Street Fighter V Breaks EVO Record in 4 Days

Street Fighter V's only been around for a week, and it's already breaking records over at EVO.

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Orejillz728d ago

That's pretty impressive.

GigawattConduit728d ago

I've never watched an EVO tournament. Those any fun?

Orejillz728d ago

Yeah, it's cool to see how skilled some people are in some of these fighting games. They make it look so easy.

pompombrum727d ago (Edited 727d ago )

^^^ That's COD tournaments dude.

Evo is great if you have an interest in fighting games or competitive gaming. This year is looking really special after they've hired out the Mandalay Bay Event Center for the final day, if you've never seen an Evo tournament before, this year (especially on the Sunday) will be a great time to give it a watch.

kotaku77727d ago (Edited 727d ago )

They are really fun... I mean, last year first match Gustavo "801Strider" one of the top USA players facing a 10 year old kid (cause anybody can sign for the tournament). The kid was using a Ken dressed as a cowboy (that made it even more cute), and yeah Gustavo just beat the crap out of the kid... you know: destroyed him! The audience went mad, and were booing him, and Strider just laughs and screamed and celebrate, arms in the air like a real champ.
The kid stands and Gustavo pushed him out of the scenery like a dck...
I was lol crying! It was just one little moment: so much fun.

pompombrum727d ago (Edited 727d ago )

@kotaku - I hope he at least yelled "welcome to the real world" at him at least five times.

My most memorable moment was definitely Ultra Grand Final, that match had just about everything, I'd been up all night watching Evo and it was 5am in the morning yet I was glued to the screen it was so intense.. shoutouts to Razer for their arcade stick quality!

badz149727d ago


My god...the impossible parry! I cried a little bit. That's mighty impressive!

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Channel-Live727d ago

title should read :Street Fighter V is Broken

BG11579727d ago

By the numbers, not tournament broken it seems...

Channel-Live727d ago

It was built for tourney play, that's it. The game is seriously incomplete

gangsta_red728d ago

One of the main reasons why Sony went out of their way to secure SFV for their system.

PS4 is going to seriously dominate at this years EVO being a system that hosts not only the top fighter SFV but also other fighters like Guilty Gear and KoF (if it releases in time).

I'm sure Sony is going to market the hell out of their system at this years Evo.

darthv72728d ago

Still can't figure out why KoF went exclusive and why it looks like it should be Maximum Impact 3 instead of XIV.

Last_Boss727d ago

It went exclusive, because SNK said, Sony was rising fast and it was there safest place to put there game/s, to help establish them again.

gangsta_red727d ago

Yea, I'm having a hard time trying to figure out why SNK went exclusive for PS4 also.

SFV has a reason seeing as how they paid for the game to be on PS4 but SNK has no ties to Sony and everyone of their games has been on the Xbox.

And gawd you are right about it looking like Maximum Impact. It's like SNK is incapable of making games look like current.


If that were really true then shouldn't SNK try and put their latest KoF on every system imaginable?

Being available on more than one platform would be the safest place to establish themselves again.

_-EDMIX-_727d ago (Edited 727d ago )

Threw up in my mouth a little.

Likely based on low sales, they may not see a reason to make multiple versions if the sales won't cover such a thing. You have to consider that maybe the last game didn't do so great and they just can't afford such a set up.

Similar to Onimusha ,MGS2 etc. Consider the first didn't do well on XB, thus the sequels would go on less platforms. They tried it, it didn't perform well...thus went back to limited platforms. They are not honor bound to keep losing money on many platforms just because at 1 time they did.

So keep losing money and making the same mistakes over again for lolz?

What does such loyalty really mean when they are out of business?

Also fyi a game only appearing on 1 platform isn't really just due some exclusive "ties" it could merely be due to they can't afford to make many versions.

Consider some publishers can't even afford to make games in multiple regions, let alone many platforms.

Its not the norm to be on many, many platforms folks, being on only PS4 might be just do to them not having the funds or not wanting to risk losing money else where.

Consider Square, Sega and Capcom have lots of PS exclusives...but also consider they also have lots with Nintendo too. It might not be due to any deals or "ties" it may be just do to region and install base favoring such genres. They have to go where the money is and some times its not with many platforms, certain platforms or like I stated certain regions.

