SingStar: 13M PAL Discs, 2M Online Songs Sold

Edge writes: "The present and future of the SingStar franchise was brought more into focus at GC Leipzig Wednesday, as SCEE announced sales milestones and upcoming products for the karaoke series.

Through multiple press releases, Sony Europe has revealed that SingStar as a franchise has sold 13M discs across PAL territories, supplemented by sales DLC sales of 2M songs via the SingStore. In late April, SCEE announced that it had sold 12M retail copies of the games as well as 1M SingStore songs across the same region.

According to SCEE, one SingStore song is sold every ten seconds. My SingStar functionality has also been embraced by 200,000 users, who have uploaded over 50,000 videos to the service to date."

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in north america for the ps3

macalatus3769d ago

Karaoke songs...all in the comfort of your home and without the humiliation.

Dir_en_grey3769d ago

I bought this game thinking I could learn some English songs but all their online songs sucked gay ass... (nothing against homosexuals).
It's been months since I even checked to see if they added any good songs for online... I guess I'll wait a few more months cuz I don't wanna get pissed about wasting my time putting the damn game in my PS3.