fans the most is Xbox is going to be combined with the much larger PC base negating the sales advantage PS4 has."

LOL you are saying now that the Xbone has lost its exclusives to the PC, it will threatens the sales of PS4? do tell us how you are gonna combine the sales of PC and Xbone together! 1 pc sold = 1 xbone sold? is that it? hahahaha this is getting sad!

"Xbox games on PC will also have a performance advantage over PS4 due to PC's much more powerful specs"

duh...Xbox games running on PC is called, "PC games", not "Xbox games"! now suddenly PC games running on Windows are called Xbox games?? what ever happen to the being called the "PC version/port" that we have been using for multiplats all these times? seriously...that is like the saddest argument EVER! do you even listen to yourself talking?

yomfweeee834d ago

It is crazy because he is the head of a large corporation. He is basically saying that consoles dont offer anything over PCs. It isn't true and even if it was true... you don't admit that in his position.

Why isn't he talking about the things that make consoles better?

KurtRussell834d ago

Lol you got fooled by somewhat good PR

Kingthrash360834d ago

Thanks death
You comment shows EXACTLY what I'm talking about.
Also there are no ps4 AAA games on the vita....AAA games of the Xbox will be on pc.
PC are a different platform to a different crowd of people. Ps4 and pc share games like sf5 and stuff yes....but call me when you see GT or uncharted or tlou or any other big time game coming to pc.
The Xbox library is already limited now it's shared with pc.
But since you got it figured out....tell me... how does this help sell xb1?
How? Nobody has answered this yet. Seems to me like this would sell more pc's than xboxes

Death834d ago

Xbox One games on PC will not help sell hardware. It will help sell software. The reason we want to see our favorite console sell well isn't bragging rights, it's so developers make games for it. By increasing the userbase across Xbox and PC, devs have a much larger userbase to target. This isn't a one way street like many of you want it to be. Xbox games can go to PC and PC games can go to Xbox.

The gamers who benefit the most from this are the gamers like me that own both a gaming PC and Xbox One. That doesn't mean Xbox only owners that will have access to PC games made under the UWA and PC gamers that will have access to Xbox games don't benefit though. The userbase is increasing and the library for both Xbox and PC is increasing. No matter how much you guys want to say Microsoft Windows 10 on PC is a competing system to Microsoft's Xbox One that also runs Windows 10, it's called synergy. Keep trying to convince yourselves that increasing the customer base and game library for PC and Xbox is a bad thing, while PC and Xbox owners enjoy the benefits.

p.s. Sony has stated time and again that PSVR is it's own platform. You are about to see what losing exclusives and dividing a userbase actually is. :)

RpgSama834d ago


"p.s. Sony has stated time and again that PSVR is it's own platform. You are about to see what losing exclusives and dividing a userbase actually is. :)"

You mean like how there were Kinect Only games?.

834d ago
Death834d ago


Sure, like Kinect except you don't need a $100 accessory, you need to buy a much more expensive different platform and instead of Kinect/Move shovelware it will be AAA titles you can't play. So yeah, exactly like Kinect.

RpgSama834d ago (Edited 834d ago )


The difference is that people that will get a PSVR will also need to buy a PS4 (if they don't already have one already) so more PS4 on the market on people hands, even more games of all kinds will continue to appear on the console, people who get Quantum Break on PC will not need to buy a Xbox One.

And when you say that this isn't a one way street with the Pc market, you are right, but in more ways than you think, Xbox One AND PS4 will get their fair share of PC games, you just can't fight against the install base of the Sony console, it makes even more sense on an business level for any company, big or small.

choujij834d ago (Edited 834d ago )

@sakattack500 "I'm happy as an xbox 360 / xb1 owner seeing more games selling on one more platform."

Would you still be happy if that platform was PS4? Just curious. To the diehards, would you all be just as happy? Because from my perspective, that still fits the "it's okay if more gamers get to play" notion.

"No mood to sit for hours hunched over pc for anything other than downloading stuff and surfing web and office work."

I completely agree. Which is why lots of gamers like myself connect the HDMI from their gaming PCs to their TV and use a controller.

