Nintendo’s “Big” Pokémon Sun and Moon Announcement Wasn’t So Big

OnlySP: Was anyone else less than thrilled about the “big” Pokémon announcement today? Maybe I’m just getting old, but simply announcing that a new entry in a long-running franchise is getting a new generation doesn’t cut it for me. I’d like a little meat in my announcements, particularly ones that themselves receive an announcement for said announcement ahead of time like this one.

Don’t get me wrong, the video was a neat little chunk of nostalgia for Pokémon’s big two-oh, but it didn’t really tell us anything we didn’t already know. And I’m not talking about the leaks yesterday.

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nX1020d ago

Well the last few games weren't exactly amazing and you can milk a franchise only so much until it gets stale. I really don't undertand why Nintendo doesn't make the move to home consoles with it...

-Foxtrot1020d ago

In my opinion the third games of the each gen, Pokemon Yellow, Crystal, Emerald, Platinum etc would be worthy of remakes on home consoles.

All they have to do is add to them

Pokemon Yellow for the NX...make it happen Nintendo.

PockyKing1020d ago, I feel old. Spent way, way too much time playing that game.

1020d ago
-Foxtrot1020d ago


Well imagine if it was remade for consoles and how much time you'd play that :)


See if they did a Pokemon game for consoles then I think they could cycle between a Pokemon Stadium game and then Pokemon Yellow/Crystal/Emerald etc

I would say Red, Blue, Gold, Silver etc but with a console game there is no way Nintendo would do "two versions"...the whole point of it is so you can go out and interact more with people and trade with your handheld but if you are playing on a console you'll want the full package which the third version of each gen usually offers.

PockyKing1020d ago


Heh, I need to finish college first...if Emerald was released on consoles I might have an issue. Not counting all the gosh darn games that have been released this year already that we've had to cover, 2016 has hardly started and it feels like the holiday influx

NukaCola1019d ago

Well the announcement was about showing the last 20 years. There wasn't any real footage so we really don't even know what it is.

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ninsigma1020d ago (Edited 1020d ago )

Black(2)/white(2) and x/y were awesome. Return to form imo after a disappointing gen 3 and 4.

Hoenn was the low point anyway. Really didn't like gen 3 and didn't bother with the remakes. I said gen 4 was disappointing but I think I was a bit harsh there. It was good but it just didn't stand out for me. Can't remember b/w difficulty but I definitely agree on x/y being very easy. Maybe they'll balance that out in the new one.

user66660471020d ago

I dunno. I think B2W2 and X and Y were piss easy and a massive misstep for the series. Gen 4 is arguably the high point. Gen 3 had Hoenn which I found incredibly boring.

1019d ago
Marshmallowmancer1019d ago

(author here) They were good, don't get me wrong, and I had fun with them. But I'm honestly getting a little sick of "return to form" when there's so many somewhat archaic mechanics in the game. The breeding mechanics at least need a major overhaul and while training got improvements, I still found it boring and grindy. All it did was make it less arcane, not really fun. Not past the fourth or fifth Pokémon you had to get to max EVs anyways.

I'd really like to see them incorporate a digital pet game into the series, something you can do while not playing to raise your Pokémons' stats or breed them or something. Give us back the pedometer but tie it more intrinsically into the game. Let ME walk around instead of making me do it in the game to hatch the eggs.

I dunno, I just see a lot of potential for the game, but besides the training changes, they haven't REALLY changed up the formula that much. But yeah, I still enjoy it. Even the bad entries are fun.

blackblades1020d ago

They milked the love out of it, game, movies, tv series, cards.

garrettbobbyferguson1019d ago

There have been plenty of spinoffs on home consoles. The Colosseum series was great. But other than that, the game series is what Gamefreak wills. And they want it to stay on handhelds so people can trade with each other and be social.

BigDuo1019d ago (Edited 1019d ago )

I suppose Nintendo just hasn't decided its worth doing yet while developer GameFreak still feels that the main Pokemon games are ideally best kept on the handheld even though it has considered the possibility of putting the games on the home console. I mean, who better to make a home console Pokemon game than the main developer of the franchise? Of course, most of GameFreak's staff seems to primarily have development experience with making software for Nintendo handhelds, so they'd likely have to adapt to HD home console development. GameFreak generally has enough staff to handle development on a main Pokemon game and one small-scale title like what it did with Harmoknight (published by Nintendo) and Tembo the Badass Elephant (published by Sega).

It should be said that some people still may not know that The Pokemon IP is not owned only by Nintendo, it is co-owned by three other companies: Third party developers GameFreak (main developer) and Creatures Inc (works mostly as a co-developer) and The Pokemon Company (a joint partnership management brand between Nintendo, GameFreak and Creatures that's in charge of licensing,marketing and merchandising of the Pokemon franchise).

Hiro1931019d ago

You know that the Pokémon company is the one calling the shots, right?

