Is Kingdom Hearts III Facing Irrelevancy?

Will the audience still be there nearly two decades later, or will they pass on this long lost entry to conclude the series due to its childlike nature?

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PhoenixUp882d ago

There may never be a day where Kingdom Hearts is considered irrelevant

TheLyonKing882d ago

Agree. There will always be an audience for tight game play, pretty graphics, square and disney characters in one package.

I for one am looking forward to see how the xeonort saga finishes up.

PhoenixUp882d ago

Can anybody look at something as epic as the thumbnail for this article and honestly say KH3 is irrelevant? I think not

jb227881d ago

If anything it is more relevant than ever now that they can legally include characters from the Marvel U & from the Star Wars canon. Not sure if any of those guys will make it into Kingdom Hearts or not but it'd be cool if there was some cameo or tease for future installments.

Kalebninja882d ago

"almost five years"
it was announced in june 2013, it hasnt even been a full 3 years since its announcement.... almost 5 my ass.

"weird spin-off titles like Re: Coded, 358/2 Days and countless others were released"

Weird spin offs? countless others? there were 2 others. One was the backstory of roxas, another was a prequel and another was a setup for 3, the only "weird spinoff" was re:coded.

_-EDMIX-_882d ago

Yeah I'm not completely sure I agree with where this article is going the series has had numerous titles and I can't say it's irrelevant to any gamer as Kingdom Hearts 3 is always getting lots of attention even from the smallest teasers.

They'll be fine.

I mean we honestly can not be complaining about them treating such a series with great respect yet we have titles that are legit yearly or bi yearly.

Please, i could care less how long they take, if it's developed respectfully it will be fine.

TheColbertinator882d ago

Been too long since KHII and KH Birth by Sleep took my time. I want to get excited but times are changing

jeremyj2913882d ago

It's ok. I'm excited enough for both of us. 😆

AznGaara882d ago

Think that'll change once they anounce a release date? Lol

TheLyonKing882d ago

We have kh 2.8 be excited because after that it's 3

Paytaa882d ago

One of my best friends has been waiting for KH3 for like 10 years now. He was still in elementary school at the time when KH2 came out. He will be getting this day one.

Don't underestimate the Kingdom Hearts fanbase because this game will be huge.

So to answer the headline's question, no it is not facing irrelevancy. Just wait until the launch is around the corner, then this article will be deemed irrelevant.

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The story is too old to be commented.