4Sh0w834d ago (Edited 834d ago )

Silly analogy, pc is not a direct competitor of X1, in fact pc is a platform that 95% of Microsofts entire business is built upon thus the further integration of X1 into that ecosystem is an overall plus.

I got a question for you WHY do threads like this demonstrate pro ps fans care more about Microsoft supporting pc gamers more than Xbox fans do???? Is it perhaps this is actually a good thing for both their reputation among pc gamers and because it further contributes to Xbox games commercial success = higher sales.....nah, nevermind, of course they just want what's "best" for Xbox.

adonis183833d ago

Wet is a condition, a state of being if you will, applied to an object. As the definition says it means to be soaked in liquid. If my shirt is covered in water, it is wet. If the street as rain water on it, it is wet. However, water cannot be wet. Water is the thing that makes things wet by covering it. The water itself is not wet as wet is the condition of being covered in water. Water cannot be covered in water as water is just water. Furthermore, water cannot be covered in any other liquid either as the liquids either separate or mix. But water itself cannot be wet.

Water is simply the H2O, three atoms that make up a molecule. It cannot itself be wet. water makes things wet it is wet but that is simply not true. Wetness only occurs when water encounters an object. It is a state of being applied to something else. If you just had water and no other objects in existence, water would not be wet as there would be nothing to be covered in said water and the water would just be perceived as water.

All of that being said, water is not wet.

choujij833d ago


Sorry, its not a silly analogy. This move eliminated the need for me to buy Xbox One. So, whether you realize it or not, in this sense, PC competed with Xbox. Quick story: Walmart opened Sam's club in Canada to compete with Costco. They found they ended up competing with themselves more, and pulled Sam's club out of the Canadian market. Same owners, two different retail platforms. There's also Sega's history for reference. Or even the launch of the original Xbox, where MS was very concerned about competing with themselves, so they did everything possible to distance Windows and Xbox.

In any event, thanks for answering my question. I now know "the more gamers get to play" notion carries a double standard under the myth that PC and Xbox don't compete. Also, my level of concern goes as far as what games I get to play on the platforms I own. I am not concerned if the Xbox machine is discontinued or lacks exclusives, since I am not buying one.

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Genova84834d ago (Edited 834d ago )

After reading the interview, does this mfer not realize that i'm currently playing gears of war ultimate with a ps3 controller? And does he not realize that I'm pissed there's no local co-op? Is he that out of touch?


Edit: also my rig is hooked up to my 60" 4k tv in my living room ... I sit a good 6 feet from it. He has no concept of this? My computer can do so much more than his precious xbox. WTF!?

Khaotic834d ago

You're so amazing I wish I was just like you, poor attitude and all

Revolt13834d ago

@genova why the hell would you be using the shitty ps3 controller over XB1 controller or DS4?????

You ain't smart

Genova84834d ago

you're right, i should be happy that gears doesn't support local co-op or sli and the windows store doesn't support benchmarking tools and always has v-sync on and so on and so on. For their first dx12 title, they screwed the pooch. And with this statement, they are not only alienating xbox gamers, but also pc gamers.

But yes, I have a poor attitude.

Genova84834d ago

@Revolt, the DS3 has always been my favorite controller. Never liked the feel of the xbox controllers and i find the light of the DS4 distracting. Personal preference, i guess.

MachuchalBrotha316834d ago're soo cool man! Right on.

iistuii834d ago

But he's happy you spent money on the MS store & playing it on MS Windows 10...

3-4-5834d ago

@Genova84 - You think phil actually knows what you individually are doing ?

He doesn't even know who you are..

How into yourself are you ?

Genova84834d ago

I meant he has no concept of the pc gamer playing on a tv. It has been a thing for 5+ years but so many people, phil included, pretend it doesn't exist. Like the unicorn, you know, single lady who'd have a 3-some with a couple. They exist.

Death834d ago


My gaming PC is hooked up to my 50" plasma. It too is more capable than the Xbox and PS4. I'm using an Elite Xbox One controller. I'm a fan of Dual Shocks too, but like the native support the Xbox controller has not to mention the feel of the elite. The Windows Store and Xbox games are in their infancy. I expect they will get better as integration occurs.

