Why Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Will Be Playstation’s First Must-Own Game This Generation

ThisGenGaming says "Sony have done a good job so far at bringing out AAA’s with games like Bloodborne, The Order 1886 and Until Dawn shining on Sony’s machine but Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is simply in a whole different league and here’s why we think it will be the PS4’s first must-own game of this generation."

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DarkOcelet852d ago (Edited 852d ago )

I feel bad for people who think that Uncharted 4 is the first PS4 must own game this generation.

Come on!

Until Dawn??
Infamous SS????

The PS4 has some really good exclusives.

Apocalypse Shadow852d ago (Edited 852d ago )

Definitely click bait. Almost 40 million systems out there and this article writer tells us uncharted is the only game worth having finally.

I like uncharted and have all three games. But if I was a gamer who DOESN'T LIKE uncharted, and didn't play the previous games,what MUST OWN GAME are they supposed to look forward to?

Stop the nonsense titles and articles.

Thisgengaming852d ago (Edited 852d ago )

What we're trying to say with this article is that PS have released some great titles already which are worth owning. With Uncharted 4 however, it's going to be the one were you're going to seriously miss out if you do not own this game.

I didn't personally write this article, but I'd like to add that I loved Until Dawn and Bloodborne with Bloodborne actually being my personal GOTY.

nX852d ago Show
generic-user-name852d ago


"What we're trying to say with this article is that PS have released some great titles already which are worth owning."

Yeah, that's not at all what your title implies, hence clickbait.

Saigon852d ago

Yeah...ok bud, I truly agree with that...with the amount of great games that have released so far...your telling me in 3 years not one good game appeared until now...yeah ok...

ShadowKnight852d ago (Edited 852d ago )

How do these clickbait articles get approve?

Kemo_Spear852d ago

There have been plenty of "must own" PS4 games. As the first poster listed:Bloodborne,Until Dawn,
Driveclub & Infamous SS. Was this article really called for? But when I saw that it was from "thisgengaming" I knew that it was either a hit piece, click bait or both. I know that N4G does not allow postings from some sites (Forbes comes to mind for starts), This "gaming site" needs to be added to the list.

demonddel852d ago

Justin Bieber also sold alot of records

Kingthrash360852d ago

Lol ratchet and clank comes 2 week earlier and is a must own not to mention the games mentioned above by people...smh mega bait
What this must be gamingbolt sister site lol..all this gen systems have must own games..relax

freshslicepizza852d ago

uncharted 4 will be the first mainstream aaa game that is a must have. lots of people love or hate the souls games. i don't think i ever heard anyone dislike uncharted.

uncharted is basically a very marketable franchise much like mario and halo.

insomnium2851d ago (Edited 851d ago )

I'm level 200 in Bloodborne and I still play that almost daily. One of the best games I have ever played. All the other souls games are left in the dust after Bloodborne imo.

I'm not sure I will even buy U4 at launch. I have so much to play with Bloodborne, TLOU and Fallout 4 so I'm set for months personally. Oh and I haven't touched the latest Metal Gear in months even though I've put over 30 hours in it. Too many games, not enough time....sigh....

UltraNova851d ago (Edited 851d ago )


"All the other souls games are left in the dust after Bloodborne imo. "

Its good then its your opinion cause I strongly disagree.

Similar setting different execution and each has its strong points. I cant for the life of me pick one over the other.

Plus lets wait and see what From Soft has in store for us with DS3...

OT: What can I say about this website and their titles that hasn't been said already...cant they realize how obvious their agenda can be and that it ultimately seals their fate?

1nsomniac851d ago (Edited 851d ago )

@ThisGenGaming you must be new here. Anything that even has the slightest chance of being construed in to something negative against Sony will likely cause you to become instantly enemy number one.

Don't worry, the mentally coherant among us understood what you meant without having to create an alteria motive to try & show we will fight to the death for our beloved corporations of choice.

Like @MoldyBread stated, which is the same as @ThisGenGaming was saying. This could be the first mainstream gaming blockbuster for Sony this gen so far. Nothing wrong with that kids. It's a perfectly feasible assumption.

mikeslemonade851d ago

Gotta say Infamous SS was the first own. And Bloodborne is Game of the generation.

bouzebbal851d ago (Edited 851d ago )


"With Uncharted 4 however, it's going to be the one were you're going to seriously miss out if you do not own this game."

Thanks for people who consider Killzone, inFamous, Bloodborne and others as first PS4 must own game. You should respect everyone's opinion and understand there are people who dislike some of the most "iconic" franchises.
I hate GTA, for a fact!! and by no mean i consider myself as i missed out by not playing it.

