Valkyria Chronicles Remastered - Don't Question It, We Deserve It

Matt Randisi writes, In recent memory games such as Uncharted, Gears of War, and most recently announced Resident Evil have been the latest to either have a current gen remastering released or announced. All very famed AAA titles, all worthy of being in general game of the year discussions. Metal Gear Solid also has an HD collection out, as does Team Ico's niche turned mainstream leaders Ico and Shadow of the Colossus. It is typically these games that are first to see the the HD makeover due to their popularity and industry success. Now along comes a little tactical RPG darling made by the good enduring folks over at SEGA, Valkyria Chronicles.

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DivineAssault 688d ago

Anyone who likes strategy games and war should love this.. Im glad im finally getting trophies and the facelift is appreciated too.. Definitely one of Sega's better IPs as of late.. Pre ordered that amazon steel case version.. Plus its only $30! Thats a steal for such a great game

NapalmSanctuary687d ago

I enjoyed playing Front Mission 3 (for what little I've played of it). Is it anything like that?

DivineAssault 687d ago

This is like Fire Emblem without the small grid format.. Guns and war machines like a tank for example.. Strategy RPG with likable anime characters and fun gameplay..

Vlaitor687d ago

Not really. It's a lot more dynamic. What you might like is the positioning and map movement thou. To be honnest, I like VC but I really love FM3.

rainslacker687d ago

It has a 3rd person map roaming mechanic which allows you to move freely anywhere within the characters range of movement, using a kind of stamina bar for different types of terrain or climbing up and down stuff. It's not unlike a grid system, except there is no actual grid, and it allows for more dynamic movement, not to mention allowing for a sort of cover system in some maps. During movement, your character is susceptible to damage from the enemy, although it's usually pretty minimal, although snipers can kill you. There's also a tank or two.

Once the movement is done, you can then select what action you want to take like a traditional SRPG, and the RNG seems to be in line with more traditional SRPG's.

The war scenario is very WWII like, although it's much more stylelized. There is of course the anime influence and story line which brings it all together. As far as game anime stories go, it's actually quite good. Kind of a All Quiet in the Western Front thing going on, but there is very strong character development to make you care about the characters. Every class of character is put to good use, so there isn't much of a pawn game going on..which is a nice change from some SRPG's.

It's a very enjoyable game. Probably my favorite from last gen. I haven't met a single person who played it and didn't like it. Even those not into the whole anime thing loved the game play, and found the story to not be so anime-ish that it was a turn off.

Highly recommend playing it. Even the original PS3 version plays and looks great today, and this one just improves on that. Considering it came out the 2nd year of the PS3, that's not too shabby IMO.

CDbiggen687d ago

I adore this franchise. Everyone should give it a chance.

Scissorman82687d ago

I hope that 2 will one day receive the same treatment. Then maybe off the wave of success both remasters find, we may see a new generation VC title.