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Why o why834d ago

Been saying this since the x1 started sharing its exclusives. Many said its win win for ms which I agreed with but I said again and again its not a win win for the x1......Now the head honcho is alluding to the same thing. Microsoft are lessening the reasons to buy an x1 especially to pc gamers. I think the sales aren't hitting the numbers they expected.

_-EDMIX-_834d ago

"I said again and again its not a win win for the x1"

and once again who cares? The goal is for the company to make money.

PC gamers where never going to buy the XONE and the console itself isn't the goal to make money from, its services and software is, matters not if they buy a XONE or buy a Win 10 PC. MS goal is to make money from software and services.

They very much can do that on both and don't need one buying more of the other, they merely need folks buying one of both at all.

I mean...does the concept of both not exist to you? lol I have no clue why their is this stupid concept of them not supporting the PC side in favor of XONE....why? They can do both, them not supporting PC won't just suddenly make them more money, it just doesn't work that way bud.

ie only on XB 30 million sales.

or on both XONE and PC 10 million sales combined, as if millions only wanted it, because it wasn't not on PC LMFAO! Do we really believe that the only thing that would make MS money, would be only having some software on 1 device and not both?

Really folks.....seriously think hard about that.

rainslacker834d ago (Edited 834d ago )


The only problem I would see, and this is pure hypothetical purely for discussion...not me trying to hope Xbox dies, is that for the long term it could devalue the actual console mindshare, as some(possibly a lot) could find it redundant to a PC should they own an adequate PC...which would be many people.

In cases like that, it is possible that someone who would likely buy the console, may not if they know that the exclusive content for it they could just play on their PC...even if they aren't that keen on PC gaming otherwise.

If that number is substantial enough, it could lower sales to the point where publisher support starts to wane, because making a Xbox console version may not be worth it anymore. While something like UWP may resolve that, I don't think it's at that point to be able to have one build for both devices, or a separate yet barely modified build for the console.

If that happens, then those that would be pre-disposed to the console may start looking elsewhere for their gaming needs, because 3rd party support wouldn't be as prevalent.

As it is, I'm sure there are people who primarily play on consoles who might not consider an X1 if it has no true exclusive content. I'm one such person, because I could have made an exception to play QB on my PC had I known it was coming there. MS will get my money either way, but it's not always good to just say that it's win win for MS, because there are a several factors which could actually damage the console brand going forward.

I understand the goal of any company is to make money, and MS will likely make more money doing what they're doing, as well as push Win10 adoption. However, it's also worth considering how it will affect the future of the console, and taking other variables into account as opposed to just assuming because MS will sell more software, they're all good. As far as I'm concerned, when it comes to such things, the consumer also has to be looked out for.

Granted, as of right now, I wouldn't say that the console hardware is in jeopardy over all this, as the actual end results of such a move haven't been measured yet, and it's hard to qualify all the variables.

starchild834d ago (Edited 834d ago )

As a PC gamer I have to say none of the consoles are that interesting to me. At best it just feels like a largely extraneous device that I'm forced to buy if I want to play a handful of exclusives that interest me.

Personally, I respect the fact that Microsoft is giving me the option to buy their games and play them on my platform of choice.

I do understand, though, that Sony has less of a reason to put their games on PC since they don't have a vested interest in the PC.

Why o why834d ago (Edited 834d ago )

'PC gamers where never going to buy the XONE and the console itself isn't the goal to make money from, its services and software is, matters not if they buy a XONE or buy a Win 10 PC. MS goal is to make money from software and services. '

Firstly, that first bit is off the mark and if basis of your argument is off that then there's I see why you refuse to acknowledge differing opinions. . There's a ton of pc gamers who buy consoles. I was one of them. Phil is station pc gamers 'might not buy' an x1. . . . If you read between the lines, why do you think he's saying this?

I've already stated every time you reply to my opinion. . .it's a win win for Microsoft. . Can't you see that?

Do you think the x1 can compete against the ps4 with no true exclusive games. There are viable reasons why this trend can hinder the growth of the console. You asked, who cares. . . . . .are you serious? Who cares if the console dies a slow death. . . I dunno. . .ask those who may not get an option of buying an x2 should ms decide to focus elsewhere. Ask the xbox division, ask the gamers who purchased their console believing it was going to have true exclusives.

