This Is How Much Money EA Makes on Extra Content

EA CFO Blake Jorgensen detailed how successful the company is in the digital market.

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DarkOcelet748d ago

"EA makes $1.3 billion a year off of extra content, according to chief financial officer Blake Jorgensen."

HOLY MOLY! No wonder we see 50$ Crap Season Pass from them, as long as they keep making that much money, it will never stop.

ArchangelMike748d ago

Unfortunately it seems that it'll just never stop. There are more people about there with more disposable income than common sense.

crazychris4124748d ago

Yup it's also why we get call of duty and sports games every year, microtransactions and broken games at launch.

nX748d ago

At least we can do our part by not buying into this crap. I can't believe they make a BILLION from "extra content" alone while also being stingy with the main content of their flagship titles. Battlefront was missing so much stuff compared to it's 10 year old (!) predecessor it's ridiculous.

thekhurg748d ago

So wait. If someone likes a game and they buy extra content because of their enjoyment of said game - they automatically have no common sense?

Childish attitude.

_-EDMIX-_748d ago (Edited 748d ago )

I know how awful is it to have more content for game post release /s.

I think many of you need to sort of settle in with the reality that you were never going to get this content if it wasn't going to be charged for in the first place.

@thekhurg- agreed people need to stop trying to force others to think one way with what they want.

gaming is subjective if you don't like the content merely don't buy it it's that simple but if someone likes a game and wants to support its post-launch content that is completely up to them to do so.

And some of you legit need to stop with this "we" bs as you guys don't speak for hundreds of millions of gamers.

I don't get the concept of people bashing other gamers for purchasing things they like.

As if as a consumer I shouldn't support the value menu at McDonalds simply because others can afford it and want it to be $0.01 and I am just so horrible for not going with their stupid agenda of fighting the man...

That is the level of stupidity that we have on here with this situation as people seem to want everyone to not purchase anything with this strange idea that the companies would just give it away for free the majority can afford it the majority buys it so if you're in the minority stop telling others how to spend their money simply because you don't have any.

Buy what you want spend the way you feel what's strange is I've never seen anyone who supports post-launch content fight and make a big deal and tell other gamers that they should buy DLC or season passes I've actually seen the opposite of those who oppose it.

No one is telling some of you to buy it so why are you telling others not to? No one is calling consumers clueless who don't purchase post-launch content so why are some of you calling consumers clueless that do?

-Foxtrot747d ago


Your what EA likes to call a "blind goldmine"

Get it? It rhymes

Ashlen747d ago (Edited 747d ago )

I saw this crap coming from a mile away well to be precise since Mass Effect 2 which was the last EA game I bought. And the thing is they're only getting started. Now that Denuvo is stopping piracy and people are switching to digital which EA has full control over you can only expect to get less for your dollar in the future.

Way to go gamers we did it!

Or... you did it... I've been trying to tell people their sales model was a trap for years.

UltraNova747d ago

Don't worry guys this is just the start ;-)

Soon for 60 dollars we will be getting the title screen and brightness options only, then we'll pay more piece by piece every few months until we get the full episode, at that time extra DLC/season passes will be available in between the game's episodic release, fast forward a year and 150-200 dollars later we will have the full game.

Unfortunately for us and fortunately for the publisher it will be time to move on to the next game by then.

I might sound a tad pessimistic but think about it this before you tell me I'm overreacting: Aren't all these recent trends and anti consumer policies we've been forced to accept in recent times the future? Will EA and other give up on billions they already made just to make gaming the way it should have been for us?

Shouldn't we act now that we still have the chance?

Stop giving your money to corporations that have a proven track record of milking their customers. Or face the consequences.

hay747d ago

Games today are sold like drugs: a sample for 60 bucks and if you want more, the normal 120USD dose will be available "soon".
But then again, if it sells so well it's difficult to limit own profits by not doing it that way. I mean, it's not the AIDS cure to be available for everyone in need. Oh, wait.

thekhurg747d ago


What a load of horse crap. Games aren't sold as samples. Not at all.

Whine and moan about Battlefront all you want, but it's an exceptionally fun, well made game. Providing hours upon hours of enjoyment for people playing it. Servers and gamemodes are highly populated (at least on the PS4) and there's always something to do.

Get over yourself and this selfish attitude that everything should be for free.

roadkillers747d ago

I agree, let them make their content. Why wouldn't you? You want money, everyone does. Saying to not maximize profits is crazy. People purchase content and then extra content, that's how it is. Some people buy the brand new car, while others wait until it's perfected and purchase when it's cheap.

I buy my games once it's cheap and everything is included. You buy this stuff, it's just giving me more content down the road.

hay747d ago

@thekhurg: Really? I haven't said a thing aboot Battlefront buddy. But I do remember fondly completing Mass Effect 2 just to have rest of the story been announced as DLC. Tell me that Sims 4 were as robust as first iteration.

