If No Man’s Sky is $60 Will You Buy It?

ThisGenGaming says "If the game is in fact coming out for $60 I imagine some people will have a problem with an indie game being priced that high. When The Witness released on PS4 and PC in January for $40 a lot of people had a problem with the game being priced that high so I think it’s safe to say the same kind of criticism will be direct towards No Man’s Sky as well."

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AudioEppa898d ago


No offense to the developer.

thekhurg898d ago

Agreed. Not paying $60 for the type of game that they've shown off.

Crimzon898d ago

Yeah. The game is huge obviously and is impressive from a technical standpoint, but it doesn't really look like there's actually much to do gameplay-wise, so the prospect of paying full price isn't appealing. Every gameplay demo just shows the guy aimlessly walking around and occasionally pushing a button to scan the surrounding area and "discover" whatever is there, which seems like it would get dull after about ten minutes. I'm sure it will have some interesting tech and make for some nice screenshots, but as it is I've already accepted that I likely won't try the game out until it's going cheap in a Steam sale, unless they've somehow managed to add a whole truckload of things to do since the last several times they demoed the game.

Mr-Dude898d ago

I would, but then I love sci-fi, space exploration etc. This is also the closest to Star Citizen on a console we will ever get. Other people pay 69,99€ for a bland game like The Division. It's everybody's own I guess

sonarus898d ago (Edited 898d ago )

Please i would easily pay 60 bucks for this. I have spent 60 bucks on worse games and useless sequels where u just point and shoot and kill everything on screen. Like how many times can you play call of duty and try to pretend you are playing a new game. Tired of that. Looking for something new

CitizenFour898d ago (Edited 898d ago )

I will probably buy this, even if it's more money than most indies.. as I really like the idea of it, as well as the style. Also, I'd like to support Sean Murray. The industry needs more game developers like him that create games that they would want to play, rather than games that they think will make them money. He has my support, and most likely my money.

BattleAxe898d ago

This game looks interesting to be sure, but I will probably wait for a Steam sale to pick this one up.

christian hour897d ago (Edited 897d ago )

It seems a lot of people saying no are greatly misinformed or havent done their research. Hello Games have stated time and time again that they don't want to show us anything outside of the basic gameplay elements because they want it all to be a surprise in a climate where it feels like you already know everything about a game before you even play it.

Personally, I'd pay 60 euro for the "unlimited" 65days music being blasted at me but then again I've been a big fan of theirs for almost 10 years now so I'm totally biased there.

I have no problem paying 60 euro for a game that appeases the wishes of my childhood self, I am calvin pretending to be spaceman spiff. You can't put a price on that for me. Yet people pay 90+ euro for acti-ea pre-orders to get an extra skin and a golden gun and everybodies okay with that. Hmmmm... What!?

It also seems very apparent a lot of people here have only seen the 2 min trailers for this game and nothing else, because they've shown and discussed a lot of things outside of procedural worlds, scanning and shooting. a LOT of stuff.

thekhurg897d ago (Edited 897d ago )

@Christian hour

I'm not misinformed. If they don't want to show more of the game then I'm not going to have the confidence in their game to give them $60 for it. They haven't released any games that naturally gives me confidence in their ability to deliver a quality game for my tastes either.

They aren't CD Projekt Red, Bioware or Blizzard where I can just blind buy what they release.

Pongwater897d ago

"They aren't CD Projekt Red, Bioware or Blizzard where I can just blind buy what they release."

Bioware might be the most overrated developer going, imo. You obviously love them, and that's cool. It all comes down to personal taste.

I have no problem at all paying $60 for NMS. I won't buy Bioware's next game at any price.

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3-4-5898d ago

* I would, but only once it's been released and I see what it's all about and then I'm ok with that then yes.

* Buying and trading ships, exploring planets, just journeying around doing whatever....for a game with that beautiful art style, yea that appeals to me.

I paid $60 for Elite Dangerous though and I regret it a lot.

Not saying one is better than the other, but I'll have to see what there is to do.

