It’s 2016, And I’m Still Playing The Playstation Vita

Pixelgate writes:

''It’s 2016, and I’m still playing my Playstation Vita, but only in short bursts. For a system written off by the masses as dead, I still find time to pick it up and play. In fairness, I’ve found a number of uses for Sony’s latest handheld. One thing that has not changed is my Vita library, for the most part anyway.''

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Canthar1020d ago

Gets more remote play for me than anything as western games have been slow as of late.

PixelGateUk1020d ago

I tried to play Bloodborne using remote play (who doesn't want Bloodborne in the bath?!) it was a interesting experience to say the least.

Other than that, remote play has treated me well when i use it

Canthar1020d ago

Yeah some games definitely work better than others for remote play.

Spyroo1020d ago

Games that require really fast inputs I do try to refrain using remote play even though I got fast internet, connected my ps4 wired to router also leads to better wireless connection to vita and turning off WiFi power saver mode and notice no input lag. But my OCD self can't stop it haha

gamer78041020d ago

anything that heavily uses the analog sticks for aiming is not too good for remote play on vita, i'm eagerly awaiting sony's remote play app for the pc, could put on a tablet and use a dual shock, that would be great.

the-dragons-bane1020d ago

So am i(and i'm enjoying every second of it.)

WeAreLegion1020d ago

Me, too! Just got Borderlands 2 for like $4 on a PS Store sale.

MetroidFREAK211020d ago

Good for you? As a whole... I've lost complete interest in Handheld gaming... Just something about it nowadays turns me away

MatrixxGT1020d ago

I still use mine for remote play. Only reason I keep it.

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The story is too old to be commented.