Take-Two's E3 2016 Predictions: GTA V, Mafia III, Bully & Red Dead Redemption 2 in Focus

SSL: The publisher has a lot of potential announcements that are worth looking out for this E3

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Iceball2000903d ago

Red Dead 3 not Red Dead Redemption 2

Kallisti903d ago

Some people are disagreeing with you? Hahaha, I bet they're the same people that want a Skyrim 2.

jb227903d ago (Edited 903d ago )

Well it's all according to how you look at it...Redemption was different enough from Revolver that they didn't call it Red Dead Revolver 2, so if people want a sequel to the open world version of the Red Dead series, they'd be right in calling it Red Dead Redemption 2. I honestly think that it only goes one of two ways, either they keep the Red Dead & add a different name like Revenge or they simply call it Red Dead Redemption 2. There's absolutely no chance of Rockstar naming it as a 3 as it was basically a wholesale reboot from the first to second. RDR 2 is the more sensible name IMO.

Was Elder Scrolls Online called Elder Scrolls 6? Red Dead Revolver is as different from Redemption as Skyrim is from ESO, they may share a universe but they are different enough to warrant different numbering conventions.

vinniects902d ago (Edited 902d ago )

I don't care what they call it, just announce it already

903d ago
JBryant0619903d ago

It's been almost a decade. Can we finally get Bully 2?

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