UnHoly_One834d ago

Just for the record, X1 games going to PC makes no difference to me. I don't want to game on PC, and I'm damn sure not alone in that attitude.

If all PS4 games were on PC as well, giving me the option to ONLY have a PC and have access to ALL games, I would still own a PS4 and an XB1.

Because I simply do NOT want to game on PC.

To a PC guy, there is no reason to get an X1. I get that.

He still has a reason to get a PS4. I get that, too.

There are a ton of us that AREN'T PC guys and don't want to be. . I don't get why that is so hard to understand.

4Sh0w834d ago (Edited 834d ago )

@Why o Why
"Do you think the x1 can compete against the ps4 with no true exclusive games."

"ask the gamers who purchased their console believing it was going to have true exclusives."

-Seriously anybody close to gaming already knows from Xbox history with 360, and even this gen that Xbox has waaaaaaay more shared exclusives with pc than ps4, add to that Microsoft preaching about more pc support all gen long, yet X1 has sold well compared to 360, just not as well as ps4. The fact that Microsoft is building on that shared ecosystem will not have any significant affect on Microsoft’s sales in relation to ps4. Quantum Break and any other Xbox game that goes to pc are NOT on ps4, so the choice is pc or X1, the same folks who don't want a X1 will get it on pc, the other console lovers and casuals with no axe to grind will continue to buy X1's and guess what that happens to be alot of potential customers= continued healthy X1 growth going forward.

"Who cares if the console dies a slow death."

-lol, what a bunch of hyperbolic over dramatic nonsense, building a Xbox-PC ecosystem is anything but a "slow death", and while studio closures are never something smiled upon closing mostly Kinect related studios which frees that funding for other more productive studios is part of smart business.

I am a Xbox fan and in no way do I view more support of pc gaming as a negative, crazy how supporting more gamers on a neutral platform and one that your business model depends on is NOW a bad thing. When in fact I like benefits of crossbuy, benefits of crossplay, benefits of more cross over games & more succesful selling games because of pc, and benefits of new features like windows apps.

Ironically one look at this thread and other similar themed threads confirm the vast majority of those who DO care about Microsoft supporting pc gaming more are overwhelmingly pro ps folks and clearly most of them are huge Xbox haters. *It's just amazing to me that so many Xbox fans are OK with Xbox games going to pc and STILL say they prefer Xbox, while ps supporters interject with "No, no that's not right, Xbox is doomed". lol, so people who have shown a clear history of anti-microsoft sentiment should be taken seriously about Microsoft’s plans for X1. Conventional wisdom says that those who hate you most are naturally going to be against your plans for success because thats exactly what they dont want to happen, they'd rather you remain stagnate and fail. FACT is X1 owners still get to play EVERY Xbox game whether its goes to pc or not. So the REAL question is actually why do you care that Microsoft wants to employ a closer X1-PC ecosystem that they believe will make their company MORE money, oppose to a more separate Xbox and pc platform relationship.

Why o why833d ago

Wait a minute 4show. . .my reply was to his 'who cares' comment. .why ignore all of what I was saying and what he was saying just to focus on that part as if theres zero context behind it. My slow death may seem overly dramatic but I personally think losing exclusives shows less confidence in the x1. Yes yes it all ties into what Microsoft has been saying but I've read many comments from xbox guys who worry about the direction ms are heading. I'm not too concerned as I don't own an xbox but I do appreciate the competition and their presence. Keep Sony honest and on on their toes.

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He is right though lol. Not Yikes at all, just honest

DragonbornZ834d ago

It is? That seems like a normal statement imo.

Overload834d ago (Edited 834d ago )

Find me the head of any gaming division going on record saying they don't care if you buy their console, with a link.

Overload834d ago (Edited 834d ago )


Well played, well played.

That sums this up better than I ever could have.

DragonbornZ834d ago

He didn't say he doesn't care he said it's ok.
And I mean, the reality is some PC gamers will buy an x1 and some won't.

I'm positive he wants em to, but some don't have an interest in consoles or an x1, and vice versa.

It's just a real statement. I don't see the big deal lol.