This article is made for clicks, no matter how you turn it!

subtenko851d ago

Yea, what gives N4G? Who let this guy and this article in? :P Screw these kinds of articles, I never click them cause I know whats up.

Also, I dont get this authors comment below (or above my post?) "What we're trying to say" then "I didnt personally write this article" wut?

Kleptic851d ago

I'm totally with thisgengaming...

I owned a PS3 from march 2007 on...I can't think of any decent game i missed, whether it was occasionally renting (a local redbox is 5 blocks away, great for that at the time), or outright owning...there were a few games that I purchased that I didn't really need to...but i think overall i understood the difference between a good to even great one that went several steps beyond that...

and...yeah...I don't own a PS4 yet...and that is because i haven't found any titles yet that do the latter rather than the former...there are plenty of good to great games...but zero for me personally that are simply free time is a bit lower than it used to be, with a growing family and all that...but i get what the article is pointing to. UC4 is most likely going to be more than just 'great'...believe it or not, a lot of sony 'fans' still aren't totally on board with whats been offered so far...I saw a lot fall relatively flat (1886, driveclub)...some surprises (a bunch of episodic stuff that was never really my thing)...and some do really great things but in a genre i'm not totally in to (bloodborne...great game...not my style...left after Demon Souls and I know, I know 'but this one is the best')...

so just saying...UC4 looks to be the first to really make buyers that have held out of reasons for holding off...despite the PS4's success so can't argue that about any other exclusives so far...

wellard851d ago (Edited 851d ago )

Very well said apocalypse, I couldn't agree more nor could I have said it better myself. I will be getting Uncharted but I have thoroughly enjoyed so many games this generation, the only must have thing this gen in my opinion is the current gen consoles. So many good games to play and many many more to come. +bub well said mate

Kemo_Spear851d ago

@ Thisgengaming: you have an admitted Xbox fanboy write this article (it is on his twitter page for all to see), and then you try to spin it with "What we're trying to say with this article is...". Please spare us with this BS. Your site is posting nothing but flame/click bait stories. I have also noticed that it is always YOU who submits the stories from your own site, into self promotion much? It is for reasons like I just pointed out why your "site" should be banned from N4G. You have no clue on how not to be objective or non biased (I mean having someone who only plays on Xbox do an article on a PS4 exclusive? REALLY???)

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TheGreatGamer852d ago

In terms of juggernaut, mass market games I'd say Uncharted 4 is the first for PS4 exclusives, uncharted 1-3 have sold 21million+ alone

DarkOcelet852d ago

In terms of sales yeah. I think Uncharted 4 will sell tons of copies.

Uncharted 3 sold 3.8 million copies in one day so i expect a similar number here.

insomnium2851d ago

LOL I actually bought U3 late for 10€ but I haven't even played it yet......

DragonKnight851d ago

If you're gonna go by that metric, then the only one to own will be Gran Turismo Sport. Uncharted is not Playstation's biggest, most mainstream, most successful franchisr, GT is.

YinYangGaming852d ago

All quality games for sure but Uncharted 4 will end up selling as much if not more than all of those combined I would bet

DarkOcelet852d ago

Indeed, in terms of sales, its gonna be huge.

In terms of quality, like you said, All quality games.

marioJP87852d ago

I only agree with Infamous SS.

DarkOcelet852d ago

I honestly loved DriveClub, Infamous SS, Bloodborne, Until Dawn and The Order 1886.

But you know, every one has their own preferences :)

wellard851d ago

@darkOcelot I'm currently playing the order 188, and wow what an experience, my only issue with it is that I keep going off track to stare at puddles, reflections and random textures. It's an insanely beautiful game and the story is surprisingly captivating. I'm loving it, I don't personally understand the hate it got.

WellyUK852d ago

It is IMO Bloodborne is great and all but it really is just a souls game. Until Dawn isnt anything special, Driveclub is a meh racer and Infamous is 4 hours long. I love my ps4 but it's mostly been used for third parties.

DarkOcelet852d ago

Um, just a souls game?

You do realize that all three Souls games were met with Critical Acclaim right?

And so did Bloodborne. Bloodborne was one of the highest rated games this generation.

Infamous SS took me over 14 hours. Are you sure you played it :D

DriveClub right now is amazing in my opinion.

And Until Dawn came out of nowhere and became one of my favorite games this gen.

Pongwater851d ago

Sometimes I wish there was a "Strongly Disagree" button.

alvgamin4lif851d ago

All souls games have great gameplay and an amazing atmoshere that makes you want to keep on playing it. Bloodborne is no different and imo Bloodborne is the best, if not one of the best, games I've played this gen. As a matter of fact, recently I purchased the collector's edition of Bloodborne (have it digitally but purchased the collector's edition for that sweet looking steelbook) and started a new game.

