Little Big Planet Trophies Revealed

As Matt was browsing the internet looking for LBP news he came upon a video on Game Trailers. In that video they revealed 5 of the LBP trophies. He still does not know if these trophies will remain in the version they release in October but there is a pretty good chance they will. The trophies appear in the top right corner just like where a message will display when sent from a friend. The trophies are as follows:

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AlterEgo3322d ago


Bren863322d ago

where does it say that

Breakfast3322d ago

...Maybe he'll use the site hits so he can raise money for his English writing fund....

Lets pray, he makes the right decision.

Panthers3322d ago

I weeely wish i coulda wrotten it :(

PimpHandStrong3322d ago

and should put that money towards drugs and a shotgun

flambeau3322d ago

Anyone else think he just made these up? There's only 5 of them.

poindat3322d ago

Why would he make them up? Did you actually watch the video? It clearly says in the top right corner of the screen when a trophy was earned and what trophy it was.

flambeau3322d ago

Okay he didn't make them up but he doesn't say more are coming because those can't be the only ones.

waltercross3321d ago

There is around 50 Trophies according
to what I read on a report from GC.

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The story is too old to be commented.