The Wonderful World of Remote Play

Remote Play is a feature that allows one device to transmit its audio and video outputs to another device. When you hear the term “Remote Play,” its common for most to think of PlayStation hardware, but Sony aren’t the only players in town taking advantage of this technology. They may not label it as remote play, but its very similar tech. We are seeing more device becoming remote play compatible (or whatever they want to call it) as time goes forward.

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PhoenixUp985d ago

I love how Sony has been expanding upon the idea of Remote Play for the past 10 years. It will evolve even further when PC & Mac become Remote Play compatible with PS4 in the next update.

SniperControl985d ago (Edited 985d ago )

I recently bought a second Nvidia Shield TV for the bedroom TV and managed to sideload the modified PS Remote Play app on to it, it works brilliantly, as a added bonus, you can also use a wired USB DS4 controller to play the PS4 games(better than the Nvid controller, that thing is way to bulky).
Just hope that Sony bring official support to non Sony android devices.

kungfuian985d ago

Picked up a PSTV for only $30 and can now play my PS4 games in the living room too. Really nice feature this gen.

Revvin985d ago

Even though I've had the capability to play remotely on my Vita from PS4 and more recently use my XBOX One remotely on my PC I don't really find it that much of a useful feature. You get issues with lag etc, I'd rather just unplug my console from the TV downstairs and plug it into another TV in the house or my computer monitor

SpaceRanger985d ago

I think the concept of remote play is really to have it on the go. I've remote played from across my state back when I was in college (~400 miles). It's an awesome feature!

If remote play were only tied to being on the same network, it really serves no point.

Summons75985d ago

I'm not a fan of remote play due to those lag issues but also my computer is hooked up to the same TV that my systems are hooked up to, always have been since it was possible, making all this "play your games on the PC" completely pointless.

SniperControl985d ago

I went on a business trip to Japan last year and took my lads PSTV with me, i plugged it into my hotel rooms TV and played on my PS4(PS4 is in the UK), i was very impressed, hardly any lag at all.

rainslacker984d ago (Edited 984d ago )

Most of the lag I see tends to be spike like in nature. Outside of connecting through a poor connection here or there, I've seen no perceivable lag in a game itself....aside from random spikes.

On my home network, Remote play works flawlessly for me on the Vita and PSTV.

If you're having issues all the time with lag, i'd recommend looking up configuring your router to support streams better.

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