Street Fighter V Rage Quitters Are Getting Most Of Their League Points Removed

Capcom has started cracking down on Street Fighter V rage quitters, taking away most of their League Points

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Kamikaze1351017d ago

Good. Hopefully they'll add an automatic system in place soon enough.

Majin-vegeta1017d ago

Oh god yes.Ive only had to quit once due to an emergency so i just sent a friendly message to my opponent stating my quit.

KiwiViper851017d ago

I'm sure the baby would've stayed in her tummy until you finished your game...

DragonKnight1016d ago

But what if Majin had a big taco bell lunch and the emergency was in the pants region?

firelogic1016d ago

I think you could have finished the game (taken the loss) in the time it took to quit out and send a psn message.

MRMagoo1231016d ago

Yup it would be easier and faster to just stand there and die. I think you caught them out lol

DivineAssault 1017d ago

GOOD! I hate sore losers interrupting gameplay like that..

ninsigma1017d ago

Haven't played too many matches yet so I haven't come across any so far but I seriously hate that crap. Just finish out the game for crying out loud, God knows you'd be mad if someone did it to you while you were winning. I can only assume people rage quit because they wanna save their score from dropping. Severe punishments like this are the perfect deterrent.

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The story is too old to be commented.