The Division Beta -- An Unsatisfying Experience

Ben, Associate News Editor for Gamer Professionals writes:

"I have spent the past weekend playing The Division beta, which proved to hold a decent amount of content. Labeled by the gaming community as a Destiny–killer, the game does follow a lot of the same archetypes as its counterpart; a “shared-world”, RPG elements, and loot-based combat. While neither of these games are true MMORPGs, they capture a similar feeling. Comparisons can be made between the two, but The Division is very much its own game. Fundamentally it is very different and much of that stems from its approach to combat."

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Darklink28727d ago

Very interesting take. I haven't tried it myself as I've been too busy, but I am excited for the full release.

Darklink28726d ago

Guys, there is a typo in the description for some reason, but this is NOT in the article. I don't know how it got there, as I simply copied and pasted after the article was finished.

SonyWarrior726d ago

i played closed beta a lot, but when open beta came around i got to bored just trying to make my way back to the dark zone so i stopped playing and canceled my preorder. this game is nothing special and left me disappointed, i thought the whole map and game was going to be like the darkzone would have been more interesting

Docknoss726d ago (Edited 726d ago )

Seriously if you people think that the actual game will be even close to the beta you're wrong. You couldn't customize, you couldn't score the other 7 abilities, the other 38 perks, the 16 skills. If you think you'll start at level 4 you're wrong, if you think you'll be able to buy purple gear from a vendor at level 8 your wrong. If you're moronic enough to think you can but high end hear at 8 you're flocking wrong! It's a mother flocking beta people! It's been alerted to give you a sense of the game as a whole! @ Foxtrot, I'm calling you out for a rebuttal....

Artemidorus726d ago

Hope you aren't on the hype traim because it's almost going to de-rail

Next_gen_2015726d ago (Edited 726d ago )

The game has potential to be great and the enemies are really
aggressive..especially on hard difficulty! I also like the fact you can turn off the number scores when shooting enemies.

Seraphim726d ago

reminds me of this one game, what was it..... Yeah Destiny! Has Potential, could have been great, ect. Granted Destiny was still a solid game with flawless mechanics but in the end it just didn't have the content. My concern with The Division is just that, content. How long until it gets old. Surely there's more than Dark Zone, Open World and PvP right. I just don't see Dark Zone or end game holding my attention like Destiny did. I was questionable and the beta did sell me that it was worth a shot but I have my doubts. End of the day we'll see a lot of gamers who stick with it but I think for a lot this is just another passing train.

GamerProfessionals727d ago

Surprised this game has been doing so well. Was never something that caught onto the radar for me.

Docknoss727d ago

So these people who barely played or didn't play the beta at all. I played both closed and open betas. It gets redundant once you've ranked to max and theirs nothing much left to do. The actual game won't be this way. Love this game and march 8 can't come soon enough.

averagejoe26727d ago

"The actual game won't be this way."

Hate to say it, but Destiny burned me with this kind of talk.
Destiny's beta was fun but very empty. Everyone said it was because it was the beta. Sadly, that wasn't the truth.

I hope I'm wrong. I really do. But after playing both betas and hearing this "Destiny" type of talk I'm concerned.

frostypants727d ago (Edited 727d ago )

This. It has 2 major missions. Then it's just screwing around in the dark zone. What did they expect? What is there is fun. Treat it like a 2 hour demo.

Going into the DZ solo is always interesting.

Silver_ShadoWolf727d ago

Even after three days I find myself getting stronger in the game. I went from 4000 in health to 6000 in just one day. It's that feeling of getting stronger that keeps you going.

-Foxtrot727d ago


"Hate to say it, but Destiny burned me with this kind of talk. Destiny's beta was fun but very empty. Everyone said it was because it was the beta. Sadly, that wasn't the truth"

Ding ding ding


Are people still trying to play the "It's a beta, the real content is in the retail game" excuse.

Amount of times I've heard that on here

Docknoss727d ago

AverageJoe and foxtrot did yall play the beta?

-Foxtrot727d ago


Bad Criticism = Not played it


remixx116726d ago


Most of the time I agree with you big homie but at the end of the is just a beta and yes the content is in the real game.......that's how all betas go.

Or at least should go, destiny fluted on that one.

Let's just hope reviews are just and don't try to be clickbaity.....gimme the real deal in what I'm buying.