It's not about being selfish, it's all about NOT being retarded and you just went full-retard. Nobody said content should be for free. Everyone is saying this has gotten way overboard and could've been cheaper, especially when they can make even twice as much money on Extra Content than on Full Games. This is exactly the 60:120 ratio I mentioned.

You are now smarter friend. Go forth young one, may your future be bright.

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Overload748d ago

Half of it is from their My Team mode, buying those packs of cards.

TacticAce748d ago


iceman06748d ago

Counting it...while stroking a hairless cat and cackling wildly in some hidden fortress!!! LOL

Bathyj748d ago

Ive heard the CEO has a big room where all the money is changed into coins and he swims in it.

KwietStorm748d ago

Having board meetings in rooms made of gold, where they brainstorm how to ship the next version with even less content than last year.

Bathyj747d ago

Ha, Yeah Foxtrot, I did think of that. I knew what your link was before I even clicked it.

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InTheZoneAC747d ago (Edited 747d ago )

they make less off actual DLC and probably make more off "short cuts" because majority of players are lazy and have stupid excuses for why they waste more money than they should on games.

battlefield short cuts for unlocking things, same with madden packs and whatever else in all their other games. EA practically spends no time creating "shortcuts" and any money generated is practically 100% profit.

Legit DLC actually takes time and money, so the returns are less profitable.

So when people defend a game being subscription based instead of F2P, that is complete BS because they will more than make their money back anyway.

And it's even more of a shame that companies like M$ wait for PS+ to show up before they decide to start giving back to the people that made them more relevant than they should be at this point.

Obviously there are many more things that companies can do to take less, but that's not their business. They simply will only match to what's accepted and nothing more. So in a sense that is the one of the few reasons why competition is good, someone will offer a better deal and only then will the more expensive brand come down to "compete".

SegaGamer747d ago (Edited 747d ago )

"I think many of you need to sort of settle in with the reality that you were never going to get this content if it wasn't going to be charged for in the first place"

What a load of nonsense. You are trying to make it seem like what we are getting is extra content, it isn't that at all. What this is is cut content that is deliberately held back to sell to us on a different day. A lot of what is released as DLC has already been made, they just hold it back until the day comes that they decide they want to make more money off the game.

Before DLC really caught on, extra's in game would have to be earned by searching for it or working for it. These days we have to pay for it before it is added to the game.

Aenea747d ago

Now that is a load of nonsense! How do you know?

Like with Battlefront for instance, already made and held back huh? Ok, what it the fourth DLC going to contain, exactly? What? You don't know? Why not? Surely EA would've announced it in all it's glorious details right along the release of the base game what the Season Pass will contain as to get more sales for the SP? What?? They didn't? Hmmm, there must be a reason for that... Oh wait! I know, it's still not finished!

Stop with this nonsense that DLC is 'cut content'. Am sure some of it might be in certain games but am positive that most actually is not. Could they have waited until all the DLC was done and released it all in one fell swoop so you would be satisfied? Sure they could! They would just want more money for the base game then with all the DLC included... What? You don't want to pay more than $60 for a game but it has to include more content than the publisher can give you for that money and still make new projects profitable?

Yes, $1.3 billion is a lot. How much was the earnings from just selling the base games? And would the base games without selling any DLCs have been profitable enough? Do you know? And if you claim you do I want proof...

_-EDMIX-_747d ago

You don't know if the contents cut or not and its existence is solely based on being able to be sold as DLC as if they could sell the base game for $60 why would they then add more content if the DLC ceased to sell?

What you're basically saying is if they couldn't make money on the post launch content they would suddenly have a longer development cycle to add more content for the same price? That actually doesn't make any logical sense even slightly.

Also the Battlefield games with added DLC have had more maps and weapons than any other base launched Battlefield game in history meaning that the content that's being added is indeed an extra because 0 game in his entire series has ever watched with such an amount of content at release to suggest the game was ever going to launch with that content.

Also I have no clue what you mean before DLC..

Battlefield entire series has had both launch content look it up as I think you need a little history lesson on post launch content. the series has never actually been without post-launch content to really suggest what the game was ever going to entail . so this is merely the team treating Battlefront like they would battlefield you don't know what the final game was going to entail so please stop trying to suggest it was simply going to be an extra when you don't even have a damn game to reference such a thing from.

Also it was stated by several people at EA and DICE that they were not holding back any content for battlefront and we've even got free content post launch...

We also have yet to see or hear many details of its content meaning that I'm extremely doubtful in two years they had like 50 laps or something saved up somewhere as that is extremely unlikely.

once again since you don't really seem to get the concept of copyright and ownership even if they did, you actually don't have any right to any of their work so why exactly are you crying? You don't own the company you don't own the IP.

