Batman Arkham Knight Patch 1.14 Is Live, Miscellaneous Gameplay Fixes And Improvements Added

Batman Arkham Knight version 1.14 patch is live now, and comes in at 6.571 GB.

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crazychris4124891d ago

Probably doesn't add much to the file size. Just replacing and updating files.

WrestlingNewsFan890d ago

Would be good if we got full patch notes. 6GB and nothing but a short line isn't good enough.

wolokowoh890d ago

302.8 MB actually. 6.5 GB is all 14 patches so far combined. If you're on 1.13 its 302.8 MB and it increases with every update you haven't done.

As for the changes in this particular patch, combat is sped up a little bit. Gliding is more precise. A few common but incredibly minor bugs fixed. These are just things people noticed on forums so far, not official notes.

Genova84890d ago

Just on ps4? I haven't been following this game, since i don't plan to buy it until a single gpu can play it at 60 fps, 4k. Probably going to be a while.

Thisgengaming890d ago

Can only confirm that the patch was on PS4 at the moment.

hirobrotagonist890d ago

Yeah, you'll be waiting quite a while.even on a machine with 2 970s I can't do 4k resolution on games that are less impressive looking, better optimized and still expect to get near 60fps...4k gaming is a ways off

Genova84890d ago

I have 2 980tis. Problem is so few games utilize them properly. Far Cry 4, MGSV, Witcher 3, Crysis 3, ROTTR, and a few others really shine!

I think sli in AC syndicate has been fixed, but I haven't picked it back up yet.

Gears of War Ultimate, Arkham knight, the division, the evil within, and so many others don't use it, or scale very poorly. Still can get 30 fps in those games, but i'd rather play 1080 60 fps, than 4k 30 fps.

blackblades890d ago

Still no complete edition guess I need to stop waiting and pick it up.

vinniects890d ago

its an amazing game on xbox one also