The Division Is Suffering From Texture Issues

ThisGenGaming says "The Division may have only just gone online a few hours ago, but some issues are already being found in the game. One issue we found while playing the game was that the textures appear to have an issue in the game. Mostly effecting billboards, signs, and posters with other textures also having issues but not as frequent as the objects mentioned."

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TheGreatGamer712d ago

Hopefully this is patched pretty quick

xPhearR3dx712d ago

This issue was also present in the beta. It's honestly not that bad and most of the time I didn't even notice. Based off the title, I thought it was something more serious, but thankfully it isn't.

PeaSFor712d ago

played a good 2hrs session, no texture problem for me and im on the ps4, as expected this site is bullshiting

UKmilitia711d ago

yeah i been on it about 5 hours today(ps4) and i noticed it once and weird shimmer on 2 panel on side of a van looked really strange and out of place,it was like a water reflection but in a perfect square on size of van and nowhere else on van(that was parked i na garage)

but i have been kicked out 3 times yet the mad thing is i have logged back in straight away and my loot from enemy i just killed is there and i spwn back in exact location i was when kicked.

FlameBaitGod712d ago

Uplay is having probs, we cant play it right now xD.

bf000777966712d ago

if it has no issue at launch, it is not a Ubisoft game

Thisgengaming712d ago

Can't say just yet. We only have access to the PS4 version currently. Not sure yet if this is happening to Xbox One and PC users too.

Kingthrash360712d ago (Edited 712d ago )

Too soon to post then. Or Change the title and erase "on ps4". it may well be a problem on all platforms. Or it can be how the Gane looks for all you know. It'd good information but it's either genuinely too soon or flame bait....either way something needs to change.

*after title change*
Respected article now....

712d ago
ShadowKnight712d ago

If its happening on the PS4 it will probably happen on all consoles including the PC. I remember the Witcher 3 had similar problems early on.

UnHoly_One711d ago

I don't get why you can't put "on PS4" in the title.

It's happening on PS4, that's a true statement.

You don't know if it is happening on other platforms, but removing the PS4 part from the title as well as tagging the article with Xbox One and PC sure makes it look like you are saying that it is.

Maybe it's too early to report it at all, but at least report it correctly, don't sugar coat it to protect the sensitive PS4 fanboys.

maniacmayhem711d ago (Edited 711d ago )

***I don't get why you can't put "on PS4" in the title.**

Because it makes the powerful PS4 seem inferior. You can't insinuate one without exposing the other even if you haven't tried it on other consoles.

This game looks good, people need to just enjoy it instead of worrying about textures in certain areas at certain times.

Modi1984711d ago

I see it everywhere (Xbox one)

Utalkin2me711d ago


Ohhh the irony in your statement...roflmao

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Elwenil712d ago

Disappointing but I would much rather have small graphical glitches like this than game breaking bugs or horribly noticeable frame rate issues. But then the game is only just now getting some play time so more may be revealed in time but I'm reasonably sure Ubi, Massive and Red Storm will be on top of it. If nothing else this will make the "I don't trust the no reviews" crowd feel a little better about themselves.

Time will tell.

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