You might as well for the rest of your life believe that all the content releasing is going to be cut regardless of what anyone says and regardless of the history of the release of those games you're free to continue to live in that lala land type world if you feel like it lol

Sucks for you as it sounds like many of the gamers on this site don't even have the money to play in the hobby that is clearly very expensive to be bickering about content they don't own that they "think" was supposed to be available at launch through their own little imagination.

Still waiting for your legal information by the way on the right you think you own from such games? You've yet to answer how content is cut from a game that you legally don't even own in the first place? That is like someone saying I cut content from a book that I created how on earth do you know how long my book was ever meant to be? Are you buying the book or are you buying my soul? Entitled much? Lol

Kidmyst747d ago

Making this much, they should just makes games free to play like mobile games, then pay if you want to add on.

ifistbrowni747d ago

guarantee over 50% of that figure is in Ultimate team. I had a friend who once spent $300+ in ultimate team. Judging by streams on Twitch, my friend was a "chump" compared to how much some other people spend (cough* they spend that in a weekend *cough)

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CaptainFaisal748d ago

Runner up for worst company of 2016 is ... You guess :)

Phunkydiabetic1747d ago

Why? Because they are doing what every business sets out to do, which is making money? OHHH NOOOOOO THEY MADE HUGE PROFITS!

Videogame companies arent your friends, they arent here to stroke you and appease the gamers fragile ego's. They are here to make money and apparently they are very good at it.

CaptainFaisal744d ago

you miss the point here, i know that the aim for any business is profits, and i fully support that. HOWEVER, EA are taking things to a different level, and it affects us the consumers/gamers, we expect our moneys worth, and games that are fully completed. EA in the other hand release unfinished games and make us pay extra for the content that should have already been on launch version of the game. These so called "DLCS" are being misused and only help the publishers, and it effects both consumer and developers.

daBUSHwhaka748d ago (Edited 748d ago )

Corporate Greed.All it is plain and simple.If gamers dont mind getting pissed on from a great height,and keep buying into these scams then its never gonna end and will get worse.Season passes are killing gaming.

Phunkydiabetic1747d ago

Oh man. You need to dial back all that melodrama there buddy. "Corporate greed"? How? Explain yourself.

People obviously want all the extra stuff that they buy or else EA wouldnt offer it. Sure, a handful of whiny neckbeards on N4G dont like it but the MASS majority do.

All EA is doing is supplying a demand for the consumers. The CONSUMER determines what stays and what goes. If everyone stopped buying it they wouldnt make it. Simple as that. Apparently people do want it so they provide it.

Put yourself in their position, are you going to look at a billion dollar plus market and go "I dont think we should tap into that market because a handful of manchildren will be inexplicably mad at us!". Hell no, when you run a business you do what is healthy for the business.

But noooooooooooo, EA IS EEEEVILLLLL!!!!!!

FITgamer748d ago

"But they don't force you to buy it". When they're making money like that they'll just keep pushing it, seeing how far they go. It's going to go downhill fast if people keep supporting this crap.

Bathyj748d ago

I only buy DLC like Left Behind for TLoU which in my mind is an expansion that they built after the game was done and after I had already got my moneys worth. Buying gun skins and character perks and stuff that we used to just unlock by playing the game is for the birds man.

DragonDDark748d ago

Expansions like The old hunters for bloodborne are great too :)

iceman06748d ago

The Slippery slope has indeed proven to be slippery!!!

UltraNova747d ago

Ice, its covered with ice man!

Kreisen748d ago (Edited 748d ago )

Truth is the transition is already happening, you can see more and more big titles now being built from the ground up with season pass in mind. The most recent example being The Division where their gameplay videos all took place in areas that wont even be available on day one.

When it comes to EA, after ME3 and its stance on DLC i can only imagine the kinda stuff well see in ME Andromeda. Wanna find out what happpened to Shepard? Wanna recruit some old companions that somehow survived? $49,99!

_-EDMIX-_748d ago

You mean if people keep using their money the way they feel like it? I know right the scariest thing would be free will and choice....

What we should all do is get pitchforks and find those that have the money and take it from them so that way they're not able to support the things that they like.

I mean its best we show them what's good for them right bro? /s

FunAndGun747d ago

I don't have a problem with people spending their money how they like. The problem is that those purchasing these things are affecting the final product for everyone and it is getting worse.

If you don't see that games are getting slimmer in content on release because of this, then I don't know what to tell ya. I guess thank you for watering down our final product?

HarryMasonHerpderp747d ago (Edited 747d ago )

Listen Edmix.
Yes people have the right to choose whether they want to buy into this crap or not. But people also have the right to criticise these practices and say hey I'm not okay with this.

