MEGamers Review: Mass Effect (PC)

Mohammed Al-Balushi Writes:

"Bioware are very well known for making fantasy based RPGs that span huge and complex elements and worlds and their foray into Galaxy and futuristic worlds created a huge buzz. First released on the XBox360 platform, Mass Effect from Bioware was a huge success. A few months later and PC gets its version released but not as a direct port, rather an updated version of the Xbox 360 release.

Mass Effect starts by first allowing you to create your character. You can either select the preset one available to you which is a male soldier class with the name John Shepard. Or you can create your own character by choosing gender, look, first name and class. Whichever way you want to go, you get to start as the lone survivor from an ambush in a planet called Akuze. For that you are selected to be the human candidate to join the Specter group. Specters are the hidden hand for the council, a large organization that includes humans in addition to the many races in Mass Effect universe, which get to solve problems by any means necessary and that all laws are bent for them to complete their missions. Of course things go wrong and you are left in charge to figure out what's happening."

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