Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow Break Nintendo e-shop Sales Record

ThisGenGaming says "NPD just published the sales numbers for February 2016 and according to a Nintendo PR report it brought some surprising news."

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PhoenixUp1009d ago

Nintendo should continue and release Pokemon Gold, Silver, & Crystal on the eShop later this year.

Thisgengaming1009d ago

You would think those would be coming next with the success of these titles.

Majinzo1009d ago

I will tell you why because it is a good game and it is cheap!! Ha. I just hope they do not do this for every old game. SSB Melee online would be the great for the Wiiu though.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1008d ago

"SSB Melee online"
No please let the game rest.

Castlevania1009d ago

Hopefully Nintendo will take note of this and continue to support the 3DS's Virtual Console. I'm excited for the new and upcoming SNES releases, but there was a pretty long stretch there where it felt like Nintendo just stopped caring about the 3DS's VC altogether.

Orpheo1009d ago

Scooped up Yellow. :)