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GTA 4: PC vs. console – comparative screenshots

PCGH compares screenshots of the PC version – published by Rockstar Games – with official screenshots of the console version. (Grand Theft Auto IV, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

MvmntInGrn  +   2651d ago
Based off the shots alone, it looks much "cleaner" as far as edges go and the AA is of course higher. Better draw distance as well.

Looks good, doesn't make the console ones irrelevant or anything. GTAIV will never be the best looking game on PC, even at release since its an open world but it looks nice.

One thing I notice is that far off objects on consoles kind of fade in while far off objects on PC are there but with lower to no AA, I actually like the fading better.
StephanieBBB  +   2651d ago
The ray tracing AKA reflections on the PC is the main thing that I noticed was ALOT better.
JsonHenry  +   2651d ago
I doubt they changed much for the PC version. Other than higher resolutions, MUCH further draw distances (no pop-ins), and better AA effects everything should look almost the exact same.

But the game looked fantastic on the consoles. So of course it is going to look good on the PC as well.
Fishy Fingers  +   2651d ago
StephanieBBB, GTA is using Ray Tracing? I don't think so. You got a link?
Kleptic  +   2651d ago
yeah would love a link for that...ray tracing has turned into one of the least understood terms of gaming technology...

believe me...whenever gaming machines get to the point to truely do real ray tracing in real time...it won't look like GTAIV...it will nearly shatter the 'the uncanny valley'...

the only console game I heard of so far that was rumored (one started by GG developer no less) was Killzone 2...but the question definitely needs further clarification...the game does have some incredibly impressive lighting...but ray tracing in real time is next to impossible even with the PS3's processing power...and if its not impossible, the expense it would have on the rest of the game would be clearly visible...(i.e. no AI...no physics...5 frames per second...etc.)
THC CELL  +   2651d ago
if this game was ps3 exclusive we would see better then the pc
nuff said
MvmntInGrn  +   2651d ago
I love my PS3 but the PC will ALWAYS have the edge. Now the PS3 could maybe hit a high end PC with a lot of work (See Heavy Rain)but as it stands now the PC is just easier and the hardware updates more frequently.
centrum2k  +   2651d ago
i m not a ps3 haters but pc will alway have better graphic over any consoles.
Cajun Chicken  +   2651d ago
Ah, but in the long run
Upgrading your PC to top specs is impossible these days. I gave up during 2004 and started buying consoles instead. I miss Counter Strike and UT2K4, though.
GTAIV will be better on PC because its probably going to have a thriving mod community.
batichon frandy  +   2651d ago
shut up dumb jet
360 got better graphics than ps3
tell me how gta will look better on ps3 punk!
SSCOOLCHEA  +   2651d ago
who cares
really who cares . does anyone care about this crappy azz game anymore ? a 10 just wow. what a bunch of followers
solidt12  +   2651d ago
Just to point out. The console screen was taking during the rain while the pc was taking in the sun light so there's a big difference in what you are looking at. But I can tell either way that the PC version looks alot better.
Chubear  +   2651d ago
You're right
That was total BS comparison shot.
Kleptic  +   2651d ago
agreed...the comparisons were worse than the par for comparisons...which is saying something...
Vicophine  +   2651d ago
Can't wait to torrent this and support the game

kinggeoff  +   2651d ago
when are devs going to realise that for every honest pc gamer, there are a pile of dishonest ones waiting to ruin the fun for everyone
JsonHenry  +   2651d ago

They do know this. But there are so many millions of PC gamers that they still make a profit on the PC product. Imagine what their incomes would be if just a fraction of those pirates actually bought the game. WHOA! Cha-ching!
rroded  +   2651d ago
ya tho i have the console version the mod scene will prob sell me on the pc version all i gatta do is sit back n give em a little time ta work who knows price of the pc version might drop by then. :D
kinggeoff  +   2651d ago
quite similar. nothing to write home about

replay editor is the big difference here
bym051d  +   2651d ago
Breaking News!
PC Games Are Better Looking than Console Games

Seriously people, this is what passes for news? Computers are also more expensive and require more continuous upgrades.
JsonHenry  +   2651d ago
How much did your console+HDTV+surround sound cost you? I bet it was more than what my gaming PC cost me...
Cherchez La Ghost  +   2651d ago
Yes it expensive. But guess what?! It still doesn't stop or slow down a PC gamer upgrading their hardware. Believe me, if consoles had just as much freedom to upgrade like PC's, Myself (and hundreds of thousands of others) would do the same thing. "My 360 & PS3 is way better that yours"!!!


We cannot also forget the crazy gaming mods you can run. I cannot wait to see what people will create for GTA 4.
Gam71  +   2651d ago
been using the hill valley mod for vice city recently so will be interested to see the mods for this one.

Also to make a gaming pc is getting cheaper and cheaper while the pcs are getting faster.

