Sakurai wanted Geno in Super Smash Bros.

Smash Bros. project head reveals in interview that he wanted fan-favorite character in the roster since Brawl.

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PhoenixUp820d ago (Edited 820d ago )

Well Square Enix owns the rights to all original characters that appeared in Super Mario RPG. Had Nintendo contacted them during SSBB's developement, Square would've suggested Cloud's inclusion just like they later did with SSB4.

Abash820d ago

I still want Geno to be added in the next Smash Bros

Ol_G819d ago

Sakurai asked for cloud they didn't suggest it he could choose freely between FF characters


Considering Smash is an advertising platform for popular and upcoming titles (in this case FF7 Remake) and the utter ubiquity of FF7, Cloud's really the one who makes more sense if it comes down to a choice between the two.

Last_Boss819d ago

I thought it would be cool to have Klonoa & King Mickey.

KentBenMei819d ago

Man, Geno really deserved to be in this game way more than f***ing Bayonetta. Disgusting.

Relientk77819d ago

A lot if people want him in Smash

FinalomegaS819d ago

ahhh it's OK Sakurai...

there's always the next Smash bros, and the next and next lol

at some point Smash bros roster won't be characters but actual Franchises serie names:

SuperMario World
Fire Emblem
etc etc

click on it and see the full roster.

Because honestly we're going to run out of screen space with all the characters.

would be cool to see Master chief has join the fight! would give MS some advertising right there.

Mickey Mouse ( Disney Series)
Sub Zero & Scorpion ( MK series)
M.Bison & Guile ( SF series)
Lara Croft (TR series)
Leon S Kennedy & Wesker ( RE series)
Batman & Joker ( Batman series)
Commander shepard (alternate between male and female version:ME series)

i've included the bad guys to add to the story mode of having a proper final boss according to who we pick.

I mean we should get back some old characters to add and we should well be near 100 characters.

I can see everyone but commander shepard have a good double jump... jet pack?

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