Games we bought for the demo and ended up loving anyway

Everyone knows that one surefire way to get people to buy something that is either doomed to fail or otherwise terrible is to bundle it with something people actually want. It's how Hollywood got millions of people (including yours truly) to go see trash like Wing Commander in theaters. No one's going to shell out hard-earned cash to watch a garbage sci-fi movie featuring Freddie Prinze Jr. and Matthew Lillard, but when it's the only way to watch a trailer for the hotly-anticipated Star Wars prequel? They'll come in droves.

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XMessiah23x695d ago

Gotta say I hated final Fantasy Zero, that game was traded in the same week I got it but the ff15 demo still made it worth it to me.

DarkOcelet694d ago

Type 0 is a great game in my opinion. Beautiful Soundtrack, great gameplay, 13 playable characters, Great Story that shows us the horrors of war and its the most Mature Final Fantasy title till now.

Eiyuuou694d ago

I second this, though the game wasn't without its fair share of problems.

The motion blur, for one, made it unplayable for some. A good friend of mine just felt sick all the time when playing it.

Also the story wasn't as fleshed out as other FF's and neither were all the 13 characters.

TheColbertinator694d ago

Type 0 is a good game...for PSP. Felt outdated as hell coming to the current gen

FlexLuger694d ago

crackdown...oh the memories :)

lockedongamer1694d ago

Final Fantasy Type-0 is awful. Lack of plot, gameplay, and the imagination we expect from a Final Fantasy game. It's way worse than Final Fantasy XIII, in my opinion.

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