Console owners need to stop thinking that every pc owner bought their pc "out of a box" like their consoles and just for one games, like their consoles.
You've never heard of a system seller for pcs have you.

Pc owners buy a pc and have the luxury of upgrading whenever they want. I wouldn't be surprised if the constant upgrading of a pc turned out to be cheaper than buying a new console every 5 yrs.

When i upgrade to offset the cost of the new parts i see my old parts on ebay so its even cheaper.
kevnb  +   2651d ago
@ JsonHenry
weak, how much did your surround sound, monitor, windows os, computer desk etc cost you?
Gam71  +   2651d ago
Apart from the windows os how much did they cost you?

Or dont you have a surround sound system, use a moniter or tv, and keep everything on the floor?

I see what you was trying to say but most of that applies to everyone regardless of console or pc.
JsonHenry  +   2651d ago
my monitor was $220 (20inch widescreen) and my OS was $30 (student discount, any college kid can get it for you for next to nothing) and my 5.1 surround sound was about $89. The PC itself was built a year and a half ago, and at the time it cost me about $750 to build it. But that includes a 350 gig HDD and DVD burner as well.

My living room setup was a $1250 42inch LCD HDTV, I own a 360 and PS3, as well as a cheap $200 phillips 5.1 surround sound.

My PC was cheaper than my living room setup, plain and simple.
Rhezin  +   2651d ago
yah PC is better but you have to upgrade it a sh!tload which will set you back
a sh!tload. No thanks don't have that kinda money that's why consoles are THE choice. F!ck PC
Gam71  +   2651d ago
And what do you do with your old parts, i sell them.
Also computer parts aren't that expensive these days.

How long has it been since you last upgraded your pc? 10yrs?
killalot100  +   2651d ago
this is going to be way better.
its only going to have better fps, aa, res, draw distance, and no popups. < i think its funny when i read this. that's a lot of improvements to me and they are going to have this new feature to and higher player count online. only if the pc version came out with the ps3 version i would of bought the pc one instead and its cheaper. now i just hope they support controllers this time.
Gam71  +   2651d ago
I would imagine it would support controllers as most games now are designed with the 360 controller as standard.
highps3  +   2651d ago
PC graphics cards are far behond what consoles are capable off..
You can have a rig setup to have more memory on the video cards alone then the ps3, 360, and wii put together.

Obviously everything should be better. Textures, resolution, AA, physics, animation, and everything else.

Wonder if the 360 controller is compatible.
kinggeoff  +   2651d ago
the bounds of all spellcheckers
AIi_The_Brit  +   2651d ago
Who cares? you would have to have one hell of a super computer to get better graphics than a console version

ironicly i bet you could buy a PS3 AND a xbox360 for the same price as that computer
centrum2k  +   2651d ago
hell, my graphic cards alone costs more than 1 360. but i would rather be on pc 24/7 than on a console. you can get more out of the pc than consoles like music,movie,chat,web, and other app. i know consoles can do most of those things but it just different. pros of consoles would be more games and cons of pc is pricey but i would pick pc over consoles any day.
AIi_The_Brit  +   2651d ago
The PS3 easily holds tonnes of music, videos, pictures and there easy to put on via usb or streamed from your pc, the PS3 has I.E, you can install linux if you wish, im always chatting with friends on my ps3

console>>>>>&g t;>>>>>>>& gt;>>>>>>> >>pc
C_Dub  +   2651d ago
Yes you can use the 360 controller for this game on PC. I read preview of this and the people who did it got to use a 360 controller.
Goodfella78  +   2651d ago
does anyone know
what the pc spec requirements are for this game?????
Eiffel  +   2651d ago
GTA IV+ Console= limited play
GTA IV+ PC= Mods

Which is better?
kevnb  +   2651d ago
you would have to put windows on the pc
so since windows is so horrible, id say consoles. Until I can purchase a second pc for a price comparable to a ps3 (I dont like using my family pc for games) that can play blu-ray, have hdmi surround sound, wifi, memory card readers, and a wireless keyboard and mouse, I'm not pc gaming.
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Eiffel  +   2651d ago
Thats why a gaming PC is best left personal.
testii  +   2651d ago
worst comparision shots i have ever seen, cant use em for sh*t
Rageanitus  +   2651d ago
Why compare, as long as they keep the SAME textures or better the PC will win graphically due to sheer higher res. Now if they pull a capcom where they take the ps2 port of resident evil vs the gamecube version ill be worried.
NiteWarrior  +   2650d ago
Im not sure but i thought the PC version looked noticably better. Anyway in the near future i see a new war coming, PC vs. Console war?
NiteWarrior  +   2650d ago
yes its true that the ps3 can hold music, videos, pictures but it really is just easier on the computer. itunes beats what the ps3 has and i perfer to go on the PC to chat cuz theres where the girls are at!(AIM/myspace). On top of that why not play ur favorite games with insanse graphics while your at it?
ph33rgear  +   2648d ago
nice, I'll be getting this one

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