We really need to stop assuming all games are releasing on 4 platforms and if they are not....its some deal or "ties" as if making games on all platforms is the norm. Its not.

Not all developers or publisher have such funding to do such a thing or even risk such a thing.

Last_Boss727d ago (Edited 727d ago )


Exactly what I was going to say. You want more proof in the pudding check Arc System Works games, that only were on PS.


The 3DS dominated cause it has great 3rd party games that went unoticed or promoted. I guarantee you if the PSP & Vita had a slew of games that the 3DS has, they would of sold great.

DigitalRaptor723d ago

My god.. really?

Are you going to pretend the instances where King of Fighters games were exclusive to PS2? Of course not, PS4 and Sony exclusivity is questionable now, despite it being possible that sales indicators could be putting these publishers from releasing a version that costs them to make and doesn't see that much return in sales.

Additionally, XB1 to the PS4 is not what Xbox 360 was to the PS3 last generation, and with PS4 rocketing ahead, plenty of Japanese developers are not looking hard at Xbox, en masse, when making business decisions - it's not hard to see why they went exclusive. But all you have to even do is refer back to PS2. If you don't like what I wrote here, just refer to EDMIX's comment that basically says it all.

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FanboysAreHypocrites727d ago

You do realize this is also on PC right? Gurantee most of the population will be on that instead of the PS4.

lodossrage727d ago

I'm sure nobody forgot about it being on personal computers

But you're fooling yourself if you think the majority of the players will be on PC.

What fighting game has ever had more players on a computer over a home system? Not to mention this was heavily marketed for Playstation even though it was no secret the PC would get it.

kotaku77727d ago

You're wrong it's gonna sell way better on console... But the good thing: support cross-platform, so is no longer a PC vs Console thing. And the PC players will get matches for sure

Buy it if you know how to play, and if you're a noob wait till June: So Hadouken my good friend!

727d ago
PaleMoonDeath727d ago

Most of the population don't even know PC's can play video-games I'm afraid.

badz149727d ago


You had me at hadouken! Here's a bubble to you.


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pompombrum727d ago

Sadly KoF has already been confirmed as a side tournament this year however Guilty Gear is confirmed and will even have grand finals on the Sunday so should hopefully get treated a bit better than last year.

gangsta_red727d ago

Every game gets treated as a side tournament compared to SF.

But it's good to see GG and KoF getting more action.

Azzanation727d ago

More to do with Sony needs a game at EVO. Nintendo and Xbox already dominate EVO with there own games. SFV was easily the best pick for them because 1 they dont have a fighter franchise of there owm and 2 Sony dont have any good games to compete at EVO

STARS727d ago

Guilty Gear Xrd was there last year, you're sadly mistaken.

KwietStorm727d ago

No platform *needs* representation at EVO. Xbox and Nintendo just happen to have exclusive titles. Having a fighter only on your platform isn't going to affect anybodys market share or revenue. And you're embarrassing yourself if you think Microsoft and Nintendo "dominate" EVO. Marvel, Tekken, Mortal Kombat, and yes, Street Fighter all take precedent over Smash and Killer Instinct.

remixx116727d ago

Lol Micro and Nintendo dominate Evo with their side show games......?

Azzanation727d ago

Guilty Gear is not a Sony game or is made by Sony, its also available on PC so its another 3rd party title Sony needs to lock down because they don't have there own fighter franchise.

What are you talking about? None of the games you mention are PS games. There all 3rd party owned and most of them are multiplats apart from SFV which is a Capcon game. Those games are bigger but Smash and KI are made and owned by Nintendo and MS and MS also have another big EVO game which they own and make as well, ever heard of Halo?

Again Sony need to pay out companies to compete in EVO while Nintendo and MS just release there own games. Sony tried and failed with PS All Stars and Killzone just doesn't cut it. This is not a dig at Sony its a reality check for those ditching the Big N and Xbox.

723d ago
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_-EDMIX-_727d ago

Agreed. They would be right to, they might as well go ham on this deal as I'm sure that is why they secured it, or one of the reasons.

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FanboysAreHypocrites727d ago ShowReplies(6)
AizenSosuke727d ago

This is going to be fun watching this year's EVO.

Black0ut727d ago

Very impressive indeed. I expected it would too. I hope everyone is having a good time with SFV thus far.

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