Top 10 Best Dragon Age Companions We’ll Never Forget

Bioware's Dragon Age series is full of great Companions, but these are the best of the best. Here are the ones that you'll never forget.

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GigawattConduit887d ago

I freaking love the Iron Bull. Qunari are my favorite race in the universe, and he didn't disappoint.

Relientk77887d ago

Sera, she was funny, quirky, weird, and loved playing pranks on everyone else in the castle.

Iron Bull and her together leads to hilarious convos, and if Cassandras also there she just gets disgusted at those 2 lol

GigawattConduit887d ago

I swear to god one time, a dragon flew over us and it circled back the moment Bull and Sera opened their mouths. It was hilarious, but not when it chewed us up five times.

tanukisuit887d ago (Edited 887d ago )

Mabari Hound!

GigawattConduit887d ago

That would've been cheating to count the Hound :p

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