I like it for what it is(that we know it) so far though.

showtimefolks898d ago


how could you have made up your mind before the game is released/reviewed?

this is one game that could be the best game of 2016 or the worst. my money is on it being one of the best simply because sony understands the value and have given more time and money to improve development process

we pay $60 for 8-10 hours game why not a game with unlimited replay value?

this game could have the same impact as minecraft and we all know the impact of that game

Zeref898d ago

Except scanning objects and going to randomly generated planets how is this going to have any kind of impact?

AudioEppa898d ago (Edited 897d ago )

I never follow reviews and I've played enough games to know what I like, or don't.

And I don't give damn about how long a freaking game is, so tired of people bitching about that, you n others wanna play on one game for 500 to 1000 plus hours? Go right ahead! But me? I'll pay to play whatever the hell I want on any damn game I see worthy of my time.

No Man's Sky is one if those games I might play at a much lower price. But for $60? Fucc that lmao

I'll look into NMS around Black Friday or Christmas when it's on sale.

Also I didn't reply to you to start some silly comment section war, not saying you're trying to start one, but if you reply negative to this reply I won't bother responding again.

To anybody else who's got a problem with my opinion about this game, well you're going to keep having that problem until you get over it because I'm not going to kiss this games ass to receive cool points on N4G.

Buy it at $60, don't buy it I don't care what people do.

This article asked a question and I gave my answer.

RhymeNorReason898d ago

When this game was first shown off I was really hyped for it. But as time goes on and on and there's still no release date for it and the gameplay I've seen, I honestly don't want to play it much anymore.

KwietStorm898d ago

In what way can that have no offense at all to the people who made the game?

Shiken897d ago

Problem is that it has been labled indie and since gamers are actually clueless to the concept of actual value, they want it cheap just because of that indie lable alone.

How else would people who would pay 60 bucks for SW Battlefront then another 60 just for the rest of the game to arrive in DLC think that a massive game like No Mans Sky will not be worth 60 bucks, provided that both games even semi interest the gamer in question? This kind of logic just blows my mind and it is half of the problem with the market today.

joab777897d ago (Edited 897d ago )

I wouldn't have bought it at $40 either until I see what it actually is. If it is everything it's billed, then I have no problem spending $60, especially since its playtime seems to be hefty.

I don't blame Sony. It's huge right now, and they can drop the price at any time. My issue is more with the fact that we don't know a whole lot about it

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DigitalRaptor898d ago (Edited 898d ago )

It's a good question for those seriously interested in the game. The community over at GAF have some strong opinions on it:

I would buy it at $60 especially if it ends up being a PSVR title.

I don't think its status as an indie game should have any impact on its final cost. Some indie games have more content than AAA and some are of better quality than AAA. $60 is just the standard our industry has attached to AAA game production and release and it's not always correlated to length or breadth of the experience.

The Witness is the perfect example of an indie game being worth more than people give it credit for just because it's not made by a AAA dev. I bought Journey for $15 and it provided me 2 hours of gameplay and I considered that WELL worth the money I spent for what was one of my favourite games of that year.

freshslicepizza898d ago

what does journey and the witness have to do with this game maybe being $60? the witness was $40 and journey was $15, both priced appropriately imo.

we know little about no mans sky and i seriously doubt it will be priced any lower than $40 and if they attach psvr to it (which i am sure they will which is likely why it's being delayed) then it will probably be $60 since sony will try and market it as a aaa game to help push psvr.

KwietStorm898d ago

"what does journey and the witness have to do with this game maybe being $60? the witness was $40 and journey was $15, both priced appropriately imo. "

It's like you answered your own question and don't even know it.

Zeref898d ago (Edited 898d ago )

Indie means independent but Most of the time when we say indie, we mean a small group of devs with very limited budgets. CD Project RED is far from both of these things.

joab777897d ago

I agree. Many so called AAA titles have ripped us off for years. I'd rather pay based on quality of content.

TheGreatGamer898d ago

$40 is the max for me otherwise I'll be holding off for a price drop

Kalebninja898d ago

I think it's ridiculous people don't think a game of this scope is worth $60...

