New Bird Pokémon Revealed During Nintendo Direct?

Hardcore Gamer: In every Pokémon game there is a Flying-type found within the beginning area, this could possibly be it. During the stream, an artist is seen rigging a wireframe model which resembles a small bird Pokémon. The bird begins a short animation, starting with its head pointing up, and wings expanding and then looking downward.

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The 10th Rider1018d ago

I'd love if they got back to the more natural, animal looking Pokemon.

Kamikaze1351018d ago

That would be awesome. There are so many ideas they can use...idk why they are making garbaged or ice cream themed Pokemon. It could be cool if Sun and Moon were sequels to Red and Blue.

Dragonking0071018d ago (Edited 1018d ago )

The already made that its pokemon gold silver crystal heardgold and soulsilver want to know why its a sequal? because you return to kanto 3 years after the events of red and blue and you get to battle red the original character you started with.

Majin-vegeta1018d ago

@Dragon Where did you hear this?

Agent_00_Revan1018d ago

That's the actual plot of Gold and Silver. It's the closest thing to date of a direct sequel to Red & Blue.

Battling Red as the final boss was a big plot point.

krontaar1018d ago

It is a new pokemon, not sure why this is labelled as a rumor. It's a woodpecker judging by its markings.