Overload834d ago (Edited 834d ago )


If you said to your girlfriend it's OK to sleep with other guys, it because you don't care if she sleeps with other guys.

DragonbornZ834d ago

Eh? That's not the same thing Lol.
That's a pretty extreme comparison.

Overload834d ago

It is an extreme example. But the context is dead on.

Point is, if something is OK to you, you don't care if someone does it.

DragonbornZ834d ago

No its not lol. That's not always the case.
If something is ok to someone it could also mean they're understanding.

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343_Guilty_Spark834d ago

Software and getting people into the Windows 10 ecosystem (whether that's Xbox One or PC) sales are infinitely more important than a mostly fanboy metric (who sold the most hardware).

Overload834d ago (Edited 834d ago )

Well that's strange.

'I Want To Win This Generation,' Says Xbox Boss Phil Spencer

Xbox One: Microsoft aims for 1 billion lifetime sales, 100 million Xbox 360 units

Xbox’s Phil Spencer Reacts to NPD Sales: “Great Games and Sales for Our Industry;” E3 a Highlight and More

Fanboy metric huh?

Bathyj834d ago

Its hilarious how much you guys say "metric" now since Phil said it.

rainslacker834d ago

And if sales slump enough that 3rd party starts to delegate the Xbox console to a 2nd tier consideration in making games would that be good for you if MS is still getting what they want?

343_Guilty_Spark834d ago


So why is it that you have companies like EA and Ubisoft say they make more dollars per user on Xbox than PS4. Clearly, it should be the other way around.

starchild834d ago

Software sales are healthy enough on all three main platforms (PC, PS4 and XB1) that none are in danger of having support dropped for them. This isn't a zero sum game in which there is only one winner and the rest lose in inverse proportion to the success of the sales leader.

rainslacker834d ago

That may be the case, but what about long term consequences of these actions. Going forward, do you really expect the next gen to start without the "No need for Xbox if you have a PC" argument to not be a thing?

These sorts of long term perceptions stick with people, and it causes some people to believe that they'd be better off going with a different console.

While for this gen, I'm sure Xbox hardware owners are pretty in the clear for support, what about next gen? Or the gen after that?

While it's good that those companies make more on Xbox, as it helps insure support, it doesn't mean that will continue to be the case. They still have to get that initial software sale to start the ticker running, and without that sale, they won't make money, and if that lack of revenue is significant enough, it means support will stop coming.

That being said, you didn't actually answer the question.

If hardware sales drop so much that it has a detrimental effect on software sales, is it OK if Xbox is considered a 2nd tier console if MS is making money off it's exclusives?

Again to clarify, and hopefully get an answer, think on the long term, and not what is likely to happen this gen. As has been proven by publishers already, it doesn't take much for them to just ignore a major console in the market, and so far, the effects of MS switch to multi-plat publishing hasn't been quantified yet, so just take it as a hypothetical.

4Sh0w834d ago (Edited 834d ago )

X1 has a strong base of consoles already sold, and steadily growing, plus 3rd party games sell extremely well on X1, ps4 as well so no matter how well the ps4 continues to sell there is zero chance 3rd parties are going to suddenly dismiss likely 25 million potential customers this year and more in the future just for the hell of it. lol you guys are desperately grasping at thin air with all the wild "if" statements, we could play the doom and gloom "if game" all night long about ANY company but that doesn't make them any more likely.

rainslacker834d ago (Edited 834d ago )


and what I see is a lot of people who don't care to look at any "IF" scenarios and instead take a short term myopic view and ignore any discussion on the topic because they only care to toot Microsofts horn, or Sony's if the topic is relevant to them.

I asked a simple question, couldn't even get an answer. Just a bunch of "not going to happen" comments.

There are tons of scenarios which could play out, but bringing any of them up is like one is committing a cardinal sin.

4Sh0w834d ago (Edited 834d ago )

What did I ignore, I think my post adequately addressed your comments and YES once again -point blank I find your rationale baseless, I mean just throwing out "if" doom n gloom questions and hoping something sticks is silly because it's not going to happen for the very valid reasons I gave most of all 25 million potential customers on a platform(X1) that is very similar in architecture as the leading platform(ps4)= That's why every big 3rd party pub are making ALL their games multiplat, even with ps4 leading. Also a platform that has consistently demonstrated strong software sales for 3rd parties, there is absolutely ZERO chance publishers would walk away from X1 unless of course Sony makes some sort of exclusivity deal for an individual title as always.