Actually Until Dawn is something special. Like @DarkOcelet said, it came out of nowhere but turned out to be pretty good. I was skeptical at first but after hearing such good things about it and playing it myself, I'm eager for sequel of sorts (as in same format but maybe with a different cast of characters).

Infamous ss wasn't 4 hours long. And Driveclub while initially might have been meh but recently it's a beast of a game with a ton of updates and content (the cheap $20 season pass adds a ton more).

Kallisti852d ago

I own all 4 of those and I've owned my PS4 for less than a month. I've seen numerous websites, as well as user comments regarding Bloodborne as the first "essential" PS4 game too.

joab777852d ago

Bloodborne is one of this gems best games period. This article is absurd. It doesn't have to be one of the best games ever made to be must own.

insomnium2851d ago

Bloodborne to me is one of the best games I've ever played.

mogwaii852d ago

Infamous ss was a massive let down, definitely not a must have.

bloop852d ago

Definitely not one of the best games ever, but I wouldn't say it was a massive let down.

DragonKnight851d ago

First two Infamous games eclipse SS in all ways except graphics, but SS is still a lot of fun.

monkeyporn852d ago

YES the PS4 has lots of other good games but Uncharted 4 isn't a good game its a great game a phenomenal game a awesome game a one and a million game. Uncharted 4 is a System seller none of those other games you listed are console sellers. UC4 is on par with TLOU and NO game has done that yet.

jb227852d ago

I've gotta agree, for me Uncharted isn't just a system seller, it's a generation seller. If not for that game & ND I wouldn't have really felt the need to upgrade yet. Everything else this gen across all platforms seems a bit lackluster for my tastes. The great byproduct of picking up my PS4 is being able to play games like Infamous & Until Dawn, there are some really worthwhile games this gen so far but for my tastes nothing released on any platform is on par w/ the promise of a new entry in the Uncharted series. Like you said, it is a one in a million game that goes down in the history books next to franchises like Mario & Zelda & Halo (for many, never been an mp or fps guy personally but I respect it's place in the gaming pantheon)

ND has a helluva lot to live up to with this game though, that is for certain. I've got full faith that they can pull it off but for me even a game roughly on par w/ the last installments is worth it for me....if they can top all of the previous games then I can't really even wrap my head around how special that would be. Also, drivable ATVs shown in the most recent concept art...can't wait to get my hands on that section, and more wide open spaces like that lend credence to the earlier statements about the deeper treasure hunting system. You've gotta give ND credit for pushing franchises in new directions in such risky ways.

DragonKnight851d ago

Oh you beat it already? How's the ending?

showtimefolks852d ago

until dawn
drive club
infamous 2nd son

i guess almost 40 million gamers bought ps4's so thy could play a game coming in mid 2016? logic in 2016 from fanboyish articles

the hate on ps4 is getting to insane levels now. it's not sony's fault that xbox exclusives will be available to play without having to own an xbox one

keep drinking the Hatorade because 2016 will be the biggest year for ps4 and that's saying something considering it's already close to 40 million install base

insomnium2851d ago

Isn't there a Gran Turismo launching this year? That will drive sales further through the roof.

showtimefolks851d ago

street fighter 5 will help sell ps4's

uncharted 4 will surly help

no man sky will help

horizon zero dawn will help

GT will help big time

PSVR will help

ps4 could be sitting north of 55-60 million by end of 2016

deafdani852d ago

I don't know about Until Dawn, Drive Club and Bloodborne (this last one I have, will play it pretty soon! :D ), but Infamous Second Son isn't really a "must have" for me.

I'm a BG fan of Infamous, loved the first two on PS3 to death, and platinumed the second, so naturally I got Second Son along with my PS4. It was a nice game, I platinumed it as well... but it doesn't really hold a candle to the previous two games, especially the second.

But hey... opinions!

kenwonobi852d ago

Me too. Backhanded compliment aside from the article it's a high praise. Uncharted is from the people who created two of the absolute best game franchises of the last generation.

_-EDMIX-_851d ago

Agreed, we got many, many "must owns". I would say in the first 2 years, this is the most games I've ever owned.

Such as short period in time too.

Still have to buy and play Mad Max, Shadow Of Mordor, Bloodborne, Dying Light, finish up The Witcher 3, Firewatch, The Witness and soooooo many more.

I don't know if I could say "first must own" as we have already got sooooooo many. This has been an insane start to this gen and its only the first 2 years.


DarkOcelet851d ago

Dang, i cant believe you missed Bloodborne.

Go and buy the GOTY Edition now!

Plasmids851d ago

You really need to play Bloodborne it is rather special. Also not an exclusive but I'm playing Dying Light at the moment and that's awesome as well, so get those two go go go.

