Capcom “looking into” adding Arcade Mode to Street Fighter 5

Between the launch day server issues, questionable reviews, and lack of single player content, the narrative has been overwhelmingly negative, despite there being an utterly fantastic fighter at the game’s half-finished core. Fortunately, Capcom sent a glimmer of hope regarding the brawler’s inexplicably missing Arcade Mode.

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masterfox876d ago

“looking into” ?? da hell ? I will look into showing a certain finger of my hand then.

brokasfawk876d ago

They're" looking into " how much to charge for it

sinjonezp876d ago

What im upset about is they say "looking into" , wasn't thought of at all when they developed the game. What is a fighting game without arcade mode capcom!?!? I am disturbed

bloop876d ago

I thought arcade mode was already confirmed to be coming in one of the future updates? Capcom are taking the piss now.

Eonjay876d ago

"The team is looking into adding an Arcade Mode and we’ll have more information to share soon"

Thats a pretty direct statement.

3-4-5876d ago

80-90% of my playing time in any fighting game has been with an arcade mode or 1v1 vs the CPU.

I don't really play fighting games online, as I just kind of play them for fun here and there.

The gameplay of SF5 looks awesome, but everything.......not so much.

16 characters is a joke.

Articuno76876d ago (Edited 876d ago )

16 characters is pretty standard for a first release of a fighting game that's a blank slate (new engine, no resused assets).

Look at Street Fighter 4 (arcade), BlazBlue or King of Fighters 12. They all had roster sizes in the same region.

Any other game you could think to mention would likely fall into one of two categories: they had an arcade release (or several) before the home release or they recycled a lot of assets (particularly animations/models) from the previous game.

badz149876d ago

looking into?! LOL gaming these days...even a standard mode is turning into a feature being looked into! just like how EA said they were also "looking into" including SP campaign in SWBF!


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AizenSosuke876d ago

Ok SF5 needs an arcade mode fast.

-Foxtrot876d ago

You can imagine next gen

"Capcom are currently looking into adding more like 5 characters"

"Capcom are looking into adding more then 4 stages to the game"

"Capcom are looking into giving gamers the the other half of the games disc"

Hoffmann876d ago

Am looking forward to KOF XIV and Tekken 7.

moegooner88876d ago (Edited 876d ago )

I am looking into trading my copy in soon if they don't do it. Ridiculous.

Hoffmann876d ago

I was lucky, could return my copy last friday.Might buy SFV again if they release a...more complete version.

chrisx876d ago

Weren't u the person defending this sh*t, giving me a senseless reply when I called capcom out on this? Now u say this? Lol

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