The hardest FPS ever? - Devil Daggers PC Review - Morbid Play

"This is one nightmare you’ll want to relive again and again."

Despite utilizing simplistic gameplay mechanics Devil Daggers delivers a surprisingly fresh and addictive experience. Make no mistake though this game will utterly crush you time and time again with it’s borderline impossible difficulty. Even after four hours I still feel like a novice and can only manage a time just shy the three minute mark (currently placed 4129th out of a growing 29372 players). But once you find your rhythm, that feeling of entering the zone and beating your own record will have you coming back for more Devil Daggery every time.

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hangdang1008d ago

Sorry, but this game is so straight-forward in its concept and execution, that giving it a score seems somewhat pointless. Just my thought

00whistler001008d ago

Hmm, not entirely sure what you mean, could you elaborate?

hangdang1006d ago

I mean that it seems silly to even bother assigning a score to such a simple concept. You run around and shoot things and try not to die, and then try again. It does that, but what would make this two points better? Or worse? I may not be describing what I mean in the most eloquent terms, but I think I've said it well enough :)

00whistler001004d ago

Ah I can see where you're coming from, well I feel what would, as you put it, "make this two points better" would be more content. Of course that's purely what I feel it needs, as I imagine that would deter from the developer's vision but even some variety in levels and some extra weapons I feel this would have been a 9 or 10/10.

While yes the game is simple it executes that simplicity almost perfectly, game's focused around gameplay rely on enjoyment and giving the player a genuine sense of reward for playing/improving. Just because a game is simple in design doesn't mean it doesn't deserve a score.