TheSaint726d ago

It will be like that, but with more levels and content.

Though you will be repeating the same half dozen or so missions, mark my words.

The end game will be very repetitive.

morganfell726d ago

Yeah it its a lot of fun. Work really hard to get everything you can, make to the extraction and have someone go rogue and betray everyone there for fun. It might sound like a laugh but most players do not care for this sort of thing.

UKmilitia726d ago

i loved the closed,loved the open and i have the game on preorder.
paid £30 for it so im happy and if i only get 6 months of fun im more than happy.

Taero726d ago

Played the first beta and the second, I was really getting Destiny deja vu. I felt like it was a polished visually appealing game and I could see where it wanted to go (hopefully with a decent story though that wasn't on display). I think that it might be hamstrung with the realistic world aspect of things, I don't know how many times I'll get an upgrade I actually care about as they're grounded in reality (oh, a new grip? Cool I guess).

The missions that I played seemed extremely basic (run through here, kill this wave, run here kill this wave, run here, protect these people and kill this wave, kill this bullet sponge boss as they hide behind a wall and pop up and down).

Missions were completed solo on hard each time and really didn't have any difficulty, the enemies couldn't seem to go past a certain 'point' so if you stood back and just aimed/covered then you literally couldn't die.

There was one point where the AI enemy tried to flank me at the end boss of the garden mission as some ran up the front the others slipped around to drop down a ledge and come up behind me but I don't know if that was planned or just their shortest pathing and a coincidence it happened at the same time.

Seemed to have limited 'abilities' for a game of its size but again, what can you do in a realistic game like that. So I don't know how unique builds will be or how interesting when you really carry 2 active skills at a time.

I'm going to take a wait and see approach for content release ideas because after Destiny took it's 1-2 years to tell a coherent story I'm in no hurry to thrown another $60 at the screen (plus Amazon gives you 2 weeks post release to get 20% off and the hazmat pre-order bonus seems a bit of a laugh so no big loss there).

C-H-E-F726d ago

I second this @Docknoss,

My friend doesn't really like shooters after the fall of Socom, I told him to try out the beta it's free. He tried it out, after the first shootout by the HQ I asked him how did he like it (we were in the same squad) he said, i'm buying this for sure. I'm definitely getting it, sure it's not the game they displayed to us 2/3 years ago(graphically), but it's a solid game. I'm going to Target today to preorder my copy. BTW when you preorder at target you get a 10$ gift card.

UnHoly_One726d ago

I am still amazed at the amount of positive comments I'm seeing after these betas. I really expected people to just be ripping this game to shreds.

I don't think I've ever played a game, beta, or demo that was as awful as this beta. Aside from the graphics I can't think of a positive thing to say about it.

The little bit of the story you get is awful, the voice acting is just corny and bad.

The cover system is wonky, and even the shooting mechanics aren't good.

Throwing a grenade is a chore, just like it was in Gears of War. (Just give me a grenade button, don't make me switch to like a different weapon first)

The skills all seemed awfully weak and useless, yet still have cooldown timers that last almost a full minute.

The world is boring and empty because you don't ever see other players running around. That really surprised me.

The mission structure... Wow... I've never seen such poorly designed missions. You fight 3 or 4 guys, your robot voice tells you more are incoming, and you fight another 3 or 4. Repeat that a couple more times, then move through an empty hallway or two where you can maybe loot one container, then you reach another big room where you repeat the same thing again.

Same enemies, over and over and over. Guys with guns, guys with bats, and maybe a couple with flamethrowers. Rinse and repeat.

I'm truly shocked that people enjoyed it, and even more shocked that the same people are enjoying it that didn't like Destiny.

It's the same game with less variety, less interaction with other players, less difference between player skills, less enemy variations...

We all like different things and that's cool, this one has just blown me away because I played that first beta and thought everyone was going to hate it.

Then I heard everyone liking it and my friends were pressuring me to play it with them, so I did in this second beta, and it somehow just got even worse and more boring the more I played it.

I'm glad you guys are all liking it, I hope the full game is good for you. I'm just shocked by the opinions I'm reading.

There are plenty of games that aren't my style or I don't like them for whatever reason, but I can see why other people do, but this one has me confused.

