The Era Of The Xbox One Exclusive May Be Over

Exclusives can make or break a console, and few know that better that Microsoft. The original Xbox — and thus the entire Xbox brand — might well have withered on the vine were it not for Halo: Combat Evolved, the seminal sci-fi shooter that came to define the early days of the console shooter and the box that played it.

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Overload746d ago (Edited 746d ago )

It's ironic after all the Xbox holiday exclusives PR and how much Xbox fans used that, who would imagine an outcome where the Xbox One has 0 fully exclusive games.

Considering Halo 2 saved the endeavor with the Xbox and spawned the 360, you would think Microsoft and it's fans would recognize the benefit of big exclusive IP's.

Genuine-User746d ago (Edited 746d ago )

I do agree with you but Xbox still has Halo.

That said, Halo might move over to PC as well.

Abash746d ago

Xbox fanboys have been solely focused on exclusives when talking up the Xbox One and attacking the PS4, so this turnabout is quite hilarious

Overload746d ago

The fact that Halo is it's only exclusive, is even more ironic.

FlexLuger746d ago


No matter which way you flip it....the better games are on XB1, and those games cant be played on a playstation or a nintendo. Changes nothing.

PoopsMcGee746d ago

@ FlexLugar

That's called an OPINION. No matter which way you flip it.

And it's not a very widely shared opinion either...

746d ago
Griever746d ago


The games on Xbox One being "better" is a subjective matter. It purely depends upon a person's tastes. Secondly, the point is not if you can play those games on PS4 but rather if you need to buy an Xbox One to play those "exclusive" games. The fact is you do not need to buy an Xbox One anymore if you have a PC. You can buy a GPU for $150 and get better performance than an Xbox One. Moreover, you can even download those games for free from torrent sites and play them if you do not feel like spending money on Windows store. That is the real issue here. What is the point of existence of the Xbox One? What does it offers now that PC does not do better?

DarXyde746d ago (Edited 746d ago )


Usually when people try passing opinions as adamant facts, it's a strong indication of their resentment and bitterness.

I won't consult aggregate scores to make any such assessment, but I will say that there is a reason people are buying PlayStation 4 over Xbox One--in large quantities, actually. Rather, there are reasons, not "a reason". And actually, I would argue that Nintendo's exclusives have been great. Smash 4, Bayonetta 2, and Xenoblade Chronicles X have proven to have substantial replay value that I have not experienced much of on any other platform this generation, Bloodborne withstanding.

Nothing against Xbox One's games. It has some great titles. You simply need to accept that your tastes don't speak for me, him, her, or most console gamers for that matter because, surprise, PS4 is doing considerably better than the competition.

Xbox One is a great console, but, if sales are an indication, there aren't enough exclusives to get people buying it in mass numbers right away.

PS4 is arguably the better platform with the better games. Arguably. But I'm not about to say it's a fact, even though I have more data on my side to support that assessment.

Play your games and stop the madness.


I should add that Abash is half-correct; Xbox gamers have made a point in saying that PS4 had "nothing going on" during fall 2015. Yet there was Fallout 4, Star Wars Battlefront, Metal Gear Solid V, Disgaea 5, Call of Duty: Black Ops III, Assassin's Creed Syndicate, and Need for Speed. Very few of those are exclusive, yet there were still things to play on the PS4.

The same is also true of Xbox One during the first half of the year. Some PlayStation fans implied Xbox One had no games yet Ori, Resident Evil Remaster, The Witcher III, and Batman: Arkham Knight to name a few were available.

Face it, both "sides" are guilty of including exclusives and excluding "inclusive" titles.

DonkeyWalrus746d ago


Well the point of existence of the Xbox One is still the same of any console, it's more convenient than PC gaming, you don't need to know anything about graphics cards or RAM etc you just buy it and you can play all the games that come out on it. And if you wanna play the games like Quantum Break or whatever but don't wanna deal with all that PC upkeep then you can get an Xbox One. Pretty simple to understand.

As far as I know, nobody at Microsoft ever said all future Xbox games will also be on PC, just a few recently were announced and everybody is freaking out and overreacting as usual on this site claiming the death of Xbox. Too funny. Don't tell me millions of console gamers are suddenly gonna go out and build an expensive gaming rig.

