Are the free Xbox Games With Gold titles for March 2016 any good?

Neil writes "The Xbox Games With Gold scheme for March 2016 is nearly in play, bringing four new free games for Xbox One and Xbox 360 owners. But is the program actually worth getting excited about? Are the Games With Gold titles for March 2016 actually any good, or is it just another waste of your precious download limits?

Well, March is most definitely going to be a bit of a slow burner, but it'll finish on a note that is higher than anything we've seen before."

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TheGreatGamer1016d ago ShowReplies(2)
oKidUKo1016d ago

Can't wait to get stuck into Sherlock again, it got lost in my backlog but having it on digital will encourage me to venture back in.

Dewitt1016d ago

Super excited for both as I have never played them. SH especially intrigues me.

UltraNova1016d ago

LOtF is a Dark Souls rip-off, in the good kind of way, albeit far easier ...that said its a pretty decent, yet short power fantasy light RPG with good visuals.

Now that's free its even better! Give it a try!

creeping judas1016d ago

Never felt like playing full price for Lords Of The Fallen, but I will definitely DL that game and play it. And since there seems to be a lot interest in Sherlock Holmes, I guess I will try that as well.

PS3Freak1016d ago

I'm playing it right now, it's actually a very fun game. Very rewarding when you figure out how to kill an enemy for the first time.

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The story is too old to be commented.