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Submitted by CheesePie 2728d ago | news

Little Big Planet Trophies Revealed

As Matt was browsing the internet looking for LBP news he came upon a video on Game Trailers. In that video they revealed 5 of the LBP trophies. He still does not know if these trophies will remain in the version they release in October but there is a pretty good chance they will. The trophies appear in the top right corner just like where a message will display when sent from a friend. The trophies are as follows: (Culture, LittleBigPlanet, PS3)
Tipsed by: CheesePie

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Breakfast  +   2728d ago
"This news is exclusive to this site and wroten by me."
AlterEgo  +   2728d ago
Maybe this belongs in the "open zone", but...
Bren86  +   2727d ago
where does it say that
chaosatom333  +   2728d ago
The blogger is in some serious need of attention.
Breakfast  +   2728d ago
Let him be...
...Maybe he'll use the site hits so he can raise money for his English writing fund....

Lets pray, he makes the right decision.
Panthers  +   2728d ago
I weeely wish i coulda wrotten it :(
Dann59  +   2728d ago
PimpHandStrong  +   2728d ago
he is 30
and should put that money towards drugs and a shotgun
flambeau  +   2728d ago
Anyone else think he just made these up? There's only 5 of them.
poindat  +   2728d ago
Why would he make them up? Did you actually watch the video? It clearly says in the top right corner of the screen when a trophy was earned and what trophy it was.
flambeau  +   2728d ago
Okay he didn't make them up but he doesn't say more are coming because those can't be the only ones.
waltercross  +   2727d ago
There is around 50 Trophies according
to what I read on a report from GC.
Lumbo  +   2728d ago
worst news entry ever, ok 2nd worst, the worst news entry is everything related to bruceongames.
Ozzyb  +   2727d ago
Yea, I hear that. This is taking up space for something that could actually be worth a read. Or even a good flame fight! j/k
CheesePie  +   2728d ago
How is it the worst entry ever?
Hagaf22  +   2728d ago
well i would be nice to tell us more about the trophies, maybe rumor in the title because its unverified, and the title should represent something like Rumor: 5 lbp trophies revealed
CheesePie  +   2728d ago
How can it be a rumor if it was in the video of the actual game! Did you even watch the video?
#7.2 (Edited 2728d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
Hagaf22  +   2727d ago
its a video of a unfinished game, which hasnt even gone in to public beta status, and it has not been confirmed by media molecule or sony, therefore its a rumor, and yes i watched the video, but like i said the games not done, and 5 trophies that pop up during a demo level for a gaming convention is not proof of any thing.
CheesePie  +   2727d ago
Its not very likely for them to change the trophies.
Maybe the news is that they already got some trophies made up.
#7.4 (Edited 2727d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
BiggDaddy311  +   2727d ago
It was confirmed at Lipzig at least 50 trophies, also Dead Space will release with Trophies as well.
waltercross  +   2727d ago
Yeah around 50 Trophies was already mentioned.
LeonSKennedy4Life  +   2728d ago
Why is this bad, guys?

It seems pretty official to me. Why diss someone for getting news before you?

EDIT: Cheesepie: thank you also, sir. Bubbles.
#8 (Edited 2728d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
CheesePie  +   2728d ago
Thank You.
waltercross  +   2727d ago
I Agree, no Idea why people are so rude
and hard on someone who they may not
even know, I say this to all of "those" people: Cheer up! :)
badz149  +   2728d ago
this is not true??
LBP should have trophies, right? no? I really wish for that game to have it no matter how in the world they are going to implement it! still thinking but strongly wishing for it
CheesePie  +   2728d ago
You watched the video right looks pretty official to me.
#9.1 (Edited 2728d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
badz149  +   2727d ago
I'll watch it at home instead
my connection at the office SUCKS!! but my earlier post was a question...yet, got a disagree (T^T)
waltercross  +   2727d ago
There is Trophies in LBP, around 50 or so.
highdro  +   2728d ago
SWEETNES.....more like boooooring....... :/
#10 (Edited 2728d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
Doofy  +   2728d ago
i will have ths by chriistmas and my friends will like it too.
dro  +   2728d ago
cool,i want every game coming to ps3 to have trophys....i hope they add in game music as well.
#12 (Edited 2728d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
dkgshiz  +   2727d ago
God I need this game.
I cant wait for this game. Easily the best game this winter.
Ozzyb  +   2727d ago
lol.. I don't think anyone is jealous of the story. I think we don't even have all the trophies or know how to achieve them, just names. If ya want names ummm how about "Sack Attack" and "Little Big Combo"! I'm as excited about this game as anyone but seeing "Treasure Hunter" doesn't fire me up.
highdro  +   2727d ago
u might as well lick santas a$$ and wish he saves u from ur ps3 XD
Solid_Snake666  +   2727d ago
gotta love the bots all they do is talk out of their ass because their 360 is at M$
SpecialSauce  +   2727d ago
u should lick his a$$ too
and wish he gives u more than two exclusives this holiday season.
Itrguy001  +   2727d ago
Yay Trophies Give me mah TROPHIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-LETS-ALL-GET-ON-  +   2727d ago
Not a fan of achievements nor am i fan of trophies as they are only for bragging rights, rights in which the person has wasted their life collecting worthless points. But hey, their kids. What you gonna do! Oh i forgot, their is skill involved in getting these points.....ROTFLMAO!

Anyway apart from nothing giving a toss about points, i think this will only add yet another massive add-on into the endless gameplay this game already offers to PS3. I am no fanboy but i think SONY have a gem right here. Now thats one more to the many GEMS they have.....Whens Killzone out! Now that and this is looking badass people!
waltercross  +   2727d ago
Same here, Don't want to be a fanboy but I do believe
that LBP is for sure a PS3 Seller, Even Nintendo was proud of LBP.

To make things equal, I Think Gears 2 will also help sell some

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