5 Awesome Things About Street Fighter V That Real Fighting Game Fans Love

Are you a real fighting game fan? The type of fan who plays offline, goes to tournaments, knows the names “Daigo, Momochi, and Infiltration” and nearly fainted during that whole “He paused the game!” moment in the Evo finals last year?

Then you’re probably wondering why everyone is beating up on Capcom about the Street Fighter V release.

Here are five reasons why Street Fighter 5 is great for real fighting game fans.

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masterfox751d ago

real fighting game fans played in the arcades NO online BS!, when was the last time I needed to wait to start a match in the Arcades for someone join me online? NEVER happened!!!, just insert your damn coin start arcade try to beat the arcade mode or just be ready for someone else inserted another coin and start the real match.

Seriously why even talking about this matter ? such an common option in all fighting games since decades, hell! I think Atari 2600 fighting games you had a CPU fighter against you.

Capcom you just went full retard and you know you never go full retard NEVER!!!

Kamikaze135751d ago

Yep that's a pain. Wanna play? Play online or the boring Survival Mode. Unless you have somebody else to play with or want to train with the CPU.

Hoffmann751d ago

"real fighting game fans"

Stopped reading after that.

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