Pongwater726d ago (Edited 726d ago )

Loved it, loved it, loved it! Co-op through the story will be fun with my friends, and the Dark Zone is some of the most compelling PvP I've played in a long time.

Can't wait for the release!

Looks like the usual suspects are hard at work trying to convince people not to like a game they didn't like themselves.

The Division Beta - An experience I miss already

UnHoly_One726d ago

I'm not trying to convince anyone to not like it.

Just expressing my surprise.

I'm glad you all had fun with it. I'm not going to play it, so it really makes no difference whether everyone else loves it or hates it.

Why would I care and try to talk people out of it?

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Darklink28727d ago

I am a destiny fan and if this game has better weapon balancing in PVP, I actually may make the switch. Destiny's servers are also so finicky and a mess and they are ALWAYS messing with the weapons so I'm always having to re-adjust; it's so frustrating.

objdadon727d ago

"Better weapon balancing in pvp" that's only because most people don't have the exotics you can buy from the safe room vender for 7000 in darkzone currency that does in 3500 to 4000 dps. Trust me,that will change, it's very hard to balance weapons in a loot driven game, the loot has to be good enough for the players to chase so it's a double edge sword. At this point I've found that the loot dropped from enemies and rogues is not good enough to put up with the darkzone.

Allsystemgamer727d ago

I have the liberator (7000 dz$) and it's really good but it doesn't give you a HUGE advantage. Just slightly. It's obviously better than starting gear but all DZ gear can compete with it.

Khaotic727d ago

I have a purple m4 and a purple scar ar that both do 4800's dps. Those gold weapons are good. But I can build purples that compete easily.

Darklink28727d ago

no i'm saying Destiny has become unbalanced in PVP with weapons and it's bad so that may cause people to come over to The Division

brokenbracket726d ago

I had a blue police M4 that dished out similar skills like the liberator's base skills. Obviously if you'd put mods on the Liberator, it would've been better.

Pongwater726d ago

The Liberator was barely higher damage than the blue AR I had before it.

Most of my armor and weapon upgrades came from loot dropped by AI and rogues, or from Dark Zone chests, but I did buy a couple from the vendors.

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Silver_ShadoWolf727d ago

This is a true RPG. The guns in destiny all had the same DPS with a few perks. The guns in this game all have different DPS. It's not a max DPS like in Destiny, so I am really excited for this, because everyone will have something different.

727d ago
Miraak82 727d ago

In my experience games like these all get the nerf hammer at some point .. dcuo , eso , destiny

Goldby725d ago

seem to forget the lootbased game king, Diablo, those really didnt get nerfed, either weaker legendaries were boosted or new ones added to counter the high powered ones.

NorthernFrost727d ago

I didn't hate the game by any means. Like I said, it's refreshing to play a third-person shooter and I found the Dark Zone to be pretty awesome. But something about it felt empty and pointless. I definitely think The Division will grow with time, as these types of games tend to do.

Darklink28727d ago

I liked the Battlefront Beta for the most part but wasn't a fan of the final product; it could be a lot better when things roll around.

wakeNbake727d ago (Edited 727d ago )

Agreed there just needs to be more to do like endgame missions in the Deadzone and an arena mode would be cool too.

UKmilitia726d ago

it needs modes like what was in G.R.A.W aswell as darkzones.

Smitty2020727d ago

I agree with you when I played the closed beta and open a day ago I think it's s good game but I didn't get the wow factor that will keep me coming bk and feel I would get bored quick

UKmilitia726d ago

something i found cool was each time i loaded into the beta at weekend i was in same instance as 2 of my friends(2 that are not friends with each other).

i think the only thing i would change is move some of the hud because there is alot of it.

Elite-uk726d ago (Edited 726d ago )

@UKmilitia check the settings options, you can auto hide HUD and whatnot.

UKmilitia726d ago

thanks elite-uk i check that out,its more moving things i would like option to do but i defo check it out thanks.

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Chug727d ago

I completely agree. The beta didn't interest me in the slightest.

PhucSeeker726d ago

Yea, unless there're some cool gameplay elements they have yet to show then the game gon get boring real fast.

Goldby725d ago

they've been quoted saying they are keeping some stuff quiet until release to not give away everything at once

RedDevils726d ago

This give me a feeling it gonna turn into watch dog