The Division Post-Launch Content – Xbox One Exclusivity Details

Ubisoft has announced today that the first two of the three paid expansions for The Division – Underground and Survival – will have 30-day exclusivity on Xbox One, starting from the day of their respective launches.

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Canthar530d ago

Timed DLC exclusives always bug me. Games are one thing but add-ons....really?!

nX530d ago

Both is annoying, no matter who's doing it.

SourtreeDing530d ago

im fine with it.. ppl just love complaining...

its a way to attract ppl to a certain platform its business..

i dont have an xbox one... but if i did i would love it..

its just MS or Sony taking care of ther player base get used to it

KwietStorm530d ago

So, SourtreeDing, you pretty much just said you're completely fine with being used as a pawn for the business. "Get used to it." I'm not even exaggerating, but that last bit really disgusts me. Just lay down and let it happen because it's gonna happen anyway, right? What the hell kind of mentality is that?

dirkdady530d ago

Didn't Phil spencer recently state he didn't believe in 30 day exclusivity content deals?

thekhurg530d ago

Yep, but at least it's only 30 days. Could have been a lot worse.

Ark_530d ago

Well, I take the "Thanks for the Beta-Testing" approach to stuff like that.



I'm no Phil fan, I don't even own an XB1, but in all fairness, a marketing deal was in place when the game was first announced in E3, back in 2013 while the actual DLC timed exclusivity was announced on E3 2014, about 3 months after Phil got his current position.

Just saying, the decision was likely made before he was there so how he feels about 30 days exclusivity now is irrelevant, it's not like he's going to Ubi and say "hey, I don't care about this timed thing, just release however and whenever you want, now I'll head back to Microsoft, gotta explain to my boss that any money we put on this deal is lost because of my personal views".

thekhurg530d ago


The division was debuted on the PS4. Watch the original trailer from E3 2013 and they're using PS4 controllers.

MS moved in afterwards to get the marketing deal with timed exclusivity.

BattleAxe530d ago

I just waited 30 days to play the Awakening DLC for Black Ops 3 on Xbox One, so I guess it goes both ways sometimes.

MasterD919529d ago

It should be over with at this point. Nobody is deciding which console to buy- they've already bought one!

It's greedy, arrogant and wrong on both sides to continue to operate this way and punish gamers as a whole.

dirkdady529d ago

BISHOP, marketing deal doesn't translate to 30 day exclusivity on content. The fact Ubi decided to announce this the day before the game's release is puzzling in itself.

Those like myself have already pre-ordered, and games on its way to my doorstep tomorrow. This announcement does very little to even make a dent in sales to one console vs another.

ritchi45529d ago

Happened all last gen, and is continuing this one. I had to deal with the 360 getting content ahead of ps3...Didn't bother me. Same goes this time round as well.

EeJLP-529d ago

I paid for Gold to get shi late? The fk is wrong with you Ubi?

UltraNova529d ago

Who cares...I dont since everyone does it.

kmeck518529d ago


The 30-exclucivity was known way before yesterday

UnwanteDreamz529d ago (Edited 529d ago )

Nice self righteous indignation. You aren't being used as a pawn. You have a choice in this. Do you people read the ridiculous stuff they type?

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lelo2play530d ago ShowReplies(3)
Neonridr530d ago (Edited 530d ago )

Sony is guilty of it. Year long things for Destiny, DLC first for Battlefront and Black Ops 3 as well...

can't have it both ways I guess..

Canthar530d ago

Oh yeah both sides do it. It just makes no sense for a multi-platform release in my eyes. If you want exclusive than go get it, all or nothing.

Not sure time limited DLC really impact console sales at all, not compared to complete exclusivity.

objdadon530d ago

Destiny only made a mission or two exclusive as well as a couple of guns. They knew that these types of games rely heavily on content unlike what ubisoft is doing. They better hope and pray that they even have people still playing by the time this comes out.

Rooted_Dust530d ago

This exclusivity deal is rather tame compared to Destiny's. You weren't missing much with the strikes, but the guns they withheld were some of the best in the game and they had to wait a year for them. For a looter shooter it matters more then you'd think.

Kribwalker530d ago


Tomb raider 2 was a Sony exclusive to keep it off of sega platforms After the first one was on both, gta 3 vice city and San Andreas were all Sony timed exclusives with San Andreas coming out 1 year later on Xbox. This has been the buisness for a long time, even before MS even tried to make a console so don't go blaming MS for this

quaneylfc530d ago Show
XanderZane530d ago

Yes, that's true and i hated it when they did it too. Stop with all these timed exclusives on DLC. Let the gamers play the games and the content that was made for them.

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Pongwater530d ago (Edited 530d ago )

I just wonder who makes a console or game purchase decision based on timed DLC.

I can sort of see buying a console to play a particular timed exclusive game if you're that excited and impatient about it, especially if it's 6-12 month exclusive, but DLC?

One month timed DLC is pretty meaningless except for people who make a living streaming or posting videos. I saw one streamer who was pissed about this deal because as a streamer he needs to have fresh content. He'd rather play on PC for the best visuals instead of being forced to the worst possible option just because it gets content first. <- His words, not mine.

Canthar530d ago

Exactly this. Timed DLC does not really move consoles like a full exclusive has the potential to do.

quaneylfc530d ago

Yeah with and Cod, the Street Fighter and Rise of the Tomb Raider exclusivity...


XanderZane530d ago

Same thing happened with Destiny and CoD. I don't care for it. Just release all the content for everyone.

bf000777966530d ago

I suspect what advantages a 30-day timed exclusive will bring to the Xbox one in terms of sales when a full-year timed exclusive didn't move many units last holiday. I think Microsoft didnt just want a 30-day deal when they paid Ubisoft, maybe a permanent exclusive content, but since their console sales didn't met the expectations so it became what it is.

Christopher529d ago (Edited 529d ago )

1. It's only 30 days.

2. Phil can say what he wants, but that doesn't mean that's how it goes. It's a business, not Phil's playground.

3. The point of timed exclusivity like this isn't to sell hardware. The point is to get people who own multiple platforms to go XBO for the convenience being offered.

4. Sure, it's not ideal, but there are a lot worse issues in the industry to deal with than a month delay on DLC. Such as third-party exclusives, timed or otherwise. At least everyone can enjoy The Division on the same release date.

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Kalebninja530d ago

Screw that an entire month?! thats ridiculous.

Kingdomcome247530d ago

It's better than the year long exclusivity for Destiny content, but it sucks either way.

Nyxus530d ago

"We spend zero time thinking about what games other people can’t play. It’s not something that’s core to who we are."

So apparently this doesn't go for add-on content?

This timed exclusivity is so silly, doesn't matter if it's Microsoft or Sony, it's just stupid. I wish they would spend that money on other stuff.