Yourmommasaid851d ago

He probably meant "system-seller"?

DarkOcelet851d ago

Then the author could have easily written '
System Seller' in the title.

EmperorDalek851d ago

You call Second Son and Driveclub a must buy? Both were total garbage.

G20WLY851d ago

You don't get to use the word 'were' with a game like DriveClub that's still receiving game-enhancing additions, new content, cars and tracks.

Sounds to me like you're referring to the game as it launched. It's not that game anymore and hasn't been for almost a year. ;o/

wellard851d ago

Driveclub as it is today compared to how it was on release are 2 completely different experiences. You really should give it another go, it's phenomenal and fantastic fun with friends. I seriously urge you to give it another go.

EmperorDalek849d ago

The updates have been impressive, but still compared to something like GT5 it's lacking.

jc12851d ago

I agree with the article...except Bloodborne, that game is nearly a must own. Its very close. But honestly, calling Until Dawn, Driveclub and Infamous MUST-OWNS is ridiculous. I didn't even finish playing Infamous.

magiciandude851d ago

Bloodborne is PS4's first must own game IMO, followed by Until Down. That makes Uncharted 4 third if it will be better than Uncharted 3.

That said I decided to cancel my Uncharted 4 pre-order and get Dark Souls III instead. Don't have time for Uncharted 4.

DarkOcelet851d ago

Wait, you dont have time for a 12 hour adventure but have time for an Action RPG that will probably take you over 60 hours to finish XD

No comment :)

Plasmids851d ago

Wow make time friend make time.

RedDevils851d ago

Just say you're broke instead of not enough time lol

magiciandude851d ago (Edited 851d ago )

Except I am not broke. Getting Division, and Zelda Twilight Princess HD as well. There are so many other games I rather play that I don't have time for Uncharted 4. Uncharted 4 GOTY edition with all the multiplayer DLC for me, maybe. I personally don't think this game is a must own just yet, especially with Dark Souls III and Division that will make me forget about Uncharted 4 even existing. Canceling my Collector's Edition pre-order the next time I go to GameStop.

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TwoForce851d ago

Uncharted is my favorite franchise along with The Last of Us.

Plasmids851d ago

Yep Uncharted, Bioshock and TLOU are where it's at.

OB1Biker851d ago

I agree these are very good games despite the propaganda and what I'd call the fanboy trolls claiming bloodborne is 'decent' and PS4 has no game.....worthwhile. (funnily enough)
I wasn't particularly moved by the title though as I thought it was just a way to highlight how anticipated Uncharted 4 is but in the article the author comes up with:
'As someone who’s been waiting for that compelling reason to jump on the PS4, I think the Uncharted 4 bundle will have an easy time convincing myself ...'
The guy actually admits he doesn't have a PS4 and therefore he's talking out of his @ss (excuse m the expression). X)

Spenok851d ago

I say it every day, and today is no different.

People are stupid. In this case, very...

Azzanation851d ago

I would agree with Bloodborne and Until Dawn, but DriveClub and Infamous? There are a lot better games out there then those. They are not must own games.

mark_parch851d ago

bloodborne was good, I would say uncharted is probably the second must own game

DragonKnight851d ago

Why is Uncharted 4 the only game you should feel sorry for missing out on but not Bloodborne? At the risk of being Captain Obvious, that's the height of subjectivity.

I dislike the Uncharted series. None of the game's appeal to me at all and I don't feel any regret in my decision to buy Dark Souls 3 over UC4. Are you saying that I've had no games up to this point worth playing even though I have a game with endless replayability such as Bloodborne? Lol, right.

Gran Turismo is Playstation's biggest, most mainstream, most successful franchise. It'll be intetesting to see what you say when the next game drops.

Picnic851d ago

It's saddening how many Uncharted dislikers there are on this thread. And even if Gran Turismo is the most successful frqnchise, not everyone cares for pretending to be in a sportscar.

DragonKnight850d ago

So let me get this straight, you don't like Uncharted and that's sad and somehow a problem. You don't like Gran Turismo and that's fine because "not everyone cares to pretend to be driving a sportscar." But, everyone should care about being a ripoff of Indiana Jones?

I don't care for either franchise. Guess what, there's nothing sad about that at all. It's called having preferences. And no matter how big the mob is, majority rule doesn't make games great, it just indicates who can't think for themselves. Already in this comment section you have people saying UC4 is a masterpiece and the game isn't even out. It's undeserved praise for the sake of it, to look cool for liking what everyone says to like. Well to me Uncharted is boring, I don't give a damn about any of the chracters, and I won't be crying when it comes to an end because I'm not buying it. And that's all my prerogative that has nothing to do with anyone else but me.