The Most Vicious Zombie Types In Games

Mrs Nesbitt from GamersFTW writes: "Our community is obsessed with the undead and it's certainly a hot topic across the globe. With TV shows such as The Walking Dead, and movies like World War Z glamorizing the zombie apocalypse in a Hollywood fashion, it comes as no surprise that video-games are creating even more dangerous infected.

Video-games have dipped their stick into the zombie cesspit, with successful titles like The Last of Us, Dying Light and Left 4 Dead. Over the years it has been refreshing to see different takes on zombie foes, rather than just the same old shufflers."

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GamerGabs942d ago

It made me really happy that Plants Vs Zombies got into your list. Whenever I need a title to just casually play as a pick me up, I always choose this one. I always enjoy it, no matter how many times I play through.