Ron_Danger898d ago (Edited 898d ago )

Totally agree. NMS has basically unlimited replayability for $60 and people act like it'll give them AIDS. But a game like battlefront rolls out at $60 for a very limited game with a ton of paid content and everyone buys it.

fallacious898d ago (Edited 898d ago )

Just because it has unlimited replayability doesn't necessarily make it fun. And from what the very little they've shown off it doesn't seem worth $60, maybe $30 max.

Apocalypse Shadow898d ago (Edited 898d ago )

But what if it is fun fallacious? Since none of us have played it, we can't say either way.

Randomness and unlimited replayability is exactly what some games need. Sometimes you want a game that never played the same way twice.

If it's fun, controls well and lets you play it the way you want like Minecraft, it may be worth $60. But I'll admit, I have not spent $60 for one game yet this gen. I have the cash but sales are always welcome.

JamesBroski898d ago

I was really hyped for this game, but the more I see gameplay videos, the less I am. It feels like there's absolutely nothing to do than explore randomly generated worlds. It looks fun for a few hours, but if the game doesn't reward you for doing so, it's kinda pointless to have infinite worlds tbh. I really hope they're holding off a lot of things and that the game will have much more depth than just what we've seen.

garrettbobbyferguson898d ago (Edited 898d ago )

"Unlimited replayability"

Please stop using this term. You know what other two games supposedly have unlimited replayability? Elite: Dangerous and Minecraft. One has simulated our entire galaxy and one has simulated trillions of miles worth of land. And people have gotten very bored of both of these titles. Especially Elite, which offers the same premise as No Man's Sky. Procedural generated galaxy for you to explore. Now, one of these games is primarily played because of the modding capabilities. The other one? Because the users are holding out hope that that "infinite replayability" will have more content with more depth.

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FITgamer898d ago

Don't get me wrong the amount of replay ability is there, but if i'm not mistaken, there is no story or actual missions. It's pretty much just exploration. I'm definitely getting the game, but if it's $60 i'll hold off until it's cheaper.

Ron_Danger898d ago

With all the crappy stories and pathetic hand holding with no game over screens these days, I'd love to play a game that throws the universe at you and let's you do what you want with it. I'll pay $60 for that.

DanteVFenris666898d ago

Lots of triple a titles are just online play. They still price at 60$

Pongwater897d ago

You're mistaken about there not being a story. The developer has stated there is a story. They also said there aren't traditional "quests", so I guess that means no missions but I don't think that's a bad thing at all.

Vegamyster898d ago

Mad max is large and full of content but most of its basic busy work, it depends on how much of the content is interesting.

OoglyBoogly898d ago

But Mad Max was still bad ass and is highly regarded by many people (9/10 on Steam with 15,000 reviews).

Vegamyster898d ago

The core gameplay mechanics feel great but the tasks you're given become very repetitive.

Zeref898d ago

Yeah it's huge but there ain't dhit to do. It's what Minecraft would be without the mining.

Kalebninja898d ago

there aint shit to do? wow i didn't know you or anyone else for that matter had the game to make that judgement.

KwietStorm898d ago

Some people have had their torches from the beginning just because Indie games are treated differently than others. This supposed price is perfect for them to be even louder. People have no problem paying $60 for the same game every single year, $60 games that are broken, no problem pre-ordering season passes, and no problem pre-ordering games just to have access to test out the forthcoming bugs. But No Man's Sky is that same price and the game they were supposedly so hyped for is now a joke. This industry is so screwed up.

Lore898d ago

You are the reason the industry has become one that lacks quality experiences and unwarranted delays. You'll buy anything

Kalebninja897d ago

What kind of stupidity did you just type? I don't recall knowing you or you me and had no clue you knew what was in my games library. How about you quit talking out of your ass about what I'll buy before you actually know.

WickedLester897d ago

Especially considering they'll gladly pay 60.00 every year for Madden or Call of Duty which is essentially the same game over and over.

Lore897d ago

"I think it's ridiculous people don't think a game of this scope is worth $60..."

And sentences 2 and 3 in your response to me was irrelevant and make you look uneducated

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ZaWarudo898d ago

Nah, i barely buy games at $60 anyway.