Our Favorite (And Least Favorite) Vita Memories


The PlayStation Vita turns four today in North America, which makes for a good excuse to look back and reminisce about Sony’s much-criticized portable console.

Come join some of Kotaku’s staff for a chat about the Vita and what we’ve done with it over the past few years.

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parentoftheyear879d ago

Its amazing something so small doomed what could have been great. If i can get 128gb in my phone that is 1/4 the size of the vita why cant i have it in the vita. I would gladly pay $300 for a 64/128gb vita, with optional micro sd slot. Seriously WHY SONY???

Kal-V3879d ago

Vita 3000 with 32GB internal for 200. Would still use memory cards but along with the internal memory. That would do great i think. But i doubt there will be another version.

Blastoise879d ago

Favourite memories:

- Playing Persona 4 for the first time
- Playing both Soul Sacrifice games at launch online
- Discovering a ton of PsP games that still hold up really well today
- Realising Ys Memories of Celceta is actually awesome
- Trying out a whole bunch of random japanese stuff (some great, some awful)
- Trying new indies i'd never try on PS4
- Good ports (Blazblue)

Worst memories:

- Having to delete games because I can't afford a bigger memory card
- Resistance & Call of duty being made by the same mobile developer within a year or so
- Bioshock Vita cancelled
- Terrible ports (Jak and Daxter)
- Playing Hyperdimension Neptunia