If you honestly have a passion for gaming then you wouldn't be defended the way these "AAA" companies have been acted over the years. It's not healthy to milk your customers by creating less and less content and charging more and more money. Just look at Battlefront EA, a bare bones product charged full price and without half of the content the original games had.

Sure you can just say "don't buy it and stop complaining" but I would rather not support it an criticise the awful practices EA and many more publishers keep getting away with. And that's because I love gaming. If we didn't criticise things then they would never get better and I want things to be better.

_-EDMIX-_747d ago

@fun- you mean the majority's free will is affecting the market? Big shock! So you know what's best for all gamers right then?

You cannot tell if a game is releasing with a slimmer content or not because the concept is subjective you will never know what the final game was ever going to entail in fact I would say on average games release with more content with their new releases in their past.

Even for arguments sake if games did release with less I'm not sure what it would matter to you, you do not own the company, you don't own the IP it is out of your control, you were never going to get that content included in the final game in the first place.

A lot of this crying is due to this stupid assumption that the company was just going to release all of that for free and was never going to have post-launch content charged for which is beyond stupid.....

Ie if no one supported the value menu McDonalds would just be giving all those sandwiches away for free right bro? Are we seriously this naive and don't understand how business actually works?

The post launch content exist because the demand for it exists it was actually never going to exist if someone wasn't going to demand its existence.

@ Harry stop telling me what you think I love or don't love or what I have a passion for. At the end of the day I like gaming I'm going to purchase what I want.

What makes me a gamer is simply purchasing games this isn't the damn war so stop acting as if there's some moral high ground to this at the end of the day it is nothing more than a product you are nothing more than a consumer this isnt a revolution so please stop acting like there's some deep seated political motive to be gained by this...

This is as simple as if you do not like it do not purchase it.

I'm sorry but even if you want to make it sound as if everyone should come up to a vote if they want it or not the majority that have voted against you or telling you they do not care they want something and they are willing to pay money to get it.

You have zero real evidence that any game is launching with less intended content than it ever was supposed to lunch when do the post launch content as there is no factual basis for a certain number of content to actually have in any game its subjective it cannot be measured so I'm not even sure why such a stupid point but brought up.

You're bringing up Battlefront yet disregarding the previous games were also made from mods in complete utter garbage as to why 13 million people disagree with you and bought the game at full price so it's kind of showing many millions in the huge majority disagree with that notion clearly it was enough for them to justify the purchase.

Did you really think that if no one bought post-launch content Battlefront was just going to release with more maps? As if if EA was losing money from not having DLC they would further lose more money by giving it away for free and having a longer development cycle to add those items? Seriously does that sound like that makes sense to you?

LMFAO! Let's not purchase post launch content so that way the publisher loses money so that way they'll give it away for free in the future and lose even more money. man but that sounds like a brilliant idea../s

Where did you get your MBA from? Lol

HarryMasonHerpderp747d ago (Edited 747d ago )

I'm not sure what you're going on about to be honest. But EA have clearly released a bare bones game with Battlefront with the idea of selling the rest with a season pass. It's just blatantly obvious. Loads of people bought the game that is true but that doesn't change the fact that it was shady. You and many other people couldn't give a crap about that though and bought it anyway (I'm assuming you bought it) and that's fine.

I have a different opinion though and no matter how many people like yourself tell me to pipe down and shut up about these practices I'm entitled to my opinion. and as a consumer you can damn well bet I have the right to criticise the product.

_-EDMIX-_747d ago

@Harry- thats nice bud. You're proof is what? Oh they "clearly" thus proof?

You don't know what the final game was ever going to entail, no one but DICE and EA does so its pretty much just pure guesswork.

"I have a different opinion though and no matter how many people like yourself tell me to pipe down and shut up"

Not telling you to um "pipe down and shut up", merely saying that you don't have any real evidence that the game was ever going to release with that much content in the first place.

Once again....even if it did for arguments sake, its not you're game, you don't own the company, IP etc.

Thus....who cares? You're basically crying over something you "think" was going to release otherwise for free, but its not known if that was EVER going to happen, thus your upset about something that can't be proved and about something that isn't even legally you'res in the first place.

Unless a company promised it, marketed it etc with such content only to launch without out it, you don't have any real claims over such content, other then this assumption that it was going to be given with the final product.

Buddy you can go eons thinking this way its not really going to do you any good.

So what if they did? Again...what is your legal claim over the content? That is like me getting upset because I "think" a part of a book was saved for its sequel.

Oh my evidence, "oh its clear it was bro". Others shouldn't read those book series because the author isn't being fair by releasing it as 1 book bro.

Once again...what claim do you have over content in which isn't legally even you'res in the first place? I've found that many on here grow silent when that is brought up...

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UltraNova747d ago

"$50 day one for the !rest of the game!"

There fixed that for ya pal!