Gameplay for Apeiron’s Star Wars: KoTOR remake looks stunning

After interests in Apeiron’s Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic remake piqued over the last couple of months, the developers have revealed the first look at how their pre-alpha game plays, and it looks stunning.

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Scrivlar1115d ago

Hmm..I don't want to be that negative, childish guy. But all I want is for Bioware to remaster Kotor exactly the way it was but in HD, then bring out a Kotor III, and also to release a console version of The Old Republic. Okay Cheers Bioware :)

Ristul1115d ago

Yeah, that would be a dream come true, they should release it as a collection (Kotor 1 and 2) on PS4 and XOne

Skate-AK1115d ago

Until they get hit with a C&D.

yeahright21115d ago

I think theyre fine if they give it away for free and that's their plan.

Agent_00_Revan1115d ago

Considering the MGS remake just got shut down, and so many others before it, I'm not holding my breath.