Ranking Every Far Cry Game

With Far Cry Primal out today, Paste Magazine looks back on the whole series and ranks every game, from worst to best.

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Ozmoses964d ago (Edited 964d ago )

I've played and fully completed FC 3, 4, and Blood Dragon.

So far I'm digging this FC: Primal.. To me it feels like it's a FC game, it doesn't feel like an expansion or something like that to me.

I mean FC has always been about the different variety of killing an enemy, the world, and the animal life.

I mean this game has all the standard TakeDowns and stuff you'll see in FC games.. The various animal takedowns.. The owl dive bomb/dropping stuff... The random enemy/animal encounters that happen at the same time. There are so many possibilites for combat just like every other FC game.

The world is pretty damn amazing especially when you include the aspect of the "Winter Clothing".. Pretty sure I've never seen that element in any of the past FC games I've mentioned.

The animals are plentiful with a huge variety. There is also that element in Primal where the animals actively hunt you more often at night time.. It's kinda similar to the night time aspect of Dying Light or atleast it aims to emulate it in my opinion.. Either way this again I'm pretty sure is new to FC because it wasn't in 3, 4, or Blood Dragon.

Hell they even created a language for the game from scratch. I like the story so far.. It's been super intense. To me it has more feeling so far than the other ones because it actually does feel like you versus the world.

N_Geezy964d ago

What a crock of shit. Far Cry 3 was quite an amazing game yet you rank it dead last?

Thought Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon might have been the best of all of them. The only one with actual humor involved and still had the mechanics of FC3/4.

Far Cry 2 was awesome at the time, no doubt. But it had little replayability IMO and a somewhat flawed MP system. Add in the fact that the majority of the game was accomplished by driving somewhere and the ever-spawning enemies and you definitely don't have the best FC game of all time.

UgoGalimbertti964d ago

*reads* 10º Far Cry 3
*closes article*

RiPPn964d ago

I haven't played 4 or Primal, but have all the rest, and I don't agree with this person's opinion.. I think my list would go:

Far Cry 3
Far Cry 2
Far Cry Blood Dragon
Far Cry

and then way down at the bottom are the remake and remake sequel, I didn't care for those ones in the slightest.

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superterabyte964d ago

Didn't even know there were ten Far Cry games =/

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