EA Controversey: Layton boy finds pornography on video game

Christmas turned X-rated for a 14-year-old Layton boy who found pornography - not football - on a video game he received as a gift.

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The BS Police3947d ago

Thats gotta suck... for EA at least!

T-Virus3947d ago (Edited 3947d ago )

EA that is, I'm all up for some pr0n!

OutLaw3947d ago

First the Zune now this. It's a strange world we live in.

The BS Police3947d ago

Unlike this prediciment, someone bought the Zune player, uploaded porn and then returned it to the Walmart he got it from.

MicroGamer3947d ago

Everyone is finding porn everywhere.

no_more_heroes3947d ago

What, is the porn industry working on a new fetish that involves children and are going around preloading porn on everything that children use or will use? I hope I don't find myself watching porn when I buy Mario and Luigi:Brothers in Time for my (soon to be purchased) DS Lite...

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