Where Is The Rewards Claim Vendor In Tom Clancy's The Division?

If you pre-ordered Tom Clancy's The Division or picked up some items from the uPlay store you'll need to find the Rewards Claim Vendor in the game. Use this Tom Clancy's The Division guide to find out where the Rewards Claim Vendor is located.

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JohnnyHurricane839d ago

That dude needs a light because it's dark back there!

CaptainCamper839d ago

I must have walked past him 4 times :D

PeaSFor839d ago (Edited 839d ago )

if peoples need help to find this vendor, then maybe this game is too much for them and they should simply go play candycrush instead in the first place, its on the map ffs.

hey why not make an 6hrs video tutorial on how to go in your inventory while were here...

CaptainCamper839d ago

I think a lot of people simply get the message that they must locate the Rewards Vendor and instead of progressing for a bit, they just search for it instantly

Fishy Fingers839d ago

PeaSFor is such a gaming badass the vendor found HIM.

Goldby838d ago

if people believe that not being able to find an NPC in the far corner of a dark room is equal to expertise in Candy Crush, you sir, need to get a reality check. some people playing this for the first time, others may have forgot, and some probably dont have their brightness setting soo high that they can see into the souls of the dead.

Ya personal attacks can go both ways bud.

Umbasa838d ago (Edited 838d ago )

Are peoples t.v's not set well enough? contrast, brightness, blacks crushed? I had no problem. Not saying that's the reason just was asking.

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838d ago
derkasan838d ago

The guy's a tough dude to find.