SNK Playmore Announces the Opening of SNK Entertainment

SNK Playmore announced today with a press release the launch of "SNK Entertainment," a wholly owned company dedicated to achieve sustainable growth and to maximize the brand power of the SNK Group.

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Hold_It580d ago (Edited 580d ago )

This is the best news I've heard all day, thank you Abriael.

3-4-5580d ago

Time for a new SNK vs ______ game.

Hold_It580d ago


Exactly. If only we could get a Capcom vs SNK3.
*sigh* One can dream.

Wallstreet37580d ago

Seriously! SNK were the fathers to some of the best fighters with awesome background, animations, styles and tons of characters! I cant wait to see what this brings!!!

ion666580d ago

Hopefully they don't transform into the new CAPCOM. KOF 13 was awesome.

Perjoss580d ago

hehe, Playmore, this is both a cool company name and also a great life goal ;)

blackblades580d ago

Did they say over 200 properties, wow that's alot. Anyway hope the rise up successfully.