It's actually comical, it would be like a reporter asking the San Antonio Spurs at this point almost 3/4 into the regular season with a .846 winning percentage 2nd best record in the NBA if they are still going to make the playoffs after a recent loss. The coach gasps, rolls his eyes and doesn't answer and the reporter follows up with: "Well you just lost and your record isn't as good as the record breaking Golden State Warriors this year." -so basically he envisions a catastrophic collapse like just about every game until June for them to miss the post season based on 1 loss. lmfao, sorry but that's exactly how plausible your rationale sounds, call me a blind Xbox fan if you want but truth is I just don't think your idea holds any water at all.

maniacmayhem834d ago


So funny how you state how no one can answer YOUR questions and yet you do absolutely nothing to address others. Instead you strut around N4G pretending you know more than others under some guise you are only having a discussion while in fact it's more MS is doomed and Sony is better type comments that are no different than the usual fanboy rhetoric I read on this site daily.

4Show hit all nails on the head and then took it home with his NBA comparison.

First of all, look at software sales and see that console sales of multiplat games still by far outnumber PC. Even the exclusives on Xbox that went to PC still have a higher sale on Xbox.

All you are doing is throwing out "what if MS doesn't support Xbox", "What if Xbox fails", "what if 3rd parties don't support...". What if, what if, what if.

What if Xbox does succeed? What if MS is successful in supporting both console and PC? What if next gen MS sees the highest install base that is more attractive to 3rd party developers than only having it stuck on one platform?

Could we also throw out those constant *what if* scenarios or does that go against your Xbox is doomed mantra?

jb227834d ago (Edited 834d ago )

"Engagement is infinitely more important than the 'fanboy metric' of sales"

That's a classic line right there. Let me posit a scenario for you though, if my user base boasts 5x the engagement of the next box, but that next box has sold 20x the amount of mine, then what difference does your engagement make? Console sales aren't a "fanboy metric", if you somehow think sales are irrelevant this gen, how can consumers "engage" with a product that wasn't sold to them?

Also, the only relevance to publishers when talking about engagement is keeping gamers from selling their games back to the stores. MS loves engagement because it pushes monthly subs, but from what I understand, Ubisoft doesn't see any of that money from Live subs.

Also there are many ways to juke "engagement" stats. Take for instance Adam Sandler's Ridiculous Six netflix exclusive movie....hardly anyone who saw it actually dug it and yet it was called the most watched program in Netflix history. That ended up not being because people actually selected it and watched it, but because Ridiculous Six was the first movie set to auto play after whatever you actually yeah it was playing but you were asleep, making a sandwich, or working on the "chill" part of Netflix & chill. So yeah sales matter because they are tangible numbers that provide publishers w/ a metric as to how much "engagement" is even possible.

Extending the Netflix scenario, they use their engagement stats to decide what kind of content to add to the program, but they watch their subscribers numbers (sales) in order to find out if they can actually add anything in the first place instead of removing content completely or shutting off the service dude watching all of the Netflix wouldn't be enough to save the company when everyone else has left.

rainslacker833d ago


Your comment I didn't have a problem with, just others, in many threads/topcs topics. I asked a hypothetical to 343 who won't look at any possible scenario which is detrimental to XBox.

Does it really hurt anyone to address hypotheticals? Would answering the question I posed harm MS in any way? Would it harm the person answering to think beyond the scope of "not going to happen" What purpose does it serve for so many on here to completely ignore discussion, and to look at things in total black and white stances?

Will publishers stray from MS this gen? Probably not. BUT, if sales don't keep up on the hardware side, then eventually they're going to slump on the software side. Is that not a possibility worth exploring, even if it's unlikely? And if so, what would be the long term effects for Xbox?

And to be fair, yes, you did answer address what I was asking for the most part. I answered with a general observation and then decided to leave it at that because I felt what I said was going to be the ultimate outcome anyways. I'm rarely challenge me to think about anything on here. Comments are mostly fan boy rhetoric and inability to think critically or even comprehend a possibility beyond the here and now.