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Death746d ago

What is the benefit of exclusive games? Can you play Xbox games on Playstation or Wii? Xbox games are still console exclusive. With Windows Universal Apps which have been talked about for years now, the games Xbox gamers buy will also work on PC. PC gamers will also have access to Xbox games that they buy in the Windows store. If you own a gaming PC and aren't interested in owning a console, then it's great that you will have access to Xbox games. If you are like me, then you own a gaming PC and a console. Having access to my Xbox games on my PC without streaming them is a very nice benefit, especially when the games are cross buy.

Overload746d ago

I just gave you one, Halo 2 brought about the 360.

Death746d ago

Halo 2 was also available on the PC. It didn't seem to hurt the Xbox's console exclusivity much.

To say an Xbox game which isn't playable on any competing console is less exclusive if it plays on Microsoft's Windows 10 is like saying a Playstation 4 game isn't exclusive if it's playable on the Vita.

javauns746d ago

But only few ps4 games aren't on a pc right now. maybe 10% or less with all the indie console exclusives they have

2pacalypsenow746d ago (Edited 746d ago )

Gives a person a reason to buy one console over the other, no matter what these people say Exclusives are crucial to a console.

christocolus746d ago (Edited 746d ago )


Well said. It's funny how we keep seeing these same articles saying the same thing over and over agin..but one fact remains clear,you can only play these games on one console and one console only XBOX..other than that the only place you can play them is Windows 10 (Microsofts PC platform).

PC gaming has been here from the start.Infact PCs have co-existed side by side with consoles for years and that will never stop.overload joined less than 10 days ago and all his submissions are about the demise of Xbox it's funny how he doesn't see that even during the 360 era MS put some of its heavy hitters on PC and it didn't affect that console. The fact remains these games will never be playable on PS4 or Wiiu. They are all console exclusive to Xbox something that sony is also proud to advertise with SFV and even go as far as slapping it on the SFV box but isn't that game on PC too?

so if you really want to play these games you'll either have to create your xbox gamer profile on Windows 10 or Xbox One either way MS runs the show.. People here can keep arguing about this all they like but it doesnt change the fact... All these titles are Xbox One console exclusives.

Overload746d ago

Death, Halo 2 came out on Windows almost 3 years later.

DragonDDark746d ago

Except halo 2 didn't release the same time. And it was released 3 years later.

FN4GM745d ago

The thing is you are impartial and that's great but hardcore xbox fanboys aren't, they dont want their precious exclusives being able to be played by anyone who doesn't own an xbone, I own a PS4 and a powerful gaming rig, I can play PS4 exclusives and their "exclusives" too and they hate that. Just cause you're ok with it doesn't mean everyone is.

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spicelicka746d ago

What's ironic is that this is considered good news by PS4 fanboys, who ironically get no real benefit because none of these games are coming to PS4.

This is literally used as an argument in the egotistical war between fanboys, who can now say "Oh Xbox technically has no exclusives"....even though these games are still on Xbox and not on PS4 at the end of the day.

Any sensible person can see that this has ZERO impact on Xbox owners right now.

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Yetter746d ago

They are MS exclusive games. This is hows it going to be, if you can afford a good gaming rig and wanna buy your MS first party games from the windows store, how is this hurting anyone?

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MetroidFREAK21746d ago

As long as I can play the games I want on my Xbox One... I couldn't care less if they were on PS4 or even Wii U... I play games to play games, why is that so hard for people nowadays to understand?

LP-Eleven746d ago

It isn't. But now, we should no longer hear that the PS4 "has no games", because this will always be the argument thrown at it.

For me, it matters none, because I game on all of these machines, but with the way people talked about exclusives in 2015, I agree with the notion that it is ironic. Takes nothing from the working, positive things the Xbox brand has given the industry.

SynestheticRoar746d ago (Edited 746d ago )

It's over, done, finish, final, gone, concluded, terminate, destroyed, killed, the mother f-ing end.

Rookie_Monster746d ago (Edited 746d ago )

Xbox One will always be here and the United Windows 10 with DX12 is the key to it all and it was all planned out years ago. When E3 comes around, a new speced put XB2 will be unveiled.

