A Dying Formula -Does Horror Need To Change Again?

Ashley from GamersFTW writes: As the recent release of Layers Of Fear hit a lukewarm reception I can’t help but wonder whether the horror genre is becoming bland. I take a look at how the genre has developed and what it could do to once again reinvent itself.

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Shillmeister1022d ago

Maybe not necessarily change again, but it needs/could soon have a new sub-genre. Something more akin to psychological/thriller horror.

That's the problem with horror though, if you use the same tricks too many times it just becomes uninspired and somewhat predictable.

mgszelda11022d ago

It was silent hills. Key word "was"

Shadowgate1022d ago

I have seen nothing but good reviews.I am enjoying it.

DivineAssault 1022d ago

Yeah, less guns blazing and more of a challenge

TricksterArrow1022d ago

The market is saturated with FPS horror games. It is indeed getting a little stale.

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