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1019d ago

oh right yeah so stale with new mechanics changing the meta game and competitive scene is so stale alright:
- Mega Evolution
- Super Training
- Hidden Abilities
- Triple Battle
- Inverse Battle
- Online Tournament
- New Fairy Type giving Dragon hard time not doing anything
- Changes to some Pokemon Base Stats and power of some Movesets.
- Some Evolution Methods changes
- Changes to Weather movesets from lasting the whole battle to 5 turns unless it's Kyogre or Groudon.
- Steel types no longer resists Dark or Ghost
- New Moves for a lot Pokemon
- Some Pokemon received tpye changes such as Gardevoir, Jigglypuff and Azumawill

Of course if you don't play Pokemon or yet alone care to even get serious into it.

masterfox1019d ago (Edited 1019d ago )

^^^ And this is why Nintendo is what it is today. :/

Marshmallowmancer1019d ago

Of all of those I'd only really consider Mega Evolution a "game changer." And even then, it basically just added more content to the mechanical frame that was set 20 years ago. They didn't change how battle works, they haven't REALLY added any new systems (none that stuck with the franchise or had any weight to the game). They changed how you do EV training, but I consider that more of a quality of life change than anything. And it didn't make it any more fun, it just made it more accessible.

Don't get me wrong, they've done a great job balancing the system and it's still fun (I doubt the games ever won't be FUN), but I don't think they've done much to modernize it for a long, long time. I'd love to see breeding get a revamp like (or better than) training did in X/Y. I'd love to see a return of the pedometer but tie it to breeding and egg-hatching/raising. Let ME get up and walk around instead of just sitting at my desk and pushing left...right...left...right... left...right...

3-4-51019d ago

We will see more at E3.

This is either another good 3DS game or a launch game for the NX handheld. I'm guessing it's possibly for the 3DS since the NX handheld won't be out until 2017.

There will be another...different Pokemon game to launch with the handheld and THAT will be where more of the bigger changes happen.

Marshmallowmancer1019d ago

I actually expect the NX this holiday season, but that's just the skeptic in me. I think Nintendo's pushing to get that system out ASAP because they think the Wii U is a complete flop. So I could totally see this being somehow tied to the NX's handheld.

But you're probably right, I think that's a bit more reasonable. If they could somehow tie the two together - put the full game on the NX but let us breed/raise/train on the 3DS on the go, that would be a really neat addition.

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Germany71020d ago (Edited 1020d ago )

I wonder if all the worlds from the previous games will be avaliable on this new version, i'm clueless about the series now because the last i played are Red/Blue/Yellow.

I'm also not a huge fan of portable gaming, i have a 3DS and it's a wonderful platform, Vita is great too, but i still prefer these games like Pokemon on consoles with my TV.

Majin-vegeta1020d ago

Thats rhe rumor goinf around.If you watch the trailer it says "And in 2016 it all comes together in a brand new adventure".

Marshmallowmancer1019d ago

That would actually be super neat. I LOVED that you visited Kanto in Gold/Silver. That was one of the coolest things ever and I hated that they never did that in the other games.

Hoffmann1020d ago

It was was short..very short..

and well all know...SIZE MATTERS ;P

LAWSON721020d ago (Edited 1020d ago )

I hate any announcement where zero details are shared let alone a any footage. What's the point should of just waited

Marshmallowmancer1019d ago

Yeah, my point exactly. Why hype up the announcement and hold a special Nintendo Direct JUST to show us an (admittedly neat) video and announce the names of the games? You haven't given us ANYTHING. They should have had early gameplay footage, something to really sink our teeth into.

Summons751020d ago

Maybe in your opinion but from what I've seen all day there is hype from all over. The trailer build up to the title card was really great and had a big emphasis on being connected (possibly hinting to an mmo hybrid of sorts?). Looking back at the trailer gave an interesting look into what they want to do with the game and it's looking like a much bigger scale if trucks are involved. We got that tease at the new Pokemon (I feel maybe either this gens Pidgey or possibly a starter?). They still also haven't announced if this is apart of gen 6 (like Black/White 2) or if it is a completely new generation (though concept art points to gen7, at least to me)

For the little we got, we got a lot and it's enough to drive discussion and speculation all the way to E3 where like X&Y we will have a proper reveal and I'm sure CoroCoro will leak a bunch of stuff before.

LAWSON721020d ago (Edited 1020d ago )

Dont get your hopes up, that connectivity slide was related to the shortcomings of the Gameboy capabilities and announcing something to look forward to in the VC release of 20 year old games most likely nothing more. Dont look for hidden context in Nintendo announcements you will end up probably disappointed.

As for 6.5 I believe since it is not some sort of sequel (guessing by traditional name) it is most likely guaranteed to be new gen. Also researched it and the video did a time line of main entries only (no Black/White 2, yellow,etc). I believe that fact confirms gen 7.

Marshmallowmancer1019d ago

That's all it is, an opinion. I just wanted to see more from a Nintendo Direct is all.

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