‘As A Commercial Product And As A Physical Thing, Metal Gear Is Definitely Over’, Says Kenji Yano

Say what you want to say about Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain's gameplay, there is no doubt it's the series' pinnacle as far as stealth-action-adventure genre goes.

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BiggCMan814d ago

Yup, it pretty much is, and that is heartbreaking for me. It would have not been as painful if 5 didn't go through all this bullshit with Konami, and the game was actually finished with a complete story that was really good.

But regardless, the gameplay was so special in every way, KojiPro really outdid themselves with that. Creating one of the most perfect gameplay experiences in gaming history.

I think their first new game with Sony will be doing something close to what he is best at. Another typical Kojima style game, because that will sell consoles for them more than an experimental type of game.

Regardless of what it is, I just cannot wait for the day that it is revealed, on a brand new stage, to thunderous applause from the audience and the world. Just cannot wait for that day.

freshslicepizza813d ago

metal gear solid isn't over, who is kenji kidding? if konami can make money on the ip they will.

mgszelda1813d ago

Have u seen konami lately. They've speed almost everything. They harp on the budget for MGSV. It had the fox engine and it could have been used in other games but they scrapped all that.

BiggCMan813d ago

In a figurative sense, Metal Gear as we know it, is over. Obviously Konami will make more of it because they think the name alone will see. But I hope that people are smart enough to not buy that game in the future, because Metal Gear is Hideo Kojima and that is a fact.

s45gr32813d ago

Without Kojima san, the MGS franchise is over. The story is pretty much done.

Neckbear813d ago

The story being the way it is has nothing to do with Konami...that was Kojima's pure intent.

BiggCMan813d ago

You are right. And chapter 1 actually had a cool story which was completely finished. It was chapter 2 that was a mess, not because the plotlines were bad, but because they were not able to finish it. The big twist at the end is masterful, but the problem with it is that it was thrown in your face in the most random way possible. That is because there was clearly more to be done with chapter 2 that was never made.

rainslacker813d ago

I think Chapter 2 was supposed to be fleshed out with Chapter 3. Chapter 2's story seemed complete least it was complete, if not done poorly with some things likely left out, but just like Chapter 2 continued and played off Chapter 1, Chapter 3 was likely going to be the inevitable conclusion to the whole thing.

I actually think the whole thing with Quiet would have been more dramatic had there been a Chapter 3...instead of it just ending soon after. Plus, it would possibly allow more exploration into the character, as well as how it affected Snake...which was sorely lacking in the sudden finish.

TheColbertinator813d ago

Time for a new tale from Kojima

gameseveryday813d ago

Indeed, after the disappointing story telling in TPP, it's time he develops something new.

zombie78rock813d ago

aside from the fact that Konami already said they're making more non-Kojima Metal Gear games... MGS 6 will happen to much money to be made!!

gameseveryday813d ago

Obviously. Metal Gear is too big a brand for Konami to not invest into it. But there is no doubt people will miss the trolling, teasing and hinting that comes along with a Kojima developed Metal Gear game.

Goldby813d ago

would have been nice if before all this happened, Kojima patented the Cardboard box, so then that couldn't be in any of the new ones lol. just seeing that in the news would have been hilarious.

Japanese man attempts to patent virtual Cardboard box.

mgszelda1813d ago

As far as I'm concerned the masterpiece that is the MGS saga should be left to RIP. It's just a shame Kojima doesn't own the ip, not even to make more. I just want someone who actually cares for it to own it. Just a shame we'll never get that sweet Boss prequel set in wwii

EazyC813d ago

MGS V was not the constituent of a masterpiece saga. It ended the franchise on a truly sour note.

lunatic0001813d ago

I know something is wrong when the second half of the game consists of the same levels in the first half......just harder or an extra objective thrown in there....seriuosly?

mgszelda1812d ago

V has its faults and it was rushed but even after that, It had the making of greatness but just missing parts, thanks konami. I adore the series as a whole

SovereignSnaKe813d ago

Metal Gear Solid V was such an awkward, cut and paste disaster. That game truly broke my heart to the point it took months to get over it. It was like watching uncomfortable people with (some) unfamiliar voices interacting at a party (which no on wanted to attend in the first place.) More of a hostage situation if you ask me.

Gameplay aside, it fell so far below my expectations it would take an archaeological team 1000+ years to unearth it. (But for the sake of the true fans, it's better off left buried.)

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The story is too old to be commented.