I do apologize however, given the way it came out, and being a direct reply to you, in retrospect I realize it may have seemed that I was dismissing your comment, when I had simply given up trying to discuss.


And you pretty much ignore the fact I was speaking in broad terms, and only posing a hypothetical which was directed at 343 who was making it out to be no big deal, and I was trying to ascertain at which point it would be a big deal.

If MS is successful, they will have a stronger place in the marketplace and more people will get to play their games. Long term it could help the idea of a one platform/ecosystem platform, which could have both good and bad side effects for the consumer depending on how one wants to look at it. MS will make money, others will take note, and then things will change.

If MS next gen sees the highest install base, they will get more 3rd party support, and possibly even pick up more of that niche support which it often lacks. MS and it's investors will be happy, because they were successful in selling the console and making money. Xbox fans can gloat over sales numbers, and all will be right with the world.

And yes, you can throw out positive what ifs as often as you'd like, and should I feel it necessary to throw in my opinion, I'll do so. Question is, would you listen to that opinion without thinking first and foremost that I have some vandetta against MS, and if not, could you still take that opinion and expand on it or your own with reasonable discussion that doesn't involve trying to discredit me at every chance you get?

That being said, I have stated on many many occasssions that MS is not doomed, that they aren't likely to leave the console market because it's just too important for their goals, that they aren't incompetant, and routinely defend them against Sony fan boys who attack them with unwarranted criticism. How come you never come in and say how I'm right there, and instead only focus on the one's where I'm critical of MS, or apparently try to throw doom on them?

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theRedDragon834d ago (Edited 834d ago )

Full quote from Spencer --- After a 10-second pause to consider the question, Spencer answered, "You might not. And I'm not trying to trick you into buying an Xbox One for what I'm doing."

He continued: "I was actually asked by somebody, 'Did you do Forza 6: Apex as a way of teasing the PC gamers with how good Forza is so they'll go buy an Xbox One?' No. That's not the plan.

"So they might not [buy an Xbox One]," Spencer said. "And I want that to be OK."

You guys made it seem that he doesn't care if gamers buy a Xbox One or not. The full context of the full Spencer's interview with Polygon is that by only providing a F2P game on Windows 10 that is differ than the console version, he said he wasn't trying to bait people into getting a Xbox One and that they are supporting PC gaming with Windows 10 along with Xbox One at the same time.

That is what I got from those quotes.

Aenea834d ago

Nope, he's trying to bait people to create an XBL account so they can download the free Forza game so he can report "xxx more XBL users!"

MachuchalBrotha316834d ago

I'm just amazed that this would even be a big deal to you and other non Xbox gamers. Overlord, do you have some Vendetta against MS/Xbox. Are you some dev they fired? Just asking because you sure are very obsessed with submitting alot bad Xbox articles so you and the fanboys can have at it. But hey if it makes you and others happy, by all means enjoy.

_-EDMIX-_834d ago

Nope. We've stated this to you for a very long time now bud, MS goal is to make money, not merely ONLY Sell XBONEs.

Consider if you buy Win 10 to play you're MS games...MS gets money.

If you buy an XONE to play you're MS games....MS gets money lol.

They goal is not SOLELY just XB, its MICROSOFT! They care about THE WHOLE COMPLAIN making money.

If you don't buy a what? MS is getting money.

You don't buy a win 10 what MS is getting money if you own a XONE. I see no reason for them to try to bash one over the other when the goal is to make money from both.

XanderZane834d ago

That's the reality of the business. More sales equal more money and profits.

christocolus834d ago


Definitely agree with this. Well said.

Sunny_D834d ago

Yeah, but the integration is only here as a response to their industry performance. There's a reason they have an Xbox division in the first place. It's to focus on the Xbox. Most likely the reason they want to integrate Xbox and Pc is to justify the cost of exclusives that the Xbox alone does not sell enough of. So, to offset the cost, they're releasing the games on Pc as well. I mean this past fall, they were going on about the BEST LINE UP IN XBOX HISTORY. This indicates they were trying to showcase the reasons to buy an Xbox. Now, they're humming a different tune.