EQN News: A Letter from Daybreak's President - EverQuest Next Cancelled

Daybreak, the MMO company that broke off from Sony in ???, has announced that a major project has been canceled. EverQuest Next has been canceled.

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pompombrum642d ago

Such a shame, EQ was the Granddaddy of the MMORPG genre for many and was one of the main sources of inspiration behind WoW.

italiangamer642d ago

This team went to hell when Sony sold it off:

- Everquest Next cancelled;
- John Smedley (at the time president of SOE) leaves the company;
- developers laid off just after being acquired by the new company.

Vhampir642d ago (Edited 642d ago )

Oh yeah, that John Smedley guy... Star Wars Galaxies CU and NGE are still fresh in my mind. SOE's entire history revolves around lies, bait and switch tactics, and horrible decisions. These are the people that broke their own games to hide unfinished content.

The team was already a part of hell, they just finally turned to ash.

brianunfried642d ago

No big loss, another "Sword & Sorcery" game bites the dust. Haven't played one in over 10 years, the genre doesn't interest me anymore.

addictedtochaos642d ago

Sony should have made SOE part of SCE (PlayStation).

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