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Tony Polanco from The Koalition writes:

"As far as the core game goes, Street Fighter V proves once again why Capcom is the true king of 2D fighting games. Street Fighter IV returned the series to its roots after the radical shift brought on by SFIII. SFV on the other hand feels even more like the SF titles of old but with the precision you would expect from a modern iteration. As far as controls go, this is a title that can’t be matched and is tailor made for those who are serious about their fighting games. Moreover, this is the Street Fighter game that fans of the series deserve (mechanically speaking)."

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Wallstreet37904d ago

The core gameplay is definitely great and on point. I dont know how many hours i spent on survival yesterday trying to pass level 29 on hard but also enjoying the gameplay. I use survival to hone my skills and also to try to win.

If this game had baked in the over for an extra month and had a fleshed out story mode, it would easily be no less than a 9. As it stands the gameplay is 9-10 but the content is bringing it down in scoring and rightfully so.

Mr Lahey904d ago

Well, this release really shows they don't care about metascores at all. Getting the game out for the fans before the tournament is what's important to them.

ion666904d ago

All of you have to give a pass to games like battlefield ,drive club, halo mcc edition,and all the other games that everyone bitched about at their launch features were broken or barely worked. If it's okay for street fighter then if you ever made a comment like its brokenfield 4 or anything of that nature for other games,but defend this.please apologize to them on their twitter account. Hypocrisy is out there.

Kamikaze135904d ago

That's a fair review. I think I'll start checking out that site

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