The current XB1 will get a new slim model at $299 and a XB2 will be $499.

The $299 slim model will attract the budget consensus consumers, moms and pops buyers like never before.

The new XB2 will make the XBOX brand the most powerful console next to your TV. Digital foundry will be extinct as comparison will not be needed anymore.

Purchase one $60 XB1 game, can be played on XB1, can be played and enhanced for XB2 and comes free with a crossbuy Windows 10 PC version on the Windows store. Crossbuy, crossplay, cross saves, play anywhere and with multiple Windows 10 devices. This is the future of gaming and MS is at the forfront of this inevitable shift. Think IOS apps where one purchase can be played on multiple iphones, ipads, apple TV and from hardwares from multiple generations.

Well done Phil and Team. Buying all your crossbuy XB1/Windows 10 exclusives, strating with KI season 3 and Quantum Break.

Griever746d ago (Edited 746d ago )

Wow, did Phil Spencer personally sent you the whole roadmap for the future? Those are some Nostradamus level predictions. Or maybe you have just returned after visiting Mr. Xmedia.

Let us assume that is the whole plan and is true. What if customers dont bite the bait? They resist from upgrading their consoles because they just bought a console 2 years ago. The new ones who are interested in checking out Xbox games just play them on a PC for free by downloading from torrent sites. Developers do not support the multiple Xbox devices on the market and do not include multiple assets in their games for high-end and low-end Xbox consoles? What happens then?

MS has long history of failed grand plans of world domination. They have never worked out except for Windows and Office. Did you forget the always online, DRM and mandatory Kinect Xbox One from just a couple of years ago? How did that plan to "revolutionize" the gaming industry go for MS?

maniacmayhem745d ago

What if customers do bite? What if customers who aren't PC savvy decide to stick with consoles like so many do now and decide to pick up the next Xbox, since games are still selling well on Xbox. Or do you think that now, magically, everyone is buying a PC because they found out those games are coming to PC too. Why all of a sudden are they becoming PC gamers when they weren't before?

Wait, do developers include multiple assets when factoring low end and high end PC's? Why do you assume they would for the rumored next Xbox? Don't you maybe think that the lowest end Xbox will still have a minimum spec requirement for all games and from there sky's the limit? You know, like the actual plan for the next Xbox stated.

You ask a lot of questions without doing any research yourself and just go on to spout a lot of hypothetical doom and gloom nonsense.

Grand plans for world domination? I think it's time you turn off the Saturday morning cartoons there Griever. MS plans are just like any other company plans like Sony, Facebook, Google and others you seem to give a pass and look the other way for.

Some plans don't work out, like Beta, mini disc, and 3D TV. Does that mean you throw in the towel and call it quits, you don't become a billion dollar company if you do this right?

RiseofScorpio745d ago

Here we go again. Your comments are so generic Griever you might as well copy and paste them.

Allsystemgamer746d ago

No one is going to buy a new xbox every few years guy. You SERIOUSLY need to stop drinking the koolaid.

Rookie_Monster746d ago (Edited 746d ago )

You could be correct, very few of the current XB1 owners will buy the new XB2 but for other console owners of other brands and for the millions that haven't upgrade yet to current gen console, they'll see GTA6 with the most grass, 60fps and 4x AA, the console graphics warriors will opt for the most powerful console, the XB2, while budget consensus buyers can play GTA6 with the cheapest current gen console on the market, the new XB1 slim. The disc and data from GTA6 will be the same Xbox disc/digital download.

Those current XB1 owners like little Johnny that bought GTA6 can wait till Christmas the following year when Uncle Bill buy him his XB2. All he needs is put in the same GTA6 disc he bought on his XB1 and kabooomm!

In a few more years, when 4K TV becomes the standard, an XB3 can be added and the whole cycle repeats itself and everything that was bought with Windows 10 DX12 coding will be forward/backward compatible across newer Windows 10 hardware.

Options, flexibility, software investment future proofing is what the Windows 10 initiative is all about. Hardware becomes a service. Well played